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  1. When you're not too busy, come and see Me.
  2. A bigger picture on the evolution the soul: http://www.hindunet.org/srh_home/1997_12/0006.html
  3. Thank you, Valaya. I knew there had to be one with his head screwed on straight. Off-topic, but are Muslims actually Shivaites? In case someone missed this as I did: http://www.vnn.org/editorials/ET0001/ET25-5336.html
  4. Yes, there is one. My son gave me one for Christmas a few years back. It's about 4"x3"x1", but still as deep as ever. He saw an ISKCON devotee on the street in downtown Toronto and approached him. It apparently had belonged to the devotee himself (or so the story goes). If you can find one, be sure to treat it with great honour. Somehow I'd be a little stressed putting it in my pocket, but perhaps if you had a little cloth pouch and only used a shirt pocket, it could be safe. 16Rounds.com may cater to special requests.
  5. tarasiga, Please don't waste my time anymore. On one hand I have this little dog chewing at my heels and on the other I have Guru Nanak. You were quite boring by comparison, and all I learned in that half-hour wasted was to never again talk to barking dogs. Like my life has anything to do with you. Three times you hassled me. Now maybe English is not your first language and you can't see the real meaning in my original post, but even if that is the case, posts two, three, and four were just a nuisance and an ego thing. My life has nothing to do with you. Keep your word jugglery away from me - my life's too precious. Find another way to maintain your ego.
  6. Wake up call for scholars! Likely only one person will read these anyway. But you are worth a million insincere seekers.
  7. Talasiga, So y'all will insist that I too must live my life on the mental platform, using induction and logic to effect my life? Where's that written - especially in a spiritual forum where 'surrender' is bandied about like a cliche. I do not consider it a prejudice to avoid those who deny God's person. It was recommended to me by the man I've admired most in this life, to avoid such impersonalists for they are more dangerous than a tiger. I also avoid associating with those who malign Sri Krsna in any way. Quite frankly, if that upsets you, I don't care - your approval is meaningless to me when compared to the greatness of Krsna and this man. I am now trying to determine whether that Sikh I met was just stupid or not knowledgeable about his own religion, or whether Guru Nanak's teachings have been distorted into an impersonalistic church. You can help, by answering this question or just continue all this superior attitude, which incidently just documents your arrogance and inferiority. Believe me, I am hoping most desperately that I can write that rude character off as an uneducated misfit out of touch with real Sikhism. Some of the websites however are not too promising, talking of merging into a formless God. Yet Nanak is quite lovely so there is still hope. If you are a Sikh you can help me here. If you are an impersonalist, then you will hate me no matter what I do. gHari ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  8. Just received your second warning, Talasiga. All I can say is that I'm not quite as dull as you surmise. I tend to get a little creative when I write, but that was actually a little tenderness between myself and Sri Krsna - a little kidding if you will. Please tolerate me. If you hadn't noticed, I've spent the last several hours becoming aware of their scriptures. If you underestimate me too much, you are sure to be disappointing at some point. Or so one would hope. There I go again. Too esoteric; the quick readers will misunderstand - but the moving finger having writ, so I offer it as one of your poetic puzzle allusions of a truth unseen. Now back to Guru Nanak. gHari ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  9. TRUE GURU equals CAITYA GURU ? Rings loudly for me.
  10. I do not believe that Guru Nanak is either an impersonalist or Mayavadi. He seems to preach mukhti at times yet he remains in love. Here the unseen Lord becomes seen which strongly suggests form: gHari ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  11. Well if this section from the Sikh book, Raga Mali Gaura isn't Gaurasundara, it is one incredible acintya coincidence; and if they ain't trying to describe Lord Syamasundara I'll eat me hat. And Gajendra! Formless must mean, like in the Vedas, without material form. And just like with the Vedas, the envious translate that into an impersonal Deity: gHari ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  12. Here is a comprehensive page about that Sikh book, The Living Guru. As well as revealing the scripture's authors (both Sikh Gurus and Hindu/Moslem/Sikh saints), the page also offers an on-line English translation. It is apparent that modern-day practice may not reflect the ideas that seem to be conveyed by the Guru's writings. ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  13. God Reveals Himself to Guru Nanak Face-to-face with a faceless God? Caitanya Mahaprabhu? I fear the truth may be lost. gHari ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  14. From The Sikhism Home Page SO SAD, we see here that the followers have interpreted Nanak's words in their nightly prayer to take "Lotus Feet" to mean "Divine Hymns": I must say that I cannot conceive of the Lotus Feet of a formless God, but I find Guru Nanak himself and his story of meeting God charming: gHari ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  15. talasiga, What, no pedantic poetry from the frog in the well? I am not worthy. I am not worthy. I am not worthy. ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  16. Thakur Bhaktivinode has predicted the consummation of religious unity of the world by the appearance of the only universal church which bears the eternal designation of the Brahma Sampradaya. He has given mankind the blessed assurance that all Theistic churches will shortly merge in the one eternal spiritual community by the grace of the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya. The spiritual community is not circumscribed by the conditions of time and space, race and nationality. Mankind had been looking forward to this far-off divine event through the long ages. Thakur Bhaktivinode has made the conception available in its practicable spiritual form to the open minded empiricist who is prepared to undergo the process of enlightenment. The key stone of the Arch has been laid which will afford the needed shelter to all awakened animation under its ample encircling arms. Those who would thoughtlessly allow their hollow pride of race, pseudo-knowledge or pseudo-virtue to stand in the way of this long hoped for consummation, would have to thank only themselves for not being incorporated in the spiritual society of all pure souls. These plain words need not be misrepresented, by arrogant persons who are full of the vanity of empiric ignorance, as the pronouncements of aggressive sectarianism. The aggressive pronouncement of the concrete Truth is the crying necessity of the moment for silencing the aggressive propaganda of specific untruths that is being carried on all over the world by the preachers of empiric contrivances for the amelioration of the hard lot of conditioned souls. The empiric propaganda clothes itself in the language of negative abstraction for deluding those who are engrossed in the selfish pursuit of worldly enjoyment. But there is a positive and concrete function of the pure soul which should not be perversely confounded with any utilitarian form of worldly activity. Mankind stands in need of that positive spiritual function of which the hypocritical impersonalists are in absolute ignorance. The positive function of the soul harmonises the claims of extreme selfishness with those of extreme self-abnegation in the society of pure souls even in this mundane world. In its concrete realisable form the function is perfectly inaccessible to the empiric understanding. Its imperfect and misleading conception alone is available by the study of the Scriptures to the conditioned soul that is not helped by the causeless grace of the pure devotees of Godhead. ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  17. I was chanting on my beads on the way to the airport in Toronto in an airport limo. The driver was Sikh. I mentioned that this practice had come from Caitanya Mahaprabhu who was a contemporary of Guru Nanaak. I mentioned the story of how the two had danced and sang hymns together. He became quite angry and belligerent: "Sikhs do not sing and dance!" I noted how they worship Krsna. He said no they don't, that God has no form or name. I mentioned that his Guru referred to God by Krsna's names like Rama and Govinda. He was still adamant that their God was not Krsna; that the use of the names was only to appease the neighborhood Hindus. I lost a lot of respect for them that day, and they became just more psychotics in my mind. Now maybe Mayavadis can be found in all religions, but I am not likely to approach another Sikh unless Krsna really drags me by the ears. gHari
  18. Darwin, Yes, I have also seen the writings of the Essenes (questioning Paul's worth) and those of Thomas of the Gnostics, both of which are much much closer to the tenets we revere in Vaishnavism including reincarnation and vegetarianism. I hear the truth where I see it. I am certainly not going to abandon the entire scripture, especially since many whom I will help will use the New Testament, as it is, as their belief system. I am not about to spend more than a glance at this topic though, for the truth of the Bible is that it is not about who Jesus was but rather it is about who Jesus is. It is easy to perceive his antiseptic power in our lives, curing that reprobate mind (maya) ROMANS 1 was talking about that comes when we do not remember God. As Krsna said when He came in His original form, "Remember Me. Do not forget Me". It is about seeking the Kingdom of God first. It is about surrender. It is the Bhagavad-gita For Idiots. Like a swan, we can separate the milk nectar from the muddy water; not with the chattering mind but with Supersoul, the Holy Ghost. At some point we must abandon words and get on with the real journey, into the heart, where the real disease if festering. Lord Caitanya gave us the Mahamantra exactly for this purpose. gHari ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God [This message has been edited by gHari (edited 10-30-2001).]
  19. This article refutes pacifism quite well.
  20. At the United Communities of Spirit they have presented a number world religious texts which convey a similar message. I did not see a Vedic quote here though, although the site attempts to unify even the Vedas with all religious thought: Turn the other cheek. It did however reference Matthew's accounting of that same teaching: Jesus recommends that his disciples sell their clothes and by a sword for tribulations about to occur here, in reference to Luke 22:37: I found these and many more articles with a search on "turn the other cheek". gHari ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
  21. How anyone can call that ROMANS 1 passage "dull" is beyond me. It's reminiscent of the "Fall/No Fall" debate. I certainly didn't realize that there was such profound understanding in the New Testament. Most of it was hidden in metaphor, but this was straight up tattva. And it was very powerful preaching - for those with ears and the need to hear. Seems it would even satisfy those with the need for adrenalin too; scary stuff for those who ignore Krsna.
  22. Even for those who have ears to hear, that King James old English is a little difficult to comprehend. Here are newer versions: King James (Old English as in above post) New King James New International Version New American Standard Bible Revised Standard Version Darby Transalation New Living Translation I hope that leaves the meaning clear. gHari ------------------ Gary Stevason Seeking the Kingdom of God
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