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  1. Dear Mr.Shashikaran, Sorry.I did not check the senders name and thought it was your reply. Thank you very much for your advise. Regards/ Meera
  2. Dear Mr.Shashikaran, Her date of birth is 11April, 1966. 3.15AM. She doesnt have any problems with her husband. He is an occasional drinker and that too during parties. Not taking any drug or anything. She doesnt have any problems with her husband. The problem started after her marriage only in 1993 but with the passing years the situation doesnt improve but goes from bad to worse day by day. Regards/ Meera Rai
  3. Dear Mr.Shashikaran, The problem was right after her marriage, but it was not that much. She got married in Dec 1993. Then with the passage of time, it aggravated more and more. Regards/ Meera
  4. Dear learned astrologers, My eldest sister whose DOB is 11.4.1966, 3.15AM Kharagpur, is facing conflicts with her in-laws even though they dont stay with her. Please advise whether it will suitable both for her and her in-laws if they stay under the same roof. Regards/ Meera
  5. Dear Mr.Rao, How does she remove the blemish Jupiter? Propiating Shani as mentioned by you or by some other method. Regards/ Meera
  6. Dear Mr.Rao, Many thanks for your inputs. Her main concern is her job problems. She doesnt have any plans for marriage in future as mentioned in my earlier reply for she is not a person to marry for emotional or physical support at 45. She just wanted to know what positions of her stars made her remain un-married in spite of being interested in someone. I think I made mistake putting forward the question about her marriage. Please let us have your feedback on her job issues. Too many questions but this is the last on the topic. Regards/ Meera
  7. Dear Mr/Ms.Astro_tech, Thanks a lot for your inputs. By the way, my ex-senior or colleague whatever I define her I am very close to her in terms of relationships and I work for her in some of her projects. She is works with the person she liked and both of them are into development of some product of their own. And by God's grace if the product works out in the market, they will surely sign a business deal which is again a partnership of a different type and fits your predictions about her. She is very determined person and falling into a love kind of a relationship again with someone else for the second time is out of question as she believes a person loves once but marries a number of times. What kind of chronic problems do you see in her horoscope? Regards/ Meera
  8. Dear Mr. Rao, My ex-colleague would like to know about ur opinion on her job problems. She awaits for your valuable inputs on the subject. Regards. Meera
  9. Dear Mr.Rao and eminent astrologers, My ex-senior has frequent job problems. Her birth details are DOB is 10.12.63, TOB is 13.35PM Place of Birth: Bhadrak, Orissa She was w/o job from 1998 end to mid 2000 and then again for last quarter of 2007.She has to compromise a lot when it comes to salary and its like starting all over again on salary structure.How is her job prospects in the future? Should she accept an offer from abroad and settle there? Any such significations of settling abroad for job reasons in her horoscope. Secondly, she wanted to go strictly for love marriage instead of arranged one and was determined not to marry in an arranged setup. She liked someone but gave up due to social reasons and is unmarried. Does her horoscope indicates no marriage for her? A local astrologer mentioned of some curses in her horoscope.Are there any such curses due which she is un-married and having job problems? Regards Meera Rai
  10. Dear Mr.Rao, Thanks for your inputs. Next time I will make sure that I will put forward all the questions pertaining the query at one go. Regards/ Meera
  11. Dear Mr.Rao, Thanks a lot for your valuable reply. Do you see any scope for her marrying a divorcee or a widower in her horoscope? The proposals received from internet are mostly from divorcee or widower. Regards/ Meera
  12. Dear Mr.Rao, The birth time is correct ie 11.30AM. I checked with my Aunt again and I await your valuable inputs for my cousin's marriage. Meera.
  13. The birth time is correct.
  14. My cousin sister's marriage is getting delayed and she will complete 37years this June. Any hopes or chances for her marriage. Her parents have been getting proposals since she was in her twenties, but they didnt seem to materialise for some or the other reason. Date of Birth: 12 June, 1971 Time of Birth: 11.30AM Place of Birth: Vadodara, Gujarat.
  15. Dear Mr.Rao, Thanks for your prompt replies. I can download astrological software from the websites and install them, but it will be all greek and latin to me. Thank you once again for your feedback. I would appreciate if you advise to the another thread "Job or Business" sent by me. The lady there is fed up of her jobs ups and downs.
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