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  1. Dear all, Y aruge when Sanathana Dharma started 5000 BC, When krsna showed to all his devotees his vishwaroopa then Y argue and say we are first and our gods are genuine. Most of people have discovered Ganesha and many idols in iran and other arabic countries as such Dhratharasthra wife Gandhari was from khandhar in afganistan so well you all can imagine to the extent our history has spread and also believed that India is the most powerfull country in the world.
  2. NONI is the only herbal diet supplement which works on cellular level Noni tonic is prepared from Noni fruit processed from whole Noni fruit ( Morinda citrifolia) , specially grown in the deep forests of India, away from human habitation, meticulously harvested and processed by traditional herbal masters with no fumigants, no toxic flavorings or commercial fruit juice used.Besides being predominantly formulated from the extracts of Morinda Citrifolia, Noni also has a combination of high quality natural health enhancer in it. noni tonic is many times richer in Noni fruit solids than other NONI products. In addition the cold processing assures that all the enzymes, nutrients , vitamins , minerals and fiber remain, just the way it was picked , nothing added, nothing removed. Samples of each batch of Noni is tested to verify the purity of each bottle. noni is also tested by the world’s most reputable analytical laboratories. The test results show that the Noni is pure and more wholesome than most foods we eat everyday. Further they show that the Noni is pure and more wholesome and without toxin residues of any kind. The reports guarantee the High Quality of the product, and they certify that Noni is immaculately clean and perfectly pure. IN fact, Noni is tested 2 times more than what is required by the authorities because we are committed to provide you the best product in the world, with the highest quality. The regular use of NONI ...Relieves Pain,Rejuvenates the Body, Revitalises the Cells, Reduces Inflammation, Releases Stress, Purifies Blood, Improves Digestion,Enhances Wellbeing, Restores Energy, Stimulates Immune System NONI Regulates Cell function,Maintains healthy Skin, Hair and Scalp, An effective Anti - Oxidant,Protects you from Toxins and Pollutants, Reduces the risk of developing cancer and HIV, Improves the memory and concentration, Inhibits tumour growth. Reduces chances of Premature onset of age-related diseases such as Arthritis, Heart disease, Diabetes or Strokes, Migrane, Protects against Viral and Bacterial strain that have become anti-biotic resistant. Couple who does not have child can bear untillunless both has to drink the diet. People who has smoking habits and drinking habits can stop while using NONI. There is no other supplement which works at the molecular level to build the cells like NONI. These are only a few examples of an extensive list of benefits that regular consumers of NONI have experienced. Noni is pure organic 100% Vegetrain Diet supplement is available with me if interested contact me Hashbrown
  3. I still wonder and keep thinking about a question that WHY dint the lord vishnu create the whole world with one religion and one god? so that the world would have had no problems with war and eating meat. It would have been one hindu religion and everybody as vegetrain wow what an world would it BE?
  4. "NO BROKERS PLEASE" ONLY INTERESTED PARTIES WHO WISH TO BUY CAN CONTACT Dear all, There is a house for sale at Banashankari Ist Stage, on the main road with a beatiful location very near to bus stop market and a posh localicity Bangalore the details as below Dimension of the site: 50*75 = 3750 sq Indepedent house total squares upto 28 Built in 1992 RS 6000 per square : 3750*6000= RS2 crore 25 lacs Building costs 25 lacs that totals upto 2 cr 50 lacs Only interested parties contact at harshvrao@
  5. Hari Bol, Hare Krsna There is a hindu vedic scholar here and is generating electricity by Chanting Purusha Suktha Can you Believe, You have to believe it as I have seen with my own eyes and it costs 2 paise per unit. Govt fears giving a green signal as nearly 1 crore people will loose their job once this is installed in the system. Though it will create jobs but Govt is pessimistic about the IDEA Ultimately right from cloning, generating electricity, puspak viman etc etc., Hare Krsna
  6. Dear all, This is a Tray gifted by Maharaja of Mysore in June 1941 on his sister marriage weighing nearly more than 500gms its 97% sliver and 3% copper and its made by the famous jeweller at Bangalore India since 1861. Price and picture only on request and only interested parties can contact. harshvrao@
  7. Dear Rinku, Well I do not know which hospital are good for dialysis but infact the side effects are your mom will loose more weight and also she will loose her hearing capacity. As such my mother was also under going dialysis but she is no more she passed away in 2003. The day the dialysis let her carry salt biscuts as there will be chances of Low BP and leads of heart attack. I hope you know what your mother should eat and which food she should avoid kindly let me know I can give you some details. Take care and PRAY THATS THE ONLY medicine which will make your mom be alive and healthy.
  8. Dear all, Hari Bol, I have heard Cranberries heal and cure Kidney failure plz show more light on this if anyone accros the globe has any information on this. One of my best friends kidney has failed and going under dialysis Hare Krsna
  9. DEar all, Hari Bol, Have Six types of NONI and its available for bulk sale, and the MRP price is RS INR 1000 each close to 23$ as per the dollor rate against the Indian Rupee transportation is extra on actual . The following are the SIX types of NONI are as follows: 1 Sanjeevini NONI for General Purpose including major diseases like cancer tb, hiv, kidney failuers and skin diseases and also can be applied over the skin and comes in 1000ML 2 Dianon NONI ONLY for Diabetes 800ml 3 Vianon NONI for Nervous Weakness and Joint pains and couple who dont have Babies, erectile problem, and also it works like viagara only 18 and above should consume the same. 700ml 4 Memonon NONI only to increase the memory power and in general who are mentally sick 800ml and any thing related to brain. 800ML 5 Obenon NONI for those people who are obese and wants to cut fat and correct the cholestrol level 1000ML 6. Femonon for those women whose period cycle has changed and over a period of time its corrected to their respective body. 800ML All the above diets comes to nearly a 35 to 40 days if taken by one person. The actual packing of the plastic bottles are done on a hard cardboard from the company itself, kindly let me know to which place it has to be shipped further and the number of pieces. Mail at the earliest. harshvrao@
  10. Are you interested in Kitchen Cabinets do let me know if so I will try to get more details and where do u want it to be delivered? Hari Bol
  11. Dear all, Well who dosent want to go to Manasa Soravara and there is a travels who is going to MS in May and June and costs RS nearly 1Lakh INR and if some one is interested to go and also sponsor me as such I am very much interested to go there and and spend some time Please get intouch if someone wants to sponspor Awaiting for quick response, Email Me on hashbrown_007@hotmail.com Regardrs, Harsih
  12. Dear all, Hare Krsna We can provide huge Bulk quantities of Cement,Steel,Bitumen,Kitchen Cabinets from china designed for USA and Helmets for labour force. Only interested and serious buyers contact on harshvrao@ Hari Bol
  13. Dear all, Hare Krsna If anybody is interested in buying a flat,house,land for investment in around in Bangalore and also I also have large lands do contact immediately only interested parties can contact on harshvrao@
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