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  1. Somehow I found this oldie but goodie thread. The editing of the Sri Caitanya Bhagavata is complete and the missing chapters are being added (but not yet placed in cyberspace until their final editing is complete). The new site for the Kingdom of God and its Bhagavata is CauseOfAllCauses.com for anyone interested in flooding their living rooms with tears. I miss you guys. Some of my best moments were spent at Audarya, way back when. gHari
  2. Yes, if you ask for forgiveness you are already forgiven.
  3. Ki Jai! Let it happen! I see me starting with japa beads under a tree, becoming an accepted fixture in the park. Then after a month or so the drum would come out and the singing would become a little louder. I see me travelling from village to village, park to park. No big sales pitch for money or converts, just some sweet chanting to turn some hearts. We aren't crazy folk - I want them to see that. We are so very fortunate.
  4. Vedesu, were you also Vedesu on SRV? That was where Gary became gHari one day - sort of a self-initiation ceremony to curb my envy of all the beautiful spiritual names the devotees had. I also remember that when Agrahya das closed up the SRV, many of us went to VNN. Then after a few years, that died too, and Jahnava-Nitai das became our munificent shelter. Maybe now we're ready to talk to real people, in real life. T r e m b l e. A father and mother approached me at Ratha Yatra weeks ago because their eleven year old daughter wanted to ask me about why I chant all the time. I felt a little self-conscious and looked around for a priest, but then decided to bear the possible criticisms around me and tell the girl the truth from my heart. Surely all the years here and there on the net helped me offer the young lady the best assistance I could. I didn't do too bad. Her eyes lit up when I said Hare Krsna meant "Please Radha, help me serve Krsna". It was meant to be. Yesterday, my first thought was "What will I do"? This is my life. This was my life. Real people are scary, but soon I won't need to work so I won't have to care about public opinion - then I'll be in the park every day. See you there. gHari
  5. Yes, indeed. Thank you both for being part of my life - the only part that really matters in this desert of darkness out here in the wilderness. Whatever my motivation, this is where I've lived since I returned home too many years ago. Does anyone know of any other gentle places like this on the net where people don't bicker all day and night. I'm looking for a new home. Maybe we can convince JNdas to join us there for some Hari Katha.
  6. The stars will disappear. The earth will be gone. This 'you' you once knew will no longer be known. All anxiety will disappear and absolute satisfaction will greet blissful ecstasy as eternal you take your first step into the Kingdom of God, Vaikuntha. That is when the world will end. It can happen tomorrow, if that's everything you really want. This is the real answer, but it may take some good fortune to accept it as the way it is. May that fortune be yours.
  7. Remembering the Lord at the time of death??? Easy. Don't forget Him.
  8. It made me aware that in this hell, every penny I spend contributes to cow killing. I am more serious than ever about floating through with only the essentials. The goswamis had it right. A different tree every night. I do not believe that people will stop eating calves if there are no dairy farms. I think that females and males will both be slaughtered like steers are now and some will be killed while still calves. This means there will be far fewer cows, or meat will be so cheap that everyone will eat more. The consensus among future western demonic generations would be that cows are only good for blood.
  9. Sure, OK, whatever. The rudeness and arrogance just confirmed my suspicions that the words were not from Paramatma. We know another part of the equation that is beyond the understanding of PETA.
  10. That would be nice. Let's e-bomb the slaughterhouses. Let's raise the consciousness of the West. Let's force stores to put pictures of cows on every package of meat. Let's mobilize these threads' energy toward stopping the desire for blood. Let's chant Hare Krsna in every park in the world, starting tomorrow morning.
  11. Well, I don't smoke weed, but I admit I do get a little cryptic and poetic at times. I am suggesting that we cannot stop cows from being born. If our goal is stop half the cows from existing, then I think it is not that easy. If we want to stop all Western cows' births except those in zoos, then I doubt that is possible.
  12. Why are jivas born as cows? What if they couldn't be born as cows when they need to be? Can that happen? Can they be born as cows even though they don't need to be cows now? Is it all so elementary that the brain can know and understand all the implications involved?
  13. Are we rewriting the Bhagavad-gita now? People will always be filled with doubt on the mental platform. Should I do this? Should I do that? Lemme weigh the pros and cons and drive my own chariot. After all, it is my chariot! And I know better. It seems to me all this mental trickery is leading you away from God consciousness (apa-radha).
  14. I remember a while back there was a study among North American Christians. I seem to recall being amazed that close to half of them believed God was impersonal, a force, the All. So it really doesn't necessarily follow that the people will share the speculation of the theologians.
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