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  1. When my son drinks milk, his face becomes red. What shoud I do ? I want him Healty. Please Advise.. Rinku
  2. Thank you, very much sir. Actually there are some side effects that I came to know about the C.A.P.D. Meanwhile we came to know about shri jvalaji therapy. Now I am doing some research on it. The website name is www.9jivan.com If you could suggest something on it then thanks in advance. Regards, Rinku
  3. I am from Deesa, a small city of Gujarat. For us Ahmedabad will be nearer, so I asked for Ahmedabad Charges. If there is good Doctor in Surat then we can think about going there also. Meanwhile the dialysis is going on in Deesa itself. We have tried Baba Ramdev's medicine for some time. But it didn't give us sufficient result. My mom could not do the exercise which was told by Baba Ramdev's People. That is also true. She is feeling very much weakness in her left leg and left hand. For each and every work she needs someone to stay with her. So exercise is not possible for her. Regards, Rinku
  4. Dr. Pradeep, May I know the Operation Charges. And as far as I know Dr. Trivedi is not visiting everyone. Could you please guide me in right direction? Regards, Rinku
  5. Sir, I want to know if there is any other option for the solution and what are the charges for this C.A.P.D. Operation. Regards, Rinku
  6. My mom is suffering from kidney Failure from long time. As a treatment, she has to pass through dialysis weekly 2 times. Now doctor has suggested for C.A.P.D - Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. Could anyone suggest me how effective is the system and what is the total cost for the whole process. If it is very useful then which is the better place for operation in Ahmedabad or Gujarat ?(A place where we can get operated in less amount and can get better service). Is there any other solution? Kindly advice me, really I need it badly. Regards, Rinku
  7. Dear Mr. Atul, Right now my mom is suffering from breathlessness and admitted in hospital. Is there any precautions that I am supposed to take now? Kind Regards, Rinku
  8. Please note that my mom is also suffering from Diabetes. Could you pls tell me which juice or any other thing is good for her?
  9. My mom is suffering from Kidney Failure. Now a days Dialysis is going on. But my mom is feeling very much weakness in her left body portion(Left leg and hand). Is there any solution for that ? Since 3-4 days she is also not able to pass urine, instead of urine she is frequently passing stool. Couls you please guide me on this ? Best Regards, Rinku
  10. Now Dialysis is going on. But now a days my mom is feeling very much weakness in her left body portion(Left leg and hand). Is there any solution for that ?
  11. Actually still she is not ready for dialysis. And we have firm belief in Reikie. So we are not yet thinking about dialysis. Could you pls tell me if once we go for dialysis then surely second time we will have to go for the same treatment and that also again and again, Is it so.....?
  12. Could you pls tell me about dialysis, how dangerous it is.... or side effects of dialysis ? My mom is also suppose to go for dialysis. But we are afraid of its side effects. Which hospitals in Ahmedabad(Gujarat,India) are good for dialysis ? Rinku
  13. From some time my papa is suffering from Eye problem. He took some medical treatment also by operation. We heard that after 42 years many people will have such kind of eye problem which is called Motiya. But now he came to know that he has Virus in his eye. If it is not cured then it could affect second Eye too. May I know how dangerous it is and how to cure it.... Right now he is doing medical treatment as mentioned below : Ocuvir eye ointment tube - 3 times in a day. Cornigel tube - 1 time in night. Flarex drops 2 times in a day. Vigate gatifloxacin drops 3 times in a day. Kindly advice pls. Rinku
  14. Sir, Would you pls give me the complete list for eating food. Since morning to night(breakfast to dinner). Warm regards, Rinku
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