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  1. Haribol, glad to be back. Lord Vyasadeva is living, so is Narada Muni, so there is no question concerning life of the Acarya. What one needs is to approach someone who represents the entire chain of authentic spiritual masters. I recommend that one reads the second chapter of Srila AC Bhaktivedanta swami's Science of Self Realization, which can be read thru the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) site under Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami's books. Then the search begins. However, our so-called search is flawed. How can we know authenticity in our condition of always being prone to serious mistakes. Therefore, we must understand that Guru comes thru Krsna Himself, who guides us from within to his very self, represented by the Guru. good luck, hare krsna, ys, mahaksadasa
  2. youre all forgiven. if you forgive. If you expect forgiveness.
  3. PS Read only! what a perfect ending, it finally shut us up, now we be silent, and browse through volumes of pure nectar from the vaisnava community.
  4. Haribol, all you swans singing your songs. This is jayaradhes favorite of my songs, which she got to hear as well right before she passed on to Ayodhya. She loved it because she had no future as far as this world goes. Seeing that we have no future here on audarya, here is a song about real future: FYOO CHUR by mahaksadasa (from Kipu'ka) As a youth All I wanted was the future Always thought about the future All my planning for the future All my living for the future Now it's here And I paint it every day But it's always day to day Praying for another day Alive for yet another day Like the sea Riders need a strong boat Waves will never sink this boat Gopal knows we need this boat So He sends this mercy boat All this future Gave it up long time ago Thought about it years ago Now it's here but I have to go The future is long time ago Send the boat Cause the future nevermore Accumulate? I can't. No more Future plans? I can't. No more I want to sing and dance some more Right now I need to love Jah more Love Jah more? Singing out His Holy Names Hear from those who sing His Names One God. One Love. With all those Names Sing them all, those Holy Names Govinda is sure Jah Name Ramana is sure Jah Name Krishna is sure Jah Name King David sang His Holy Names Solomon, wise, he sang His Names He sends His sons to praise His Names Who give their lives to spread His Fame So, future is right this second. Noone has tomorrow, in fact there is no present either, because it takes five seconds for the brain to latch on to what was just happening. And the past is bleak unless we grab onto the histories that invoke memory of the Name Fame, and glory of Krsna and his OWN. And, as gHari infers, there is always the street, where western vaisnavism was born in the 60s. And we can always write, in fact, I invite anyone to write me at mahaksa_d@hotmail.com. I write back. Hare Krsna, your eternal surf ant, mahaksadasa and the last line from any temple program is JAYA JAGADISHA HARE.
  5. It has been a great time, many great friends Ive met here that Ill never forgrt (except maybe at the time of death). You all have made me a better person. Elsewhere? Dont send em yer e-mail. There were real classic discussions here, very entertaining to say the least. Wish we hada little more time, but thats what we all say when its all over. Turn out the lights. mahaksadasa PS To sad lone wolf, gHari, theist, bija, too many righteous folks to properly give credit to, I roll in the broken glass hoping for yer mercy. And Im not sorry for offending anyone, Im only sorry youre so durn sensitive. Ill end in a way youll never forget, walkin like an egyptian:eek::eek::eek::eek:
  6. hey yall, ya missed my best line ever on these forums, "remember the Lord at the time of LIFE."
  7. the significance is the sum of the digits is nine, the purest of numbers, and is a divine number. You will find, if your research the number nine, including all the numbers that have the sums of their digits equaling nine, it is pure magic. I have made many comments about the number nine on these forums, even the game of nine-ball, but this is a mere grain of sand on the beach of nine. (I got blisters on my fingers). For interested parties, 666 also equals nine, and is a divine number because god has no devil competitor. If he needs a devil, he will become one or send one of his confidantes to play such a role (i.e. hiranyakasipu, ravana), or just be the dark side (like Yamaraja, et al). 108 is the most perfect of all the "nines", thus the vaisnava guru is known as assottera satva. Tridandi 108. mahak
  8. Near the end, when physical maladies wracked the form of Srila Haridas, he still was persistant in his chanting. Lord Chaitanya let him know that such practice was unnecessary, and actually ordered him to cut down on his sadhana bhakti. (It was all a ploy, but it does show the reciprocal relationship established in life, not death. So, dont chant at the time of death, chant at the time of LIFE> mahak
  9. I really appreciate David's relationship with the Lord. It is quite reciprocal, and, as such, he sings, "may the Lord think of me, because I am poor and needy." Ive seen, in my 60 years, many holy folk who seem fixed up, but what happens to their resolve when the city they live in is melting or during the inundation? Who can handle this? Or how about the truck who pulls out in front of you when youre doin 60 on a slich strreet? Am I to think my life is a failure if I say "Oh F---" right before my consciousness leaves me? No, it is never mechanical. Because hearing is equal to chanting, and to always have my i-pod tuned to prabhupada still may not prevent me from having a great lapse when the earth moves so suddenly and sends us all to obiesance. Become His friend, and have a reciprocal relationship in whichever rasa ya got, and he is better equipped to be there in my need. Or with the queen goddess, mata mary, we pray to her, asking for her shelter, and if we scream in pain, there she is with her supreme gentleness, forgiveness, and real LOVE. hare krsna, death, my favorite subject. goth, too much PIL. mahaksadasa
  10. good upgrade, jahnavanitai das. speaking of which, Im beginning to make new site at THE VULTURE KING. the site is under construction, so continue to use geocities below fer now. in this project, Im dumping all the stuff made of political stuff involving the superficial side of vaisnavism, in favor of storytelling, moviemaking and song production. geocities is still open, so any who have contributed to that site, please copy now or forever hold yer peace (not piece). hope all are well, hare krsna, dont look and drive fast. yer surf ant, mahaksadasa
  11. Haribol. I got word that sometime this summer, geocities is pilau, meaning going obsolete. So, if anyone wants to read or perhaps save anything wiitten on http://www.geocities.com/mahaksadasa better get with it. Im not saving anything other than kipuka, dismas, and some songs, and have no interest in any of the other stuff. I dont apologize for any of the content, they were all well thought out opinions based on actual experiance. Ive moved on to movie making, and book publication, and any releases will be announced here. Getting real close on the "geisha warrior" project, but no one replied when I offered free beta on the project last summer. Anyway, not just mine, but hundreds of devotees have used geocities over the years, and many valuable writings are there. Hare Krsna, ys, mahaksadasa
  12. I thought thats what he said, babhru. He secretly instructed us all to be acarya.
  13. planetX is not a collider. It simply cruises in,without gravitational pull,Just Like Last Time. Velakovski wrote much about this planet, how it rested atop Mt Meru,allowing Gods to freely walk this planet. Whether Hercules, Ezikiel, gilgamesh,or Indra, the story is that once tyhere was a time when the gods were here, with the humans. Now some may say they were manipulating human DNA. Bible says they were messin with earth babes. Now some speculate that another such era of godsmay be upon us, some just say that we explode into space, like true natures child, born to be wild (Thanks,Hoyt,good song). But Id worry more about electro magnetic pulse, where 90 % of the world population will self destruct without modern amenities within a year. Dont need a GOOD bomb or a GOOD missile system. No weapon accuracy even needed. Just hit the broad side of that barn in Nebraska, and wall street and pennsylvania avenue is no mo, eh brah. 2012 is just Y2K rerun. mahak
  14. Who is hawaii? Not koleka, not kuhio, and certainly not Pele Mata. The Kahuna no islam brah, pelau. When was the last time you seen a muslim next to a kalua pit, brah. Haole no eat pig, eh, no da kine. No surf, either. Nop worry brah, just get rid of those who never got "aloha" other than the HVB's definition of hello and goodbye. Sounds like a beatle record. Fomah da kine kona boy, mahak
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