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  1. I honestly would like to thank all of you for your replies. It brings me a lot more strength and courage hearing from people who are familiar with astrology. I havent been able to share this with anyone with my immediate family (i dont really feel its necessary to bring negativity and additional stress into their lives!!) and therefore its been a little extra tricky and difficult to handle emotionally for me. Ive always had a lot of interest/belief in astrology, now its almost the last thing I want to think about.. Its nice you advise this classic72, I did start meditating (since the solar eclipse also considering that I'm a pushya nakshatra myself) and praying for peace of mind, and also reciting mryitunjaya for my father's healthy long life. I believe it will do a lot of good for me. Once again, thanks so much for the replies, I felt incredibly comforted reading your opinions on this. God bless..
  2. So an astrologer recently read my chart and even though I didnt ask specifically, told me about when my father may (i cant even type the word, but its the opposite of birth). Now, i cant digest any of it since i heard it, especially since i never asked for it in the first place!!!! My father is very cllose to me, and recently was very ill and with divine grace has just recovered and very healthy, praise the lord... I would like to know, how accurate are these predicitions? especially when they are based on the daughters chart. I dont even understand why she had to tell me, because I am finding it extremely difficult to deal with, especially since he isnt even that old.
  3. Thanks so much for your reply. Im not too sure about the time, should be around 5:30 Pm, on the 13th of May 1948 at Bantwal, India.
  4. Hi, My father has just been recovering from a heart attack he had in Feb09. My Dob is 2.10.1983; 10 Am, Manipal, India. An astrologer looked at my chart and some of the things she said has scared me. According to her, she says that death to father is caused by shukra in my chart and I have this bhukti next yr, and Im really worried now. Hes actually doing much better though........ pls respond, appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. Hi Taipei, Thanks so much for your reply. Another astrologer I met a months back told me the same thing about Ketu dasha and August. Is it because August my shukra dasa starts? He also said something about how a proposal might come thru next few months, but would not be reliable to go ahead because I want have the aspect of Guru. (Guru Bala). Thanks again
  6. Hello, namaste, was wondering if someone could have a look at my chart, so far I must say there is absolutely 0 progress in my marriage front, and its worrying us a lot. 02/10/1983 10 AM Manipal,Karnataka Thanks,
  7. Hi, I have a friend whos son is going through really rough times. This friend of mine had thyroid mallignant cancer 2 years back..and shortly after, her son happened to have the exact same, at 18 years of age! His tests and medications are going on...They believe its due to some black magic imposed on the family a long time ago. He lives alone in a hostel, and apparently eats nothing most of the time, has never really had any friends, doesnt talk to anyone and is apparently now going through terrible depression. His date of birth is 1.1. 1990. Time 10: 49 AM Panjim, Goa. Would appreciate if you could have a look at his chart.
  8. I was just wondering, As per vedic astrology do we have soul mates, i.e. a predertmined soul/person who is already destined to be our spouse before we are born or are there many souls who are able to fulfill the chart/spouse attributes? How does that work?
  9. My birth details are 2nd Oct 08, 10 Am, Manipal, India. Most of the Astrologers we've consulted so far always tell me that Im going to have a great career, and its all bout karma and career. Recently the've said Ill be getting married within the next few months guaranteed. My chart has a lot of planets in the 10th House, including the 7th Lord. But then I dont really have that great of a career, and always end up resigning and looking for something else, mainly because my managers dont give me the oppotunity to rise up. My love life hasnt been that great either, I liked someone, and they ended up marrying someone else. And since then I havent really had any interest in the romantic aspects of things or anyone. So is my chart ......someone elses?
  10. Thanks WebYogi. I find it surprising that you say Venus Mahadasa started today. Jupiter moves into Capricorn today so that is Guru Bala? and actually I wanted some info on the spouse? What kind of a spouse will the person get? Thanks again.
  11. Namaste, Yes I would like to know the timing of marriage and if it is a fixed one through family or if it indicates otherwise.. ? what does Taurus in the 7th indicate about the spouse? It is surely 10:00 AM. Thank you for your reply.
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