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  1. In Romans 1, the apostle Paul reveals that we all have the knowledge of God within us, and then what happens when we ignore this truth and Krsna. It is apparent that there were 'third-sex' folks back in his time: It somehow seemed appropriate for this discussion. gHari ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God [This message has been edited by gHari (edited 10-29-2001).]
  2. Let them fight with each other here. Hey, Satya and Jijaji, shvu hates Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Hey, shvu, Satya and Jijaji are personalistic Caitanya nuts. Have at it boys: all the mental masterbation you can handle.
  3. Welcome to my killfile list: satyaraja jijaji shvu Excerpt from Sri Caitanya-caritamrita Adi-lila 7.50-51: ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  4. Those of you who associate with Satya-whatever or jjijijiji are doomed, whether conversing with them or just reading their poison. Are you greater than Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja? No argument will register with these people. There are only three choices when facing such a snake. And sitting around chatting while hearing this nonsense is very definitely not one of them. If you don't give them what they want, they will get it elsewhere. If you do give them what they want, whom do you serve? Much much worse than a waste of time. If you don't care or if you're only here out of loneliness, by all means get buddy buddy with the devil, but when you no longer have any desire for Krsna don't blame anyone but yourself.
  5. Romans 1-2 confirms that we have the knowledge of God within us, as Srila Bhaktivinoda refers to as in his Garland of Vaishnava Truths as svatah-siddha-jnana: gHari
  6. And here is that chapter in the "New Living Transalation" also from the Bible Gateway which seems to offer insight, grouping that section under the title "Love For Enemies". If my brother hits me, I will not hit him back having compassion for his messed-up head. gHari ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  7. "Give to every man that asketh of thee" KV, thou hast asketh of me, so here is the context, for it is more than being more tolerant than a tree: gHari ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  8. ... more tolerant than a tree ...... if a tree is slapped it will not slap back, unless of course the branch is bent in a way that by nature it will snap back in the face of the offender. It is easy to search for "cheek" or "other cheek" at the Bible Gateway whose link was given in my first post here. Electronically surf the words of Lord Jesus, he may have something else to add. gHari ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  9. Even Satyaraja has again become a mouse, like Nitai and jjjjjjija? That mind was just too clever, fella. He still thinks it's a mind thing and he can capture God in that bucket of synapses. The ego takes over and since God has not yet presented Himself as He should to such an intellect, they arrogantly assume that it is the process that has been in error. Let us hope that none of us gets kicked away so unfortunately. I seem to recall that Prabhupada issued a memo calling such a one "a venomous snake". Unless y'all are experienced snake charmers I would highly recommend avoiding all contact - not even reading. They have been expelled for a reason and who are we to second guess Sri Krsna? Somehow I doubt that this is really Satyaraja, and why the hell would he use that name now? gHari ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  10. Haribol Karthik_v, Thank you for getting me into that search, and finally giving me an impetus to register for Audarya Lila. It seems I was only a close second, so I have added the two additional chapters your other servant has discovered for you. I found a couple of other short special quotes on separate topics too which will be at the end. A good Biblical resource is found at: The Bible Gateway ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
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    1 2 3 ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
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    One two three. ------------------ Gary Stevason http://geocities.com/caitanyamahaprabhuSeeking the Kingdom of God
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