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  1. It is interesting that he says one can chant the name of Allah because it indicates the Supreme Lord but that Narayana is not completely perfect:
  2. Dear all, Thank you so much for responding to my challenging posts and even taking the time to answer them. Special thanks to the moderator for not banning me! To all whose sentiments have been offended by my positions: please know that it was not my intent to offend but to speak the truth as best I know it. I regret any hurt feelings that I have caused. I have tried and will continue to try to live up to these wise words of a swami with which I have serious disagreements on many issues: Please, anyone who would like to stay in touch - contact me by private message. PEACE
  3. I don't agree with your interpretation of Saktyavesa Avatar. Jesus is a jiva and a Saktyavesa Avatar is any jiva empowered by Krishna to preach God consciousness - including Mohammed! I have added bold text to the quote below:
  4. Have you experimented with other forms of meditation?
  5. Due to the kripa of the Supreme, we find little sattvic elements in even the most base nonsense. This is a way of planting seeds for the persons next life since these non Vedic religions inevitably lead to rebirth. Once you stop exaggerating the similarities and ignoring the glaring differences, things will become more clear.
  6. I have never met Swami Prakashanand Saraswati, but I once attended a satsang given by one of his swamis at a Hindu Temple in Norwalk, CA.
  7. Regarding that condition where urine leaks out - of course you should wear a paper or cotton barrier between your body and your underwear of sufficient thickness to get you through a temple visit. As said before, don't let anything keep you from the temple; the Supreme can only ask for our best.
  8. Would you please translate into English? Thank you.
  9. Allah is known by the Koran which comes courtesy of Mohammed, the founder of Islam. Notwithstanding your criticism of Swami Rama Krishna, Swami Prabhupada seems to agree with him:
  10. Throughout history, compare the body count left behind by the followers of the teachings of Jesus and Mohammed vs. the teachings of the Buddha (Atheist), Mahavir (Jain) or Sri Shankara (Advaita). A tree is known by the fruit it bears.
  11. Well you had to leave out my favorite - Shri Prahlad Maharaj! Between Shri Meerabai and Shri Hanumanji wasn't one more like bhava bhakti and the other action bhakti? I don't know if that makes any sense.
  12. What are you talking about? I thought you wanted to worship Sri Shiva. Sri Shiva is not a "Demi-God". Perhaps you mean 'deva'? Sri Shiva is not a deva. Trimurti: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the presiding deities. All devas like Indra, Vayu, etc. are under them. That is my understanding.
  13. First of all let me say that I believe the Supreme dwells equally in everyone as paramatma. Since he is all-pervading he hears the prayers of everyone. That being said, I think the Bhagavad Gita is the highest and best revelation of that Supreme Being. Of course that is my shradda which is based upon my karma among other things. If I equate other scriptures with that which I believe was spoken directly by Sri Vishnu himself, then the Bhagavad Gita is no longer special. If I equate other names by which people choose to call their conception of a higher power with the 1,000 names of Vishnu, then the names Hari, Krishna and Rama are no longer special. In India they have this idea that a persons religion is like their mother. Everyone has the right to think that their mother is the best in the world. If they don't tell me that my mother is the same as theirs then we can live peacefully as brothers. If they don't tell me to disown my mother in order to embrace theirs, then we can live peacefully as brothers. OM SHANTI
  14. Doesn't Exodus 20:4-5 in the original Hebrew clearly and unequivocably forbid the bowing before statues? What Biblical basis do you have for adding this idea of "when"? (For clarity, I've added the emphasis to your quote.): Long before Christianity, every prophet in Judaism seemed to think that the original Hebrew forbid using images or statues to worship Jehovah or YHWH. Notwithstanding that, Catholics choose the practice for their own reasons. If by "Christians" you mean Catholics. Obviously most Protestants do not agree with the Catholic practice of bowing before statues. Yes, I agree.
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