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  1. well , the nature of question is such that it will attract a wide variety of answers , each different from the other . each sect would project their philosophy as an answer . thats the way the world works . since you are drawn towards devi or shaktism and vedanta and other philosophies also i would suggest you reading the famous 'gospel of ramakrishna' aka 'ramakrishna kathamrita' . ramakrishna as you might be already knowing was the spiritual guru of vivekananda and also a devotee of mother goddess . ramakrishna kathamrita is the published personal diary of one of his disciple who wrote down his preachings when he got home each day . they were gathered together and published after the demise of ramakrishna . it presents the most profound truths in most simple of languages . do check it out . it would open a whole new world to you . as a hind note i should also note that it is completely different from works of swami vivekananda . god bless . hari om
  2. yes . they are done as a part of purificatory process before prana pratishtha .
  3. yes , thanks melvin . it was indeed and unforgettable experience . this year i wouldnt be able to make it to puri in rathaytra . but thakfully calcutta has its own share of big rathayatra too . infact the second oldest rathayatra after puri is held in bengal , at a place called mahesh . it is related to mahaprabhu also . heres a pic for you all --- bhaktajan . yes neither can i forget you !! hahahaha ..... and amalesh . welcome back . god bless all ............................. jai jagannath
  4. here are some other songs which ramakrishna liked ----- he used to dance wildly and go in samadhi with this song -- and finally a video from an old movie showing him dancing in prema at kirtan on dolyatra/holi
  5. hi kaushik . they are available in belur math , the headquarters of ramakrishna mission and also in other branches of the order . perhaps you should think of contacting the nearest ramakrishna mission center around you . the series is called kathamriter gaan in bengali and songs from kathamrita in english . best of luck .
  6. ahh . nice to see everyone here . bija , ganeshprasad , melvin and others . hehehehe . im glad . JNdas prabhu . hows your temple activities going on with jagannath deva ? as far as i can remember i read that you were planning to make a ratha ? is the plan on ?
  7. yes , the priest was probably giving you the charanamrita . literally it means the nectar from the feet . in hindu custom feet of guru or god is worshipped and the water used to wash down the feet were treated in reverence . in temple however it is generally the water which has been used to bathe the deities . it is a blessing and is supposed to clean away your paap(negative karmas ) . it is generally sipped and the residue rubbed over the head in reverence .
  8. ahhh!!! our dear ol' audarya is back again !!! thank you JN Das prabhu ji for restarting it !! just came back from panihati festival and saw this !! blessing of nitai chand on me , for sure . gaura premanande hari hari bol .......
  9. i would still hope that respected JNDas revives the forum after expiry of a month .............please !!
  10. boohooo ...! neither could i ...!! haha....... lets part with a light note ....
  11. thats so sad .i logged in just now and saw this news . i didnt expect it to come so early !! well , after all those fights and quarrels we should all look towards our own sadhana . ultimately all this vada-vitanda is useless . i would miss ranjeet of course with his typical style of arguments .and i would miss teasing bhaktajan for his dreadful posts . the idiocy of ranjeet( he he) , the taunts of kaisersose , the unheard appeals of hindustani to calm down , the private msg's and postings of sant , the child god cebu city of melvin , the chaos theory of primate , the humility of kshama ,the fanaticism of chandu and last but not the least the neo-hinduism of raghu , all made this place an wonderfully diverse and engaging platform to discuss and fight over ideals . it was fun !! after all the shoutings that i did towards iskcon , let me say this at the closing hours that i still like iskcon and its contribution to the western world . and i would sincerely pray that they reform some of their ways and come out in a beutifull new form . just see our entaglement with maya . its online forum with members whom we have not even seen personally and yet we feel sad at this closure . maya's tough and its a hard hard world . let us pray that all problems of the members here are solved . the jobless finds a job and the godless finds his god . let people be happy and peacefull and may god himself see to his sadhana . lets pray with untmost sincerity so that he gives us his darshan at least once before we leave this body ............jai hare krishna jai maa.
  12. yes , i accept . its simple really ..
  13. no , samadhi and out of body experiences are not actually similar . OOBE is where your center of consciousness lies outside of your physical body for a certain period of time . but there is no qualitative change in consciousness . for example if you are a strong materialistic person you remain one in OOBE experience . but as you consciousness lies outside your physical body , it appears dead to most perceptions . but in samadhi (both savikalpa and nirvikalpa) there is a qualitative change in consciousness . here , it must be noted and understood that consciousness , in its true form is pure and one . but to realise that original state in called samdhi . here you also reach a superconscious plane but that is due to god realization . in nirvikalpa it is reaching a complete stage - the end of everthing( everything as according to material earth) . a person who's mind is polluted with material thoughts can enter into OOBE but such a person doesnt have the slightest chance to enter into samadhi . they are not linked together...
  14. ranjeet , im so scared to carry on any coversation with you . after a few posts you just start shouting and screaming without any logic and rational sense till you become the cause for closure of that particular thread !! thats why i have stopped answering . morever such things have already been answered . i was thinking how would you feel if people start calling your guru kripalu ji names ? keep your mouth shut for the fear of guru ninda at least ! please.......
  15. human beings are different from animals by their power of logic , reasoning and discrimination . and whatever logic you follow must be applicable to all persons at any given time . it must be universally applicable . now lets see the logic you have for your statement -- either you doggedly follow the scriptures or you follow some rational sense with scriptures . if you opt for the first then christians muslims etc can never ever worship the same god . they are were and will be the 'mlecchhas' (now dont come up with your 'as it is' version of the word !! ) and if you go for the second logic then even shaktas and mayavadis must also be following the same god . you cannot apply any logic to any two cases and drop out the rest at whim !! so it follows that by both logic you cannot proove what you are claiming (everyones following the same god except mayvadis etc)
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