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    I was a Buddhist but then I had an experience of Krishna which transformed my life. I\'m an artist,
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    Art, Music, Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy, Roleplaying
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  1. Tirisilex


    Is this the only place within the Sri Brahma-Samhita speaks of Goloka? I've ordered the book.. I hope it's worth it
  2. Tirisilex


    It just so happens that I am ordering that book.. I hope there are more references in this book on Goloka.
  3. Tirisilex

    When all phenomena is erased

    bhaktajan, I have been having a discussion at a different website about Goloka and Liberation and "The end of all beings" I'm speaking with an Advaita on the subject.. You seem to know more about this stuff than I do and you make more sense than this guy. Can we discuss??
  4. Tirisilex


    Can someone point me to a text that describes Goloka not in a Purport..
  5. Tirisilex


    I was discussing Liberation with another forum.. The 5 Liberation's described in the book "The path of Perfection".. I was asking this question in a Advaita Forum and they seem to denounce Goloka as a permanent place of refuge.. They say we must Merge each and everyone of us.. like Sayujya-mukti.. that there is no other type of liberation.
  6. Tirisilex


    Are we to stay celibate always.. even in marriage? Because I don't think I can do this.. Will Krishna not accept me if I have sex within marriage? And If I do have sex in marriage I would practice it with tantra.. Is this OK?? I kind of feel depressed over this..
  7. Tirisilex

    Peace and Love

    I wonder if peace and love will be considered cool things again like in the 1960's.. Today it seems like hate is the cool thing. Just look at what happened at the last woodstock.. all that violence and destruction.. It's sad.. Alot of popular music shouting out in hate and anger.. It's just sad.
  8. Tirisilex

    The Hidden Story of Jesus

    Problem is that Christians don't see it that way..
  9. Tirisilex

    The Hidden Story of Jesus

    When Jesus said he was the only way to God. He meant that his example was the only way to God.
  10. What things should I do to practice at home? I'm an artist so I drew a picture of Krishna and made a little altar.. But now I don't know what to do with it..
  11. Tirisilex

    Kama and Krishna

    Kama and Krishna cant be the same as people have said.. Because Kama loves to distract Holy men by shooting them with lust arrows.. That doesnt fit with Krishna.. I dont see him distracting us from Dharma with arrows.
  12. Tirisilex

    End of the world?

    Christians claim that here will be an end of days and a last war and so on.. Do Hindus have a prophecy for the end of the world as well?
  13. Tirisilex

    Drugs And Spirituality

    There are some Shaivite sects who practice using marijuana.. I'm not sure how or why they use it.. I gave up that stuff a while ago.. It agitates my mind more than settle it..
  14. How does one be strong in detering sex gratification?
  15. I just hate it when I hear people say that religion is the cause of war.. It really bugs me.. As if religion is the root cause of evil.. pfffft! I think segregation is the cause of war.. Quote from my Dad "If there were no religions in the world there would be no war.."