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  1. i got maandi in my 11 house(dhanus) with moon,aspected by guru and venus.currently moon's dasha (6th lord)is running for me,moon with maandi,how it will be?.i got no idea about maandi,is it necessary to consider it?.will it makes things different?.
  2. wat abt rahu in leo and ketu in aquarius?.
  3. gpac

    Kateri Amman

    should be in tamil nadu right?.
  4. do u think u r clever?or other ppls r stupid?
  5. i have just found this nice,impressive site.i am newbie to this site and to astrology.i want to analyse my horoscope,it is as follows, KUMBHA LAGNA-6.57,KETU in lagna at 2.03, ARIES(3) occupied by MERCURY-11.08 and SUN-20.54, GEMINI(5)with venus in 2.18 LEO(7) occupied by RAHU-2.03,MARS-6.37,JUPITER-6.46,SATURN-26.52 SAGITTARIUS(11) occupied by moon 13.23 and mandi currently for me moon's dasha is running,my question is,6th lord moon in 11 with mandi,how it will be.i heard that planet associated with mandi gives good result,and the planet which gives house to mandi(in my case jupiter) will give bad result,is that true.somebody told me that,there's no adipatya dosha for sun and moon.for me moon own's 6th house,will it do the job as a owner of 6th house or not. onemore thing is about my 7th house.4 planets in it,aspecting lagna,is it good?.4 planets in 7th with give sanyasa yoga?.plz explain me.
  6. i think its rahu,but i am not sure.
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