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  1. i'm not using the kleem to find love, well find love with a woman. when u chant om kleem, in ur mind, r u thinking about what u want to have?
  2. what about smoking natural tobacco? how bout smoking hookahs? its interesting how the middle eastern men dont get cancer that much...
  3. one more thing the woman who told me about the bhringraj oil, said to take it with triphala. anyone know anything about triphala?
  4. hello! i was looking at some ayureda hair care. i am looking for hair oils, 100% natural nothing added. i heard about bhringraj oil making your hair grow rapidly, i read about it in another hair care forum. can someone give me more insight about bhringraj oil? i'm looking for hair oils to help me grow my hair out and to stop hair from splitting. when i was a teen, i took an acne medicine that caused me to have hair loss so i am looking for an oil that help make it grow back and make my hair thicker and fuller. a general question is what do you recommend for hair oils? 2nd question is i was dianogsed with Melesma from the sun, you can also get it from birth control. i was wondering in order to get rid of the sun damage, what are some remedies or ayurvedic products to bleach my skin lighter? i am light skin, but parts of my body is a lil dark and i would like to even out my skin tone. the prescription that was given to me didnt really help much and that was last year. i am looking for powerful ingredients that will make the discoloring get lighter and lighter. if anyone has any ayurveda product websites or info, let me know and i will check them out!
  5. hello i am new here! i got a lot of questions about kleem. i found out about it on youtube on accident with siva baba. i was getting frustrated with the law of attraction, so i was listening about kleem. it was a short video, but the results sound interesting. i know every culture has different ways of manifesting their desires and all. what i want to know is what are the disadvantages and advantages of the kleem mantra? has anyone ever heard of someone using the kleem for bad things? no, i am not asking to use the kleem to do harm on someone. i'm just wondering if u do use it to do harm, what happens? im just asking about the history and the outcome of it. with kleem, how would anyone get started on it? how can i find info on the kleem mantra as to how to start it? i was wondering why do u say kleem 108 times a day? when do u start seeing results? i know what id like to manifest and what i dont want to manifest. someone was telling me why dont u use ur own power to manifest ur desires? why rely on some "magic" to do the trick? i mean thats what some close minded jerk told me. im just asking for background info about the kleem mantra and all. does anyone know of any good websites about the kleem mantra like how to's or books?
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