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  1. Thanks a lot for your help..Sir.. If gun milap is good does that mean it is an average match? Or is it not taken into consideration while matching horoscopes..? Is there any poojas by which the ill effects can be reduced?and can u suggest a good period for us to get married?
  2. I think latitude is 10.00950964616205 and longitude 76.35986384533941 Latitude & longitude: 9.9 N & 76. 2 E I am not sure
  3. Also is the manglik dosha strong enough to cause death of the spouse?as i don"t want her to suffer alone
  4. Can u also tell us how much gun milap is coming
  5. Thanks... she is ready to wait for me...Can u suggest us any remedies or poojas to reduce the doshams ..and are the above reasons due to manglik dosha ? or there are any other doshas in addition to this..please help us as we would really like to get married
  6. Thanks ...but i did not get u..does that mean it is not a suitable match or marriage should not be solemized now?We have known each other for two years and want to get married. We are ready to wait till the conditions get favourable..PLease let us now your views and if doshas are there lease suggest some remedial measures to reduce them
  7. Thanks deepa.. but the girl seems to be having mars in the 7th house? will there be any effects of manglik dosha..
  8. Ya It means Trichur and Aluva is in Cochin District..PLease let us know ur views as the girl"s horoscope seems to be having Manglik Dosha
  9. Please tell us if this is a suitable match..we checked with a couple of online softwares which said it is a good match...but when we consulted an astrologer he had the opinion its not good.Please let us know ur opinion and any remedies to reduce the dOSHAS Girl DOB:02-05-1985 Time :08:34 pm Place of birth :Thrissur(Ker) Boy DOB: 26-10-1984 Time: 01:17 pm Place of birth : Aluva (Ker)
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