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  1. Respected Ravindran ji Thnx a lot for providing me with the information. Wish I could do mataji's sadhna, but I dont have guru.May be some day I will find my guru ....... Regards Jyotiss
  2. Respected Ravindran ji and Bhairo ji, I wanted to know about mata Tripura Sundari. What mantra is used to pray to her?? What are the effects of the mantra?? Which chakra belongs to her?? Are Tripura Sundari, Lalita and Kaameshwari same ( I read that she is also addressed as Kaameshwari in her gayatri mantra) Regards Jyotiss
  3. Dear Ravindranji and Srikanthji Thank you so much for sharing the information.Just one more query,if both kleem bija recitation and kamagayatri mantra are for materialistic gains and love related problems, then what is the difference between the two??Why have our scriptures given 2 mantras for the same thing??? Is one of them better/more effective/ shows results faster than the other??? Regards Jyotiss
  4. Respected Ravindran ji what about kaamgayatri mantra???does it start with kleem, which is the bija mantra for kamadeva or does it start with Om??? What are its effects and what is the procedure to chant it???I have heard that gayatri mantras should not be chanted at night.Does this hold true for all types of gayatri mantras??? Is it true that women should not chant gayatri mantras??? Regards Jyotiss
  5. Dear Deepa ji Pls guide. waiting for ur reply Regards Jyotiss God bless all
  6. Dear deepa ji As suggested by you i have started doin a few remedies.I start my day with the ganpati mantra, but still havnt started listening to the ganpati vandana I have started doin the jaapa for guru also on thursdays but have few queries if u could answer them firstly Jupiter+moon in the 7th house libra is not good for married life, so by chanting the guru mantra and fasting, will it not strengthen the jupiter and thereby increasing its malefic effects???? and should this jaap be done only on thrusdays or everyday??? if any other remedy u can suggest to ward off the malefic effects of this combination for marriage???( as jupiter is aspecting the lagna and the 3rd house which I suppose should be good except tht its not good for the house of marriage where it is placed) Regards Jyotiss god bless all
  7. Shri USRji thnx. I will surely study about this for a better understanding.... Regards Jyoti God Bless All
  8. Dear USRji I do know much abt jyotish.Pls correct me if I am wrong and guide me. BIRTH CHART MANGAL and SHANI in 6th house, a dusthana. this is avery bad placement and on top of tht mangal is the lagna lord JUPITER in 7th house----Some are of the opinion tht its a good placement while some think tht for mesha lagna jupiter in 7th house libra leads to an unhealthy married life.JUPITER is good for the houses it aspects and bad for the one it is placed in.In my case its placed in the 7th house of marriage KENDRAADHIPATI dosha--- moon and venus are in kendra and are lords of 4th n 7th house respectively. NAVAMSA CHART------considered for marriage,dharma and fortune In my navamsa JUPITER is in 6th house,even if its good in rasi chart, it becomes weak here. MANGAL in 8th house--a very bad placement for marriage VENUS in 9th house of jupiter(an enemy of venus) Rest I dont know wat do the placements of Saturn,Rahu,Ketu,Sun,Moon,Mercury indicate in my navamsa chart. Pls advise and share your views Regards Jyotiss God bless all
  9. Dear Nikhil kumar ji can u explain me wat aspects of life are pukhraaj, pearl and these rudrakshas usefull in???????? Regards Jyotiss god bless all
  10. Shri Usrji will definitely study abt this again. Can u pls throw some light on my navamsa chart.which planets are good or bad in it.I cant see anything positive in my navamsa chart and thts the main chart seen for marriage i suppose???? Regards Jyoti god bless all.
  11. Shri Usrji U also mentioned rahu ketu n shani being vargottam planets, give good results.with the limited knowledge of jyotish tht i have,I always presumed tht all these planets r not placed well in my chart(shani 6house, rahu 3rd and ketu 9th house) and vargottam planets if malefic and on top of tht not placed well give bad results. Pls enlighten me on this God bless all Jyoti
  12. Dear Usrji and sasisekaranji thank u for sparing out time an looking at my chart i dont know the name of the astrologer as i went with my father(I was very depressed when the first astrologer told me tht my marriage will never work) so i went for a second opinion.I just know tht he is been into jyotish for some 12-13 yrs n has been studing in BVB(delhi) since 12 yrs. 1:35p.m is the time recorded, but when he prepared my chart acc. to tht time, he said tht i shud be in hotel industry and since I m into textiles n garments my time shud be 1:20 p.m.This astrologer said tht theres nothing wrong with my married life.Its good and I wud marry with my choice,probably intercaste but with parents blessings(same as USRji) The first astrologer told me tht after shani mahadasa starts in 2010 my life will become very problematic as shani placement is bad in my chart specially for married life. same goes for kuja tht is why I shud not get married at all.she said tht it wud be better to be in a live-in relation always(which was a cultural shock for me specially coming from a jyotish.) Also pls advice when will i find a good job.I have been unemployed for 5 months now.will I have to again go away from parents for job.I was told tht I wud be successfull only if i stay away frm my parents
  13. Shri USRji I will wait for the reply.u r right tht it wud be fruitless to reply just like tht.N since I m not in ur place i wud not be knowing the time ,energy and mood it requires. thnx Jyoti
  14. Shri USRji and Sasisekaranji Awaiting your take on my horoscope. Pls help and throw some light on it as I m goin thru a very depressing phase. god bless all Jyoti
  15. Shri USR ji waiting for ur advice.
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