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  1. My heartiest thanks to you deepa Ji for giving me a ray of hope. Whenever you have time please try if you could go through our birth charts and analyse if we really are meant for each other. Thanking you so much once again.
  2. Thank you Deepa Ji, I'll do everything that is needed now. We've already almost broken up. Please tell me is there any chance she would be back? Are we meant to be together or not? Do you see any prospects of me getting married and would that be a harmonious one? Please tell me Deepa Ji
  3. Namaste Deepa Ji, I wanted to buy the stone from my hometown only as I know someone who could help me out in buying a genuine stone. Due to heavy workload haven't got any chance to go to my native place since then as I work from Gurgaon. Things seem to go from bad to worse day by day and sometimes I break into tears...don't know what to do So many misunderstandings have cropped up and that too out of nowhere between me and the girl I had planned to commit...I have given her details in my post...worst part is thather birthtime is not known...somehow could it be analysed if we really are for each other or not? Do I have a harmonious married life in this lifetime? Be it relationships or profession, I seem to fail everywhere Please help me out...Please.
  4. Respected ones...please help I am getting depressed day by day
  5. Namaskar! I've been undergoing a lot of problems in my current relationship and feel too stressed because of that. I often wonder if I would be able to marry the girl I like so much or even to the extent that if I would get married at all. Could you please lend a helping hand in analysing what exactly is going on in my relationship's sector? MY DETAILS - Name : Abhimanyu DOB : 23-July-1978 POB : Sriganganagar (Rajasthan, India) Longitude 73°E52'59'' , Lat 29°N55'0'' TOB : 04:28 AM GIRL'S DETAILS - DOB : 25-December-1981 POB : Delhi, India TOB : UNKNOWN...no one in her family remebers the time of her birth I understand it would be difficult to analyse in lack of knowledge of her exact time of birth, but still could I have a shallow idea, 1) If we really are meant for each other? 2) If not, am I destined to married with someone eventually? 3) Will my marital life be harmonious? Thanking you a lot in anticipation.
  6. Dear Deepa Di LOL...na na it's not that I want to become astrloger ...bas aise hee thoda bahut read kar raha tha internet par...it's really so fascinating...isnt so? Ok...lekin please meri genuine queries ka to answer kar do 1) Am I Mangalik or not? 2) What planest are benefic and what are malefic to me and what should I do to strengthen the bebefic ones? Please -/Abhimanyu.
  7. Hello Deepaji, Thank you so much for this info. I am so relieved I have become quite inclined towards Vedic Astrology and I find it so interesting...superb Science behind it! 1) Today only I was just browsing through internet and one the site stated that I am a Mangalik!! I never knew this. Could you please see if it's really true and what should I do to nullify this dosha? Name - Abhimanyu DOB - 23-July-1978 Time - 4:28 AM Place - Sriganganagar (Lattitude - 29.50N and Longitude - 79.50E) 2) As I am reading little about Astrology, there are few things in my mind that I am little confused about and sincerely hope you would clear the things for me - A) As per my chart, What planets are benefic to me and what are malefic? And, what should I do to increase the strength of my benefic planets and overcome the harmful effects of malefic ones? I remember you had mentioned one remedy to influence Shani in the very first response. Later on you had also mentioned about some remedies instead of my going for Neelam. Could you please throw some light on this area? B) Does the good placement of a planet always mean it's benefic and bad placement laways mean it's malefic? Thanking you so much in aticipation. -/Abhimanyu.
  8. Thank you so so much Deepa jee :-) Could you please also tell me if my birthtime 4:36 AM (as told me sometimes) makes any difference to 4:28 AM which is mentioned in my janampatri? With best regards... -/Abhimanyu.
  9. Hello Deepa ji and astro_tech ji, Although your opinions regarding my wearing Neelam are in contrast, I am so much obliged that I got responses from two most respected users of this forum. Please please do not think that I am putting a question mark on your skills. I have joined this forum today only and after going through so many posts I realize you two are doing a great job...congratulations! I truly admire it. I understand Astrology is Science based on calculations and at times those very calculations may well differ. Could you please do me a favor? At times I've been told that my birth time was 4:36 AM and not 4:28 AM. Some people say that 4:28 AM or 4:36 AM won't make much difference in my case. Could you please verify this? As for other queries, please have a look below - Thanking you in anticiaption.
  10. Hello, My birth details are as below - Name - Abhimanyu DOB - 23-July-1978 Time - 4:28 AM Place - Sriganganagar (Lattitude - 29.50 North and Longitude - 73.50 East) 1) Do I have 'Kaalsarpa yoga' in my birthchart? 2) I have been encountering problems on professional and personal front for long and was advised to wear a yellow sapphire that I did almost a week back. I realize it did give me some mental peace in such a short time. Would you suggest I should wear a Blue Sapphire as well? Would it suit me considering the planets placements in my birth chart? Thanking you so much.
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