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  1. I am not superstitious about numbers. Ultimately, there is only ONE and One is the original number.One represents Krishna - the ONE supreme entity that all others entities exist within. What really matters is the relationship between the soul and the Supersoul. We are all simply at the mercy of the Supersoul Paramatma who ultimately exists within Krishna. Being honest and sincere with our Supersoul is much more beneficial than trying to get lucky with some superstitious number. Material numbers are ultimately an illusion. The only real numbers that matter are spiritual numbers that have spiritual significance. 108 is ultimately the most significant number for Gaudiya Vaishnavas because there are 108 principle gopis of Krishna and therefore 108 principle Upanisads. Because the number 108 reminds us of the 108 principle gopis of Krishna, it is therefore a most auspicious number.
  2. This Abrahamic monotheism is, in my opinion, much less authentic and spiritual genuine that the polytheism of the Hindus. The Hindus see fire as the body of the fire god and they respect it. Hindus see air as the body of the wind god and so they respect it. Hindus see Earth as the body of Bhumi Devi, so they respect it. These Abrahamic religions don't have the proper respect for the elements or mother Earth, because they are "monotheistic" and only recognize their god as worth of worship. Abrahamic monotheism is farce monotheism, because you cannot serve God whilst being disrespectful to the gods, the elements, other faiths and mother Earth. Abrahamic religion is not monotheism, it is just monotonous.
  3. I think the video section is very nice. With today's technology a lot of information can be transferred in a very short time via these short internet videos. I like all the recent updates and changes to the forum format.
  4. That is why the pure devotees only eat Krishna prasada and do not eat "food". In ISKCON it was always taught that devotees don't eat "food", but devotees honor prasadam that is the remnants of offerings to the spiritual master and the Lord Krishna Caitanya. When a devotee honors prasadam that is the remnants of offerings to Guru and Gauranga, then that is actually a completely spiritual activity and should never be equated with when unoffered food is eaten for the pleasure of the senses. In bhakti-yoga, honoring prasadam simply increases one's love of Krishna and cannot be compared to the eating of ordinary food that devotees like to call "bhoga"(unoffered food). Anyone who has actually tasted or subsisted off of Krishna-prasadam knows the difference between honoring prasadam and eating unoffered food. Devotees of the level of Srila Prabhupada actually taste transcendental bliss in the act of honoring prasadam and experiencing the spiritual nature of foods that have first been offered to Krishna according to the guidelines layed down by Guru and Gauranga. :crying2::crying2::crying2::crying2::crying2::crying2::crying2::crying2::crying2:
  5. I always take cold showers. Hot showers are not good at all. Some people think hot showers are important to open pores for washing, but I don't accept that idea. I take two cold showers a day. One in morning and one in evening. But, the water that comes out of the ground here is not real cold. I get my water from a well on my property. So, it is cool but not really cold. It is just right for me. People who take hot showers don't know how bad it is to heat up the blood like that. I love cold showers.
  6. Last night I had a very nice experience with simple meditation. Of course, chanting Hare Krishna is a most powerful spiritual sadhana, but last night I tried some simple meditation and was quite amazed at the results. I was having trouble sleeping last night. I was very wired from having worked out in the heat most of the day rebuilding the roof on my porch. I was just very uptight from the stress of working most of the day in extreme heat and humidity. So, finally, I tried to go to bed about midnight. I could not sleep. I lay there till about 1:30 A.M and still could not sleep. So, I sat up, did some pranayama and simple mediation. I did some other stretching techniques that I sometimes do to relieve the lower back pain that I am prone to get. Finally, after some nice pranayama, meditation and yoga stretching, I tried to get some sleep. I just felt so much better, less stressed and able to rest. After dosing off I had some very wonderful dreams where I got to meet my deceased father and my two older brothers (still living). In my dreams I seemed to have much more control than normal. I could summon my father and my brothers at will and have nice meetings with them. It was such a nice experience that I have never experienced before. I think it was due to the breathing exercises and the yoga stretching along with some simple meditation to still my mind. I am going to have to do this more often. Doing some pranayana, stretching and meditation for stilling the mind seemed to have very significant effects for me last night. In the Bhagavad-gita, Lord Krishna explains that pranayama is in fact one of the processes of spiritual cultivation. I highly recommed pranayama and meditation for people that might not be so inclined towards exlusive bhakti sadhana. It is a very substantial process. Try it for yourself and let me know how it works for you.
  7. Obviously, you don't even know that the gospels were not written in Aramaic. All the gospels were written in Greek and there is evidence that the writers of the gospels did not even know Hebrew or Aramaic. Everything we know about Jesus was came out of Rome. The Jews from Judea don't even accept Jesus. Long before the Jesus myth was manufactured there was the Hebrew religion called Judaism. Personally, I think Judaism is a superior religious systems to the sentimental Christian cult that was created as a rebellion against orthodox Judaism. Paul was never trained in the Rabbinical disciples and had an inferiority complex. He wasn't even from the Holy land of Judea. He was from Tarsus. So, he manufactured Christianity as a feel-good faith that made him feel better than the orthodox Jews.
  8. Because I don't believe in a popular myth, that makes me a snake? Well, I have studied the works of some of the best academic theologians in the world who at one time also believed in the Jesus myth until they looked deep enough into the subject to get past all the bogus propaganda. For me, I just find it quite amazing that so many devotees are willing to buy into a ridiculous myth that has absolutely no validation in any Vedic shastra. I think the Jesus myth is actually a toxic, harmful, bogus religious dogma that is harming the spiritual growth of the world at large. Some disciples of Srila Prabhupada told me that Prabhupada said that Christianity would become extinct in the future. After looking deeper into the subject I can now see why. Christianity has a very sordid history. Modern minds are gradually rejecting Christianity and embracing a new spirituality that does not bind them up in the chains of a bigoted dogma that proclaims that Jesus is the only son of God and the only way to salvation. The ONLY SON OF GOD? Anyone that buys into such nonsense is a fool.
  9. I am on a mission to save the western world from a fraud savior that is leading the whole world to hell. Watch the videos on the website or otherwise your opinion will be flushed down the appropriate porcelain throne. Unless and until you watch the videos on the website, you have no right to comment. There is a popular show on TV nowadays called "mythbusters". So, since Jesus is a myth, I figured "Christbusters" would be a good theme for my website.
  10. I have never said anything about proving Krishna existed. I am not out to prove that Krishna existed. Nowadays, the people who actually make the strongest arguments against a historical Jesus are academic theologians with the greatest knowledge and expertise on the subject. They are not blind faith evangelicals that buy into some propaganda being made by bigoted fanatics who claim Jesus is the only way to salvation.
  11. I have a whole website dedicate to educating people on the subject, but you have obviously refused to take advantage of it, open your mind and listen to what some of the best academic theologians in the world have said on the matter. www.christbusters.com
  12. That is a false interpolation. Indologists have rejected the claims that the references in the Bhavisya Purana refer to Christians. That false propaganda was fabricated by Christian mlecchas who were out to convert Hindus to their idiotic religion. Hindu scholars reject such Christian lies.
  13. Christ was a myth. There were many great mythic gods 2000 years ago. Anyone who does a serious study of the history of Christianity will inevitably realize that Christ was a myth manufactured in Rome by people who didn't even know how to read or speak Hebrew. The Jews don't believe in Jesus. Are you saying that the people who were around before the so-called Jesus and after the so-called Jesus, don't know anything about the subject? To accept Jesus is to deny the Jews, so you are just favoring one sect over the other. I don't accept either the Jews or the Christians. I don't accept that either cult actually had any real concept of the true God. I favor the American Indians who worshiped natural wonders, Earth and Eagles more than the environmental exploiters that pass themselves off as Christians. Christians refer to Native Americans as heathens. I personally think the Native Americans were a lot more spiritual than the fake religionists that call themselves Christians. Maybe being part Cherokee has something to do with it. I think the American Indians were a lot greater people than the Christians who came and slaughtered them to take their land.
  14. I certainly don't consider Srila Prabhupada as any authority on what the Bible teaches. Unlike some people, I don't accept everything that Srila Prabhupada says as some absolute, infallible proclamation. I don't know why the followers of the Hebrew religions should be given any higher endorsement than any of the demigod worshipers of Ganesh, Indra, Brahma etc. etc. The Bible religion worshiped some malevolent conception of god that was certainly much less than any of the Vedic demigods that have been so much taken to task by the Vaishnava acharyas. Quoting Srila Prabhupada is not going to seal any absolute conclusion as far as I am concerned when it comes to the Bible and the Abrahamic religions, that in my opinion are much lower in theism than the worshipers of the Vedic demigods. I don't accept Srila Prabhupada's statements about Christianity or the Bible to be absolute or infallible. I have studied the Hebrew religions much more than he ever did, so I am not going to give up my own understanding just because "Prabhupada said".
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