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  1. Karma controls the birth of cows and centipedes. So no matter what we do there will be 100 cows. Some will be killed, some will be used for dairy then killed. What will the world do with dairy cows if there is no dairy market? Once we start eating dairy cows the price of meat will fall and more people will eat meat. If you were a cow would you prefer dying early or getting milked with cold hands? Of course the complicity in karma is very complex and just how outreaching is it? For example, if I buy an orange and pay a buck, that dollar is split amongst the grower, the picker, and the truck driver who kills two armadillos on the road and who all buy steaks with their cut. Am I to endure karma for the dead cows and armadillos whose death I funded? I hope not.
  2. Who controls the birth of a cow? So we have a cow. What will we do with it since we do not control its presence? Or really, what will THEY do with it? Will they kill them all? The problem is not so straight forward. Don't drink chocolate milk.
  3. It has to stop. http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/meast/03/11/fallon.resigns/index.html
  4. I sung along with this fellow a lot as a kid. I found an interesting biography showing how he was actually born in India! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qadWgndkReo This song 'Dreaming' starts "Four o'clock in the morning ... it's the time I always think of You" then the guitar says Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Here's something special:
  5. TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE SOUP. To me, this means: "Jaya Prabhupada"! "Jaya Bhaktisiddhanta"! "Jaya Gaurakisora"! "Jaya Bhaktivinoda"! "Jaya Jagannatha"! "Jaya Nityananda"! "Jaya Gauranga"! "Jaya Madhavendra"! "Jaya Madhva"! "Jaya Vyasa"! "Jaya Narada"! "Jaya Sri Brahma"! "Hari Hari Jai Sri Krsna"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE SOUP. <img src=http://www.cartoonstock.com/newscartoons/cartoonists/mba/lowres/mban649l.jpg>
  7. GurukRpa: Within this universe are there other planets similar to the earthly planet where the inhabitants are getting the same, similar material bodies? PrabhupAda: No, every planet there are inhabitants. GurukRpa: But similar to this? PrabhupAda: Hm. (aside:) Don't come very near. GurukRpa: This is called martya-loka, and are there other... PrabhupAda: Not similar. Every planet is different from the other. Just like in down planets there is no sunlight, so how they can be one? There the light arrangement is different. [break] Devotee (1): ...He displays His VRndAvana only on the earthly-like planet? PrabhupAda: Yes, VRndAvana is there already. Devotee (1): It's already there? PrabhupAda: Yes. Devotee (1): Because I know when He comes to the earthly planet and He displays to the human being, and I know that there's the higher and lower planetary systems, but like when He goes to any universe is it always to the earthly-like planet, lot of times(?) to earth? It's always like that? PrabhupAda: Just like the government has got a circuit house in every big, big cities. Similarly, in every planet ("universe" - per gHari) there is a replica of VRndAvana.
  8. <b><br>Student</b> (12): Is this continual reincarnation only occurring on this earth, or does it occur on other planets? <B><br>PrabhupAda</b>: Oh, other planets. All throughout the whole material world. <b><br>Student</b> (12): Is there interchange between the planets? <B><br>PrabhupAda</b>: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. You can go in another planet also. Because it is said in the Bhagavad-gItA, sarva-gA. Sarva-gA means the soul can be transferred to any place. It may be in America, it may be India, in moon planet, sun planet, or any..., anywhere. <b><br>Student</b> (13): Has the universe existed forever, or does soul have a beginning? <B><br>PrabhupAda</b>: No. This material universe is created and dissolved. BhUtvA bhUtvA pralIyate [bg. 8.19]. Just like this body: it is born for some time, it will stay for some time, it will go for some time, then it will become old, and it will vanish. Similarly, the whole universe is like that. It has its creation, it stays for some time, a long duration of time, and it creates so many other things, by-products, and there will be time when everything will be vanquished. <b><br>Student</b> (13): And where were the souls before the universe began? <B><br>PrabhupAda</b>: That is called spiritual kingdom. In the spirit. <b><br>Student</b> (13): And is that where they will all end up again when the universe comes to an end? <B><br>PrabhupAda</b>: Yes. If you are not liberated, then you have to come to this material world and change one body after another. That will be your business. But if you get yourself transferred to the spiritual world, then there is no more coming back to this material world, and you get your eternal, blissful life of knowledge. <b><br>Student</b> (13): What happens if the universe ends and there are some souls that have not yet transferred themselves to the other universe? <B><br>PrabhupAda</b>: The same thing. What happens when your body will be vanquished? Nothing happens. The same thing will go on. There are many bodies, there are many universes. It is coming and going and vanquished. It is the law of nature. <b><br>Student</b> (13): Do you mean the universe is likely to go on forever? <B><br>PrabhupAda</b>: No. It is created. As your body is created, similarly anything material, it has got a life. It has got a period of creation, it stays for some time, then it is finished.
  9. I think the down-to-earth attitude comes when one actually sees that everyone is serving Krsna (according to their present situation). Krsna's mercy is everywhere - even karma is His mercy. Tamo is moving to rajo, and rajo is moving to sattva, and sattva is becoming transcendental. It's all good - a wonderful world. But it takes a while for that perspective.
  10. Like a snake crawls out of its skin to renew, so the attachments are left behind over time. Krsna makes it all painless. Don't worry.
  11. You must undo the effects of your original words. If they made him feel dumb, you must make him feel smart. If they made him feel unloved, you must make him feel loved. You must demonstrate practically and sincerely that those hurting words were incorrect and not the way you really feel about him.
  12. Yes, that is our reality and His name would be Krsna as described ontologically in this cornerstone verse: http://vedabase.net/sb/1/3/28/en That verse confirms that all manifestations of God emanate from the primal Lord Krsna "Krsnas tu bhagavan svayam": healer, savior, etc. If we cultivate humility we will appreciate that Krsna has much more going on than just saving and curing us. We are very tiny, so it follows that His name does not revolve around our infinitesimal selves. He stays within the hearts of every living being and within every atom in this material world as the ever-present friend, the Supersoul, the Holy Spirit; but that is only a spark of His splendor. When we are offered greater perspective about the Kingdom of God from the information in the Vedas, knowing that God's Kingdom is four times as large as this world of stone, and that it is inconceivably more wonderful in every respect, then we can see that God's main or original or most-fitting name will not involve us. He is filled with unlimited opulences, Bhagavan and He is attractive to everything and everyone - therefore in every way He is Krsna. "Krsnas tu bhagavan svayam" I feel your premise may be off. Jesus said that he was "sent" to reveal the good news of the Kingdom of God. He directed his disciples to preach this message in every town and village. May that continue.
  13. Healer http://vedabase.net/sb/2/7/21/en http://vedabase.net/d/dhanvantarih Hari - Vanquisher of miseries http://vedabase.net/sb/2/1/5/en Savior http://vedabase.net/bg/18/66/en http://vedabase.net/cc/madhya/1/188/en http://vedabase.net/cc/madhya/1/199/en http://vedabase.net/cc/madhya/1/200/en http://vedabase.net/nbs/71/en DayAmaya - Most merciful http://vedabase.net/cc/adi/4/15-16/en http://vedabase.net/sb/11/5/34/en http://vedabase.net/sb/11/7/18/en http://vedabase.net/sb/11/11/29-32/en http://vedabase.net/sb/11/19/10/en [url="http://vedabase.net/cc/adi/4/15-16/en"]
  14. This may sound silly ... but the best way to spend the day is: Remember God and do not forget Him. The rest will take care of itself.
  15. Oh, you mean fairy tale religion - where I believe on someone then I can do whatever I want and still go to the Kingdom of God. Sorry, that is a fairy tale proposed and swallowed by insincere poseurs who cheat the world out of the legacy of Jesus Christ. Nitai-Gaura offer salvation to even those who don't deserve it. That is your only hope. Or you could try actually reading the answers here. That would be a start.
  16. The self is eternal. But it is now covered wth delusion, or maya - a delusion that I have this body and these other souls' bodies are related to me. Maya begins with ahankara, the false ego, then a body and senses develop. This world of maya is 'asat' or temporary; whereas our true self is 'sat', eternal. When you are engaged in the pastimes of your eternal self you are no longer confused by maya, by the temporary. So the TV or computer can be maya depending on your purpose for employing them. Reading this is not maya, for example. Getting back to engaging the temporary body and senses in the eternal pastimes of the self: anything that is not amongst the nine processes of devotion as delineated by Prahlad Maharaja in the Srimad-Bhagavatam is M A Y A. Prahlad explains non-Maya: http://vedabase.net/sb/7/5/23-24/en
  17. Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.13.10: <center> bhavad-vidhA bhAgavatAs tIrtha-bhUtAH svayaM vibho tIrthI-kurvanti tIrthAni svAntaH-sthena gadAbhRtA </center> bhavat--your good self; vidhAH--like; bhAgavatAH--devotees; tIrtha--the holy places of pilgrimage; bhUtAH--converted into; svayam--personally; vibho--O powerful one; tIrthI-kurvanti--make into a holy place of pilgrimage; tIrthAni--the holy places; sva-antaH-sthena--having been situated in the heart; gadA-bhRtA--the Personality of Godhead. My Lord, devotees like your good self are verily holy places personified. Because you carry the Personality of Godhead within your heart, you turn all places into places of pilgrimage. PURPORT The Personality of Godhead is omnipresent by His diverse potencies everywhere, just as the power of electricity is distributed everywhere within space. Similarly, the Lord's omnipresence is perceived and manifested by His unalloyed devotees like Vidura, just as electricity is manifested in an electric bulb. A pure devotee like Vidura always feels the presence of the Lord everywhere. He sees everything in the potency of the Lord and the Lord in everything. The holy places all over the earth are meant for purifying the polluted consciousness of the human being by an atmosphere surcharged with the presence of the Lord's unalloyed devotees. If anyone visits a holy place, he must search out the pure devotees residing in such holy places, take lessons from them, try to apply such instructions in practical life and thus gradually prepare oneself for the ultimate salvation, going back to Godhead. To go to some holy place of pilgrimage does not mean only to take a bath in the Ganges or YamunA or to visit the temples situated in those places. One should also find representatives of Vidura who have no desire in life save and except to serve the Personality of Godhead. The Personality of Godhead is always with such pure devotees because of their unalloyed service, which is without any tinge of fruitive action or utopian speculation. They are in the actual service of the Lord, specifically by the process of hearing and chanting. The pure devotees hear from the authorities and chant, sing and write of the glories of the Lord. MahAmuni VyAsadeva heard from NArada, and then he chanted in writing; Sukadeva GosvAmI studied from his father, and he described it to ParIkSit; that is the way of SrImad-BhAgavatam. So by their actions the pure devotees of the Lord can render any place into a place of pilgrimage, and the holy places are worth the name only on their account. Such pure devotees are able to rectify the polluted atmosphere of any place, and what to speak of a holy place rendered unholy by the questionable actions of interested persons who try to adopt a professional life at the cost of the reputation of a holy place.
  18. Here's a trick: http://vedabase.net/s/siddha
  19. After seeing these last two posts (clearly about ghosts), the musings of Datta Swami can no longer be taken seriously. He translates 'ghosts' with an offense against prasadam. I think he is just another jihad detractor, a washed-out Hindu convert. He doesn't mention his parampara or guru because he has none. They really think we're all fools. They can't even imagine how wrong they are.
  20. Srimad Bhagavatam 3.10.28-29:<BLOCKQUOTE><CENTER><FONT COLOR=RED>deva-sargaz cASTa-vidho vibudhAH pitaro 'surAH gandharvApsarasaH siddhA yakSa-rakSAMsi cAraNAH <b>bhUta</b>-preta-pizAcAz ca vidyAdhrAH kinnarAdayaH dazaite vidurAkhyAtAH sargAs te vizva-sRk-kRtAH </CENTER> deva-sargaH--creation of the demigods; ca--also; aSTa-vidhaH--eight kinds; vibudhAH--the demigods; pitaraH--the forefathers; asurAH--the demons; gandharva--the expert artisans in the higher planets; apsarasaH--the angels; siddhAH--persons who are perfect in mystic powers; yakSa--the superprotectors; rakSAMsi--giants; cAraNAH--the celestial singers; <b>bhUta--jinn</b>; preta--evil spirits; pizAcAH--attendant spirits; ca--also; vidyAdhrAH--the celestial denizens named VidyAdharas; kinnara--superhuman beings; AdayaH--and others; daza ete--all these ten (creations); vidura--O Vidura; AkhyAtAH--described; sargAH--creations; te--unto you; vizva-sRk--the creator of the universe (BrahmA); kRtAH--done by him. <B></FONT> The creation of the demigods is of eight varieties: (1) the demigods, (2) the forefathers, (3) the asuras, or demons, (4) the Gandharvas and ApsarAs, or angels, (5) the YakSas and RAkSasas, (6) the Siddhas, CAraNas and VidyAdharas, (7) the <b>BhUtas</b>, Pretas and PizAcas, and (8) the superhuman beings, celestial singers, etc. All are created by BrahmA, the creator of the universe. </BLOCKQUOTE>
  21. Bhagavad-gita 9.25:<BLOCKQUOTE><CENTER><FONT COLOR=RED>yAnti deva-vratA devAn pitRRn yAnti pitR-vratAH bhUtAni yAnti bhUtejyA yAnti mad-yAjino 'pi mAm </CENTER> yAnti--go; deva-vratAH--worshipers of demigods; devAn--to the demigods; pitRRn--to the ancestors; yAnti--go; pitR-vratAH--worshipers of ancestors; bhUtAni--to the ghosts and spirits; yAnti--go; bhUta-ijyAH--worshipers of ghosts and spirits; yAnti--go; mat--My; yAjinaH--devotees; api--but; mAm--unto Me. <B></FONT> Those who worship the demigods will take birth among the demigods; those who worship the ancestors go to the ancestors; those who worship ghosts and spirits will take birth among such beings; and those who worship Me will live with Me. PURPORT</B> If one has any desire to go to the moon, the sun or any other planet, one can attain the desired destination by following specific Vedic principles recommended for that purpose, such as the process technically known as darza-paurNamAsI. These are vividly described in the fruitive activities portion of the Vedas, which recommends a specific worship of demigods situated on different heavenly planets. Similarly, one can attain the PitA planets by performing a specific yajJa. Similarly, one can go to many ghostly planets and become a YakSa, RakSa or PizAca. PizAca worship is called "black arts" or "black magic." There are many men who practice this black art, and they think that it is spiritualism, but such activities are completely materialistic. Similarly, a pure devotee, who worships the Supreme Personality of Godhead only, achieves the planets of VaikuNTha and KRSNaloka without a doubt. It is very easy to understand through this important verse that if by simply worshiping the demigods one can achieve the heavenly planets, or by worshiping the PitAs achieve the PitA planets, or by practicing the black arts achieve the ghostly planets, why can the pure devotee not achieve the planet of KRSNa or ViSNu? Unfortunately many people have no information of these sublime planets where KRSNa and ViSNu live, and because they do not know of them they fall down. Even the impersonalists fall down from the brahmajyoti. The KRSNa consciousness movement is therefore distributing sublime information to the entire human society to the effect that by simply chanting the Hare KRSNa mantra one can become perfect in this life and go back home, back to Godhead. </BLOCKQUOTE>
  22. Amos, it appears you didn't study very sincerely, for you only got one out of five correct. Sincerity is the only qualification for success in any religion. The 'doctor' is God and in the Bhagavad-gita He directly offers various medical treatments, all of which eventually lead to sincerity. He describes how He accompanies everyone in their heart as Paramatma, the Holy Spirit and how He in this capacity acts as guru to lead His students to His kingdom. To study comparative religion you must understand that God is the one unborn primal enitity, upon whose existence everything and everyone rest - like pearls are strung on a thread. Knowing that this is God, you can understand each religion and their approach to various aspects of God. The science, the essence of religion is the remembrance of God - all the varieties of religious discpline aim at this perfection. God is the purifier - the path and the goal. Always be conscious of God and you will eventually find your life perfect, life everlasting, your eternal self. Seek ye first the Kingdom -- the message is always the same. Then you can study comparative religion. Religion is the purpose of life - don't waste your time. Fall in love with God as He is glorified everywhere. gHari
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