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  1. Haribol, glad to be back. Lord Vyasadeva is living, so is Narada Muni, so there is no question concerning life of the Acarya. What one needs is to approach someone who represents the entire chain of authentic spiritual masters. I recommend that one reads the second chapter of Srila AC Bhaktivedanta swami's Science of Self Realization, which can be read thru the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) site under Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami's books. Then the search begins. However, our so-called search is flawed. How can we know authenticity in our condition of always being prone to serious mistakes. Therefore, we must understand that Guru comes thru Krsna Himself, who guides us from within to his very self, represented by the Guru. good luck, hare krsna, ys, mahaksadasa
  2. youre all forgiven. if you forgive. If you expect forgiveness.
  3. PS Read only! what a perfect ending, it finally shut us up, now we be silent, and browse through volumes of pure nectar from the vaisnava community.
  4. Haribol, all you swans singing your songs. This is jayaradhes favorite of my songs, which she got to hear as well right before she passed on to Ayodhya. She loved it because she had no future as far as this world goes. Seeing that we have no future here on audarya, here is a song about real future: FYOO CHUR by mahaksadasa (from Kipu'ka) As a youth All I wanted was the future Always thought about the future All my planning for the future All my living for the future Now it's here And I paint it every day But it's always day to day Praying for another day Alive for yet another day Like the sea Riders need a strong boat Waves will never sink this boat Gopal knows we need this boat So He sends this mercy boat All this future Gave it up long time ago Thought about it years ago Now it's here but I have to go The future is long time ago Send the boat Cause the future nevermore Accumulate? I can't. No more Future plans? I can't. No more I want to sing and dance some more Right now I need to love Jah more Love Jah more? Singing out His Holy Names Hear from those who sing His Names One God. One Love. With all those Names Sing them all, those Holy Names Govinda is sure Jah Name Ramana is sure Jah Name Krishna is sure Jah Name King David sang His Holy Names Solomon, wise, he sang His Names He sends His sons to praise His Names Who give their lives to spread His Fame So, future is right this second. Noone has tomorrow, in fact there is no present either, because it takes five seconds for the brain to latch on to what was just happening. And the past is bleak unless we grab onto the histories that invoke memory of the Name Fame, and glory of Krsna and his OWN. And, as gHari infers, there is always the street, where western vaisnavism was born in the 60s. And we can always write, in fact, I invite anyone to write me at mahaksa_d@hotmail.com. I write back. Hare Krsna, your eternal surf ant, mahaksadasa and the last line from any temple program is JAYA JAGADISHA HARE.
  5. It has been a great time, many great friends Ive met here that Ill never forgrt (except maybe at the time of death). You all have made me a better person. Elsewhere? Dont send em yer e-mail. There were real classic discussions here, very entertaining to say the least. Wish we hada little more time, but thats what we all say when its all over. Turn out the lights. mahaksadasa PS To sad lone wolf, gHari, theist, bija, too many righteous folks to properly give credit to, I roll in the broken glass hoping for yer mercy. And Im not sorry for offending anyone, Im only sorry youre so durn sensitive. Ill end in a way youll never forget, walkin like an egyptian:eek::eek::eek::eek:
  6. hey yall, ya missed my best line ever on these forums, "remember the Lord at the time of LIFE."
  7. the significance is the sum of the digits is nine, the purest of numbers, and is a divine number. You will find, if your research the number nine, including all the numbers that have the sums of their digits equaling nine, it is pure magic. I have made many comments about the number nine on these forums, even the game of nine-ball, but this is a mere grain of sand on the beach of nine. (I got blisters on my fingers). For interested parties, 666 also equals nine, and is a divine number because god has no devil competitor. If he needs a devil, he will become one or send one of his confidantes to play such a role (i.e. hiranyakasipu, ravana), or just be the dark side (like Yamaraja, et al). 108 is the most perfect of all the "nines", thus the vaisnava guru is known as assottera satva. Tridandi 108. mahak
  8. Near the end, when physical maladies wracked the form of Srila Haridas, he still was persistant in his chanting. Lord Chaitanya let him know that such practice was unnecessary, and actually ordered him to cut down on his sadhana bhakti. (It was all a ploy, but it does show the reciprocal relationship established in life, not death. So, dont chant at the time of death, chant at the time of LIFE> mahak
  9. I really appreciate David's relationship with the Lord. It is quite reciprocal, and, as such, he sings, "may the Lord think of me, because I am poor and needy." Ive seen, in my 60 years, many holy folk who seem fixed up, but what happens to their resolve when the city they live in is melting or during the inundation? Who can handle this? Or how about the truck who pulls out in front of you when youre doin 60 on a slich strreet? Am I to think my life is a failure if I say "Oh F---" right before my consciousness leaves me? No, it is never mechanical. Because hearing is equal to chanting, and to always have my i-pod tuned to prabhupada still may not prevent me from having a great lapse when the earth moves so suddenly and sends us all to obiesance. Become His friend, and have a reciprocal relationship in whichever rasa ya got, and he is better equipped to be there in my need. Or with the queen goddess, mata mary, we pray to her, asking for her shelter, and if we scream in pain, there she is with her supreme gentleness, forgiveness, and real LOVE. hare krsna, death, my favorite subject. goth, too much PIL. mahaksadasa
  10. good upgrade, jahnavanitai das. speaking of which, Im beginning to make new site at THE VULTURE KING. the site is under construction, so continue to use geocities below fer now. in this project, Im dumping all the stuff made of political stuff involving the superficial side of vaisnavism, in favor of storytelling, moviemaking and song production. geocities is still open, so any who have contributed to that site, please copy now or forever hold yer peace (not piece). hope all are well, hare krsna, dont look and drive fast. yer surf ant, mahaksadasa
  11. Haribol. I got word that sometime this summer, geocities is pilau, meaning going obsolete. So, if anyone wants to read or perhaps save anything wiitten on http://www.geocities.com/mahaksadasa better get with it. Im not saving anything other than kipuka, dismas, and some songs, and have no interest in any of the other stuff. I dont apologize for any of the content, they were all well thought out opinions based on actual experiance. Ive moved on to movie making, and book publication, and any releases will be announced here. Getting real close on the "geisha warrior" project, but no one replied when I offered free beta on the project last summer. Anyway, not just mine, but hundreds of devotees have used geocities over the years, and many valuable writings are there. Hare Krsna, ys, mahaksadasa
  12. I thought thats what he said, babhru. He secretly instructed us all to be acarya.
  13. planetX is not a collider. It simply cruises in,without gravitational pull,Just Like Last Time. Velakovski wrote much about this planet, how it rested atop Mt Meru,allowing Gods to freely walk this planet. Whether Hercules, Ezikiel, gilgamesh,or Indra, the story is that once tyhere was a time when the gods were here, with the humans. Now some may say they were manipulating human DNA. Bible says they were messin with earth babes. Now some speculate that another such era of godsmay be upon us, some just say that we explode into space, like true natures child, born to be wild (Thanks,Hoyt,good song). But Id worry more about electro magnetic pulse, where 90 % of the world population will self destruct without modern amenities within a year. Dont need a GOOD bomb or a GOOD missile system. No weapon accuracy even needed. Just hit the broad side of that barn in Nebraska, and wall street and pennsylvania avenue is no mo, eh brah. 2012 is just Y2K rerun. mahak
  14. Who is hawaii? Not koleka, not kuhio, and certainly not Pele Mata. The Kahuna no islam brah, pelau. When was the last time you seen a muslim next to a kalua pit, brah. Haole no eat pig, eh, no da kine. No surf, either. Nop worry brah, just get rid of those who never got "aloha" other than the HVB's definition of hello and goodbye. Sounds like a beatle record. Fomah da kine kona boy, mahak
  15. Haribol. Bhakti yoga is not goal-oriented. Lord Chaitanya is the perfect example. There is nothing in Krsna Consciousness for him, all he does is for His Lord. The acaryas are this way as well, no self-motivation. Salvation may be fully awarded the devotee, but this is never any reason whatsoever for a devotee to undertake his bhakti (devotional SERVICE). Lord Chaitanya does not reject liberation (You may embrace me), but his feeling is that rejection or acceptance by the object of his Love is of no consequence, he remains steadfast devoted either way. Maya cannot exist in the presence of the Holy Name, therefore, you are correct in saying eradication of sins and karma takes place. But eradication of karma also means eradication of good reaction, which is exactly what is meant by liberation. Liberation is the freedom from the shackles of the material realm. But one also considers what is on the mind of the nitya siddha, one who is already eternally liberated. They descend into hell to retrieve, in service to the object of their love, those who are burdened there. They actually reject liberation because they are quite bored with all the good fortune they personally enjoy. In other words, in modern lingo, its not about ME. Liberation is all about me, how my suffering and how my desire to end my suffering in the world of birth and death and all the horror in between (and in common sense fairness, all the enjoyment in between as well) is the priority of my life. A Vaisnava has only one desire, steadfast, that Krsnas needs are met, about how his feet must be protected against the hard stones he walks upon, for the vaisnava, there is no one whose needs take priority over krsna, be it family, race, nation, religion system, self awareness or even the shanti stage of santarasa. The devotee is actually beyond all self motivation. If Krsna needs a grotesque demon to slaughter on some planet, his liberated devotees all quickly volunteer to be ravana, duryodhana, or any raksa rascal at all, even if his very existance is the disgust of all future generations of his planetary peers. If Krsna needs a competitor, his devoteesd are the first to want to give him what he desires. Rasa is also chivalrous. Krsna doesnt really kill demons, demons never get such opportunity, only pure unalloyed liberated devotees can get such honor as to be skewed by a spear thrown by Rama. Hope ya get my gist here, hare krsna, ys, mahaksadasa
  16. The samkirtana movement which embraces the congregational chanting of hare krsna is a "selfless service" movement. The vaisnava is not just engaged in a process for liberation, in fact, liberation is considered a selfish motive. Therefore, the main proponant of samkirtana, Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami, did not think that silent chanting is valid. Now whispering, silent, thats okay, but mental? No way, this is not even meditation in this age, because the mind is in constant turmoil, and other things are constantly invading. We engage our senses in the performance of bhakti yoga. Its okay to think about krsna and the mantra, but no senses are engaged in samkirtana yajna. The lips must move, and since hearing is primary, one must hear the mantra for ultimate effect. "Chant" does not mean "think, chant means certain volume is employed, so others may hear as well. Hare Krsna, ys, mahaksadasa
  17. Mahabharata was recited to King Janamejaya, the son of King Pariksit, after Pariksit left the world. Janamejaya was attempting to rid the world of all snakes, but the great reptilian Naga race (Human Beings who live underground) begged for mercy for Takshaka, the snakebird who ended Pariksit's life. On this occasion, janamejaya heard the completed mahabharata, and when that was over, he heard Ramayana, because he was interested in the brother of Bhimasena (Hanumanji) who was mentioned in both epics. King Pariksit was the first King of this Kali yuga, lived less than 100 years. Therefore, it can be assumed that Janamejaya's Yajna to rid the world of snakes took place about 100 years into this present age, which is calculated to have begun 5,000 years ago, prior to most cultures other than Australian, Gilgameshis and Sumerians. The Author of Mahabharata is not yet away from this realm. Although he went with Vidura, Kuntidevi, and Dhritarastra and Gandhari to the end of their lives, he attends great festivals to this day (some say). So, mahabharata is 5,000 years old, and Ramayana is 800,000 years old, as Kusa and Lava, the sons of Lord Ramachandra and residents of the asrama of the author Sri Valmiki, recited this poem to Lord Rama prior to when Ayodhya returned (en masse) to the abode of Sri Sri Sita Rama. Hare Krsna, ys, mahaksadasa
  18. Haribol, theist. Nice citation, regarding the story of kings. From a western perspective, the kebra nagast, the story of the succession of kings of abyssinia, from Solomon thru Mother Mary, is a true wonder. It encompasses the theism of Lord Jesus Christ, yet is not really dogmatic scripture. If one is in tune with the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ, kebra nagast has great meaning, yet is just history otherwise. Mahabharata has fantastic stories, but history can be traced therwe. Descriptions of how the world is in a point of time is often done acc ording to how folks write. This is why Im attracted to Velavkovski, because he has the theory of another planet resting atop the great himalaya, and he goes on to explain the fantastic stories of the Puranas is really about the historical proximaty of this planet to the Earth, how gods traveled back and forth, etc. But history is history, and mahabharata as history is cultural description. Add God, and its just as probhupada said, that we put a ONE in front of our collection of zeroes, then we have something. Haribol, yo brah, mahak
  19. Agreed. In fact, the book I spoke of that the jerk made bad comments about had no good gita section. This is why he was so perturbed. But my point is that a vaisnava, meaning one who has at least philosophically accepted the version of the acaryas (meaning that Bhagavad Gita is the essence of the whole science of vaisnavism), such a person can find value in mahabharata. Naturally, human beings must absorb themselves in ideas, thoughts, information, etc. So, if a devotee decides to find out the particulars of what has led to the song of God, by all means, reading mahabharata, the histories, puranas, ramayana, all of these writings can be of great pleasure to those who never can get enough krsna katha. A devotee will not take careless minimizations of krsna to heart, because they will find that every single character of these literatures worship krsna, even if the author does not. This includes karna and duryodhana as well, because they were both fixed up, and their roles were defined (for us to actually understand when we study the rasas and sub-rasas as composed by the goswamis.) We are speaking of pleasure, and the shastra speaks of pleasure as well, because if there was no pleasure in these literary works, then there would be no use of the verse you cite regarding "drawing" folks to the absolute truth of Srimad Bhagavad Gita. But without studying Gita under the guidance of a Vaisnava Acarya, the mahabharata may not be of any value, but nothing else has value in such a case either. Hare Krsna, ys, mahaksadasaq
  20. Haribol. When I say TRUE, I dont necessarily refer to accepted truth, but rather what rings true to the self.. Some actual truth (such as swine flu being the threat, making everyone forget the torture carried out by american nazis) doesnt ring true to the self, so Im not taking that so-called truth in (nor the injection of aborted fetuses to save myself in the economic stimulus for the pharmaceuticals). But I can fully accept that a man with the head of an elk married the awesome princess. Why? Am I so naive?. Not necessarily, when the uncanny pictures of the bulldog owner looking exactly like the bulldog, or the poodle lady looking like a poodle are a cause of wonder. Not when I see the mutations all around me, of folks who actually look like they have sprouted horns. The head transplant performed by siva to his son Ganesha? How different is this than folks getting ten years added to their lives because they have been given the kidney of a pig. So, Im not about proving fantastic stories, Im speaking to TRUTH that rings true to the self, and that self is me, not others. Hare Krsna, ys, mahaksadasa
  21. The question is very good. There are many who affirm the spiritual path thru drugs, folks like allister crowley, timothy leary, et al. But the mystics and gurus always claim that such contact with spirituality thru drugs is artificial, and they are quite right, because when the effect of the drug wears off, so does the spiritual experiance. Is it a spiritual experiance? Well, Im not an authority, but my opinion is "Yes, it is a spiritual experiance". Tainted by the temporary nature, it may not be the best way, but one cannot deny the spiritual nature. But upon further analysis, the experiancer plays a significant role, and if one is not spiritual anyway, drugs will not give a spiritual experiance. My yes is for those who are here on this forum, because a spiritual quest is obviously going on. Ganja (I refuse to use the term "marijuana, because this term was coined by William Randolph Hearst in the late thirties for a specific reason; that is, to create fear on the basest levels of racism, fear of invading mexicans with their killer weed) is a perfect example of what Im saying above, about the user being either spiritual or anti-spiritual will play a role in the actual experiance. If one fancies himself as a guitar player, when he is high on kaliherb, he experiances enhancement of his music ability. Similarly, a person who is thrilled by spiritual stories, whether they be about chief joseph of the Nez perce or thrilled by the stories of Ghatocacca, reading on kaliherb will perhaps enhance the experiance. But conversely, a gangbanger who rapes and commits genocide against his own people will experiance great enhancement of his art of killing with his Uzi. So, the drug is rather neutral. Srila Prabhupada requires abstinance from drugs to be his disciple, not to limit spiritual experiance, but to ensure purity and freedom in the experiance of the spiritual practice of samkirtana yajna. He is not envious of his disciples' inclination to use drugs, nor did he ever express disdain for a disciple who couldnt follow thru on such abstinance. But he also never allowed artificial experiance to rule the day. So, those reading here, my advice is that the drug is no answer, but is no "deal killer" either. Srila Prabhupada taught a "gradual process", and he often warned of the artificial renunciation of habits that actually caused such great problems later on. For those who use, gradually decrease and replace with actual experiance of spiritual life. And I cannot let this go without expressing the difference between drugs and chemical garbage. Drugs such as opiates, ganja, psyllicybanoids (sp) act in conjunction with electrical impulses already present in human physiology. Chemical garbage is what is popular today, this drano mixed with paint thinner craze. Methamphetimine, cocaine (which aint coke, its crap), and other crystal white powders and pills with fraudulent names like ecstacy, et all, these do not work with endorphines or other natural bodily functions, these burn brain cells. The high produced is nothing more that destruction of actual tissue that leaves one in a weakened state, it is self inflicted injury with no spiritual use whatsoever. So, smokum if ya gottum, but gods found on drugs die with the effect of the drug, and who wants a dead god anyway, other than some christ killers who love bathing in his blood. hare krsna, ys, mahaksadasa
  22. a read good stuff, lewis perdue, lee child, even law thrillers by lescroart, but this is entertainment only. Then ya slip into the trance of reading mahabharata and ramayana, and all this stuff is not novel, its true, and its true to the very depths of the self. and then one can really say he is entertained, with drama, romance, with thrills, horror, great comedy. what a cool author those great gods vyasa and valmiki. They knew the cravings of the self, so they give us real enteretainment. I wont say the version i read, but a great storyteller, because once an idiot godbrother of mine said that it was horrendous. I personally think that dude is horrendous, because the mahabharata is not limited by author or translator, it reveals itself to the self. Prabhupada taught me, gave me all the tools I need, therefore, a little story flaw will not ruin me. all glories to the very best of classic literature. proves to me that jesus and hercules are the same person, both the son of god taking human foprm. mahak
  23. mahak

    i like obama

    good points, theist. I, too, was afraid he would be too liberal, but he seems to follow in the footsteps of two ol heroes of mine, MLK and malcolm X. Folks who study these two figures of american history will know, but the kookoos will claim that they are theirs (as if MLK would have any solidarity with the pervs). He has ticked me off many times, but Im cuttin him great slack, because the job is unreal, yet he seems quite suited for the unfathomable challenge. I was speaking to one most would consider ultra right, who also likes him so far, so conservatives should not be worried about lending at least "hopeful" support. He ran on the concept of rebuilding hope in america, and it seems that hopefullness has replaced utter fear that was mongered by the last group of thieves. I hear AMs concerns of conspiracy and world order, and I share them. But if he does not pull the trigger on my ownership of a 1980 cutlass supreme or my '74 nova, Ill stay with him. $5,000 for these old rigs will buy me a 2004 KIA, but where will I be in five years with another car corpse in my yard. I KNOW that the cutlass and nova will be just fine even when they are forty years old, yet the ten year old fords, chevys and dodges are all in junkyards. Why dya think theres so many of these fine classic cars that are true pleasures to not only drive, but to fix as needed as well. Both outlasted my 1999 Altima that died because of some timing belt disaster. Hell, I have cars with 300,000 miles on them and never had belt problems. GO-BAMA, just leave my ride alone. mahak
  24. the earth planet can tolerate any weight. However, lies sink her into the mire of oblivion. Lies may be necessary, such as described on another topic, where Dharma personified, King Yudhisthira, allowed a lie to be told to Dronacarya. He didnt tell a lie, and the utterance was not a lie eaither, because his brother, Bhima, killed an elephant named Aswattama and cried, "Aswattama is dead!" However, Yudhisthira did not clarify, even though he had opportunity to do so, and Drona lost his will to fight, thinking his son Aswattama was dead, and he himself was vanquished (to death). Now we may think that lie was justified, and im my thinking, it was, because there was no way whatsoever that the Pandava Army could defeat Kurus led by Dronacarya. But Yudhisthira suffered grave consequences. His innocent child was killed in his sleep by Aswattama, and he also set foot on the planet of death for the first time because of his untruthful moment. Before Drona heard this misrepresentation about aswattama's death in Yudhisthiras presence, Yudhisthira's feet never touched the surface of this realm. He actually lost forever his reknown as the personification of dharma and truthfulness. Even though the lie was pure devotional service, in the rasa of chivalry, there was still the lesson that lies are intolerable, and never justified. As Im not a scholar, I cannot refer to SB citation, but there is info there about how the earth planet cannot tolerate even the slightest of lies. haribol, ys, mahaksadasa
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