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    27 yr old,married to a like minded person.1.5 yrold son,who webelieve is atrue blessing of LordShiva
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    Reading biographies & autobiographies of great souls, health & wellness, yoga
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  1. Hi Thank you both who responded. Unfortunately my friend coudn't fight more and gave up 15 days ago leaving her moaning husband & daughter. Peace be with the soul..pls pray. Many Thanks Kind Regards Himabindu Veena
  2. Hi, I am not sure if this is the right forum to put this query. However, as I have seen some noble hearted people here, I wanted to. I usually start my day with yoga, Pranayama & prayers. It happened in Dec 2007 when I was in my third trimester carrying my first baby. I heard a voice or may be I should say a mere thought entered into mind saying that " I am taking two" from you. I never gave it a serious thought and totally forgotten about that. When I gave birth to my first child, a baby boy, I was surprised to see that there are only 3 fingers on his left hand. Right from there, my family started to experience certain unusual things happening. On the 6 th day of his birth, in my bedroom, I had clearly seen a lady in the midnight looking with so much of compassion and love towards my baby. I have mistaken her to my mother-in-law who was sleeping in another bedroom adjacent to mine. When I enquired that with her, the following morning, she said that she never entered my room. On the very same day, my husband, who was sleeping in the next bed had clearly seen(might be in a dream) a demonic figure squatting next to him and trying to cross my husband to reach to my baby. He said that he chanted Hanuman chalisa and it disappeared. Thank the Almighty, nothing bad happened. From then on, I never seen that lady in my house. But relatives of mine who were on a week's visit, told us they saw a lady moving in the house. Who would she be? At times, I am scared. However,as nothing bad happened, I am relaxed. Pls could any one in this forum tell me what is this all about. I hope I am safe. Or would this lead to something else? Pls let me know and suggest. Brothers : Ravindran & Dhruv, please kindly reply me on this & suggest if something needs to be done. Kind Regards Himabindu
  3. Hi My friend, an oncologist herself fell prey for this deadly diesease and had been operated for removing tumor in her rectum. Now she is suffering the side effects of radiation, chemo and lately her husband, who is a radiologist, found that there are some cells ( unaware of the medical terminology) in her lungs. She was admitted in the hospital for breatlessness (she was told that her hb count was too low). When I spoke to him, he said that even trying to diagnose what it is (they are suspecting something bad) , is a big problem and she is now, not in a position to face any bad news. Any alternate medicines or any therapies which we can confidently try on her? Pls kindly suggest. The rectal cancer was diagnosed when she was carryng a baby in 6 th month as she complained of severe back pain and blood stools. Now the couple has a one yr old girl and my friend is anticipating a joyful and enjoying life with her daughter (she doesn't know abt the metastes). Pls anybody could give any alternate therapy or where is it available in India, we would be very grateful
  4. Oh ! Pls dont take me wrong. I never mentioned to stop visiting a doctor and rely only on dietary changes. Apologies if my statement lead to confusion. Pls ask any nephrologist about salt and its impact on kidneys. Also pls do some research about sodium intake and the kind of diseases the human race is facing due to it. Pls note that in Dr. Gerson's cure for most advanced cases of cancer, less sodium & more potassium intake by means of raw food was the key point. Request you to put more effort into it before advising someone. Many Thanks Cheers Hima
  5. Hello Rinku ji. Pls make sure the food she takes is completely without salt. Salt makes kidneys work more and by avoiding it completely rejuvenates the kidneys function and her higb Blood pressure and Diabetes would also come into control. Salt is the main culprit here and I am sure in a month or so, her kidneys would get completely rejevunated ( I wish for it). You can otherwise consult a Naturopath or if you can read books published by Mantena Satyanarayana Raju, more details about this therapy can be known. I wish your mom a speedy recovery. Cheers Hima
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