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  1. I hope you know why Tulasi-devi left you.
  2. Krsna is so lovable that simply by thinking of Him increases our love for Him. That love we have eternally, and it awakens in His association. Soon it controls us and helps define who we really are. Love of God is the goal. It is there, but covered like a diamond is covered with mud; we need only to let it manifest - let it shine. So we fall in love, gradually in His presence, the presence of His name, form, qualities and pastimes, all of which are all-attractive, all of which are so lovable. We call it meditation but it is really just falling in love. And that is our true nature, our real position, our actual existence.
  3. As faith in Sri Krsna does not come from the mind, faith in Jesus also comes from the heart. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting. Only the humble and meek can attend that feast. Those who have eaten are full and satisfied.
  4. I guess you didn't watch the presentations so nicely offered. It wasn't about floating or siddhis or magic. BTW the music on that site was very enjoyable. Thank you.
  5. The rich go to India. Where do they go - the Taj Mahal. They would go to the biggest building in the world were it there. The world would wonder why this Vedic-thing is so important that so much was spent on preserving its existence. And the books too. Let us each do our part wherever we are whatever our assignment. We little spiders also make a sound in the symphony of love.
  6. Vedic place: "30 million square feet of liveable space on 160 floors" which is over five times the area of the other taller tower of 500,000 square metres. But how will it be built? Who has this zillions of dollars?
  7. Yes, it was Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu who walked throughout India establishing the dharma of the age, spreading the purity of the Holy names and the dust of His lotus feet. The six gosvamis of Vrindavana wrote volumes of esoteric literatures on His behalf defining the sankirtana movement which will be carried into every town and village on the planet. This is the source, and the method. It is unfolding before our eyes. Gaura has garlanded the world with the Holy names. Listen.
  8. How much can we infer about Lord Vishnu's perspiration? Did He design our bodily vessels to explain His own nature to us? Does the perspiration expel contaminants? Does it contain jiva souls like our perspiration? Is it like a by-product as opposed to His form proper? It would seem a guy could spend this entire life exploring this river.
  9. I especially get excited reading the praise Lord Brahma offers in his Brahma-Samhita. "Govindam, Adi-puruSaM, tam ahaM bhajAmi". <center>IzvaraH paramaH kRSNaH sac-cid-Ananda-vigrahaH anAdir Adir govindaH sarva-kAraNa-kAraNam</center>
  10. They say you can't preach to someone who has an empty stomach. If one is serving Krsna, who knows what words will come out of his mouth? Just remember Krsna. Gradually everyone will be uplifted.
  11. You've never had anything to say to me, Theist.
  12. You're the one proposing the mental platform, hotdog. And you're not very good at the mental platform at that - as lame as the Peta sentimentalists. Your way - they all die, now. Bottom line, real world - they all die now. It is very naive to think that fewer cows or calves will be slaughtered if the dairy demand shuts down. The only change will be that those few cows who now get a few years of peace will be slaughtered much earlier like all the rest.
  13. I pay money for an orange or a subway ticket even though I know that the people who will share that money will use it to kill cows at McDonalds. It's a dirty world. If I don't buy the orange I won't be implicated in their crime, however if I don't buy the milk I am killing the cow myself. Buying or not buying, I am still implicated as an accessory before the fact - by action or by inaction. It's personal, between me and the cow. So I asked the cow in the pasture, and she said "If you can't take me home with you then please buy my milk so they won't slit my throat today .... then offer it to my sweet Lord Krishna". It isn't her fault. I won't kill her.
  14. Even the small farms sell their male calves, perhaps not at birth but eventually. I can remember the ten cows on my grandfather's farm. They were always happy. They'd come back from the fields on time to be milked. Then they'd walk into the barn to get milked of their own accord. I can't see killing them just because there is some treacherous synergy between the farmers and the flesh-eaters. It isn't the cow's fault. I won't kill her.
  15. None of it is very pleasant, but if they have no reason to keep a cow alive, they won't. What will happen if no one buys dairy? If everyone becomes vegan then the only cows will be in zoos - and that may be better. What does Krsna want?
  16. From Wikipedia: The veal industry's support for the dairy industry goes beyond the purchase of surplus calves. It also buys large amounts of milk by-products. Almost 70% of veal feeds (by weight) are milk products. Most popular are whey and whey protein concentrate (WPC ) by-products of the manufacture of cheese. Milk by-products are sources of protein and lactose (energy). Skimmed milk powder, casein, buttermilk powder and other forms of milk by-products are used from time to time. Buttermilk is the liquid which remains after the fat in cream is turned into butter.
  17. The veal issue: if veal doesn't come from this source, it will come from the other. I still see the truth: if I don't buy her milk, they will kill her now. Will I withdraw my protection and force them to kill every cow? Ask the cow. Maybe in California she will say "Kill me now, you monster", but I chance to guess that the Canadian cow will opt for at least another five years at pasture. I would.
  18. What is being done about the commercial milk cruelty? Is there a list of the offending brands we can boycott? http://www.unhappycows.com/dairycows.asp I will note that their saying that "drinking milk supports the veal industry" is just not logical. Civilization in Canada: http://www.dairygoodness.ca/en/media/farm-to-consumer/canadian-dairy-farms/media-farm.htm Animal Care Canadian dairy farmers are committed to meeting high standards of welfare and care for their dairy animals. They support research at top Canadian universities to ensure that there are continuous improvements in their animals' comfort during shipping and sale, proper housing for cows and calves is provided, good feeding practices are implemented and animals receive the appropriate veterinarian care. There are strict laws in Canada on the treatment and care of dairy cattle. Enforcement of animal care and handling regulations in each jurisdiction is a joint responsibility of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, provincial departments of agriculture and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Dairy farmers in Canada also comply with the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Dairy Cattle. The code provides detailed guidelines on the key elements of responsible animal care like housing, feed and water, pastures, care of calves and young cattle, herd management and transportation. Milk from Healthy Cows Comfort, clean water and good nutrition are essential to maintain healthy cows. Healthy cows produce more high quality milk. Dairy farmers spend many hours every day with their cows (milking, feeding, monitoring their health and wellness) and know them as individuals. Twice daily milking provides an opportunity for farmers to give each cow individual attention and close observation to help prevent and detect illness. No antibiotic residue or artificial growth hormones Veterinarians help farmers maintain a healthy herd and may prescribe antibiotics if a cow is sick. When this happens, the milk of the cow treated with antibiotics is discarded. It is not sold for consumers. All milk is tested before it is pasteurized and processed in dairy products to ensure there is no residue in the milk products Canadians drink and eat. If there is a trace of antibiotic residue, the milk is discarded at the farmer’s expense. Injecting cows with artificial growth hormones to stimulate milk production is not allowed in Canada. The decision was made by Health Canada in 1999 .
  19. But the bottom line is: in your world every cow born is killed as soon as someone gets hungry for it. The answer is to reform the dairy industry. If we destroy it, then there is no infrastructure left to try to save at least some cows for some period in a humane way. All the farms will become ranches. It will be a major setback. All cows will die. Very soon the earth has to come to its senses. When we run out of money we are forced to become detached - this is about to happen to planet earth. It's not far away. When the oil is gone we will need the male cows to farm the land. When the rivers and skies are too polluted we will have to sit down quietly and rethink our position here. Maybe they'll just kill all the others like rats in a cage although I'd like to think we're more noble than that. Yet, we talk of Iran as though that's really a possibility, so I have some doubts about the humanity of man.
  20. Srila Prabhupada explains Nitya-Lila: That spiritual body... SanAtana GosvAmI has said that those who are being liberated from this material world, they are offered a spiritual body where KRSNa-lIlA is going on. KRSNa's pastimes, VRndAvana-lIlA, or as KRSNa manifested His different pastimes when He was present, that is going on eternally. As soon as He leaves this universe, in another universe His lIlA becomes manifest. KRSNa is born... KRSNa is born here at JanmASTamI, and as soon as KRSNa is taken to Gokula by Vasudeva, KRSNa is seen in another universe, born again. Just like our sun. As soon as it rises at six o'clock or, say, five o'clock... So as soon as here five o'clock finished, in another place five o'clock begins. But it is going on. Ananta-cakra. The five o'clock is permanent. Anywhere, there must be some five o'clock. Anywhere, there must be six o'clock. Anywhere, there must be seven o'clock. Just like the twenty-four hours is going on. You cannot say that the sun's rising at five o'clock, because it is finished within your view, it is finished. No. It is not like that. The five o'clock is permanent to the sun. If it is so possible to a material thing, why not KRSNa? Therefore it is called nitya-lIlA. Nitya-lIlA means eternally JanmASTamI is going on. Eternally everything is going on, eternally. So one who is liberated from this world and he is given the spiritual body, he's immediately transferred to the place where KRSNa's lIlA is going on. Just like in VRndAvana, when KRSNa was present, all the VRndAvana-vAsIs, they were not ordinary men; they were liberated. They transferred to associate with KRSNa, practice. And after this complete practice, they were transferred to the Goloka VRndAvana. So therefore, Sukadeva GosvAmI says about the boys, cowherd boys, playing with KRSNa, kRta-puNya-puJjAH. KRta-puNya-puJjAH. "Oh, how much these boys have accumulated their pious activities! Now they are transferred here to play with KRSNa." KRta-puNya-puJjAH. itthaM satAM brahma-sukhAnubhUtyA dAsyaM gatAnAM para-daivatena mAyAzritAnAM nara-dArakeNa sAkaM vijahruH kRta-puNya-puJjAH [sB 10.12.11] "Oh, these boys, it appears that they are cowherd boys playing with KRSNa," appreciating, Sukadeva GosvAmI. "Oh, how much they have accumulated their pious activities so that now they have got chance to play with KRSNa personally!" They are not ordinary cowherd boys. So, similarly, all the gopIs, all the cowherd boys, they are not ordinary men. They've given chance after many, many births accumulating the devotional service. Devotional service so nice. In one life they can be benefited with that position as cowherd boy, as he likes--as friend, as gopIs. That is possible. Therefore, the devotees are so much austere, so much, I mean to say, penanceful, that "This life we shall attain this position." One is hoping to be KRSNa's friend, one is hoping to be gopI, one is hoping to be friends of YazodA. So everything is possible, paJca-rasa, the five rasas in VRndAvana. One is hoping to be a tree there, a grass there, a flower there. So this is possible. So... And KRSNa says, mad-yAjino 'pi yAnti mAm. YAnti deva-vratA devAn pitRRn yAnti pitR-vratAH mad-yAjino... [bg. 9.25]. "Those who are cultivating KRSNa consciousness, they come to Me. They come to Me." So where is the difficulty to understand the whole philosophy of KRSNa consciousness? It is very simple. Everything is there. We have to understand, and we have to be very serious and sincere. The thing is there. Thank you very much.
  21. <a href=http://vedabase.net/cc/madhya/20/397/en target=new>Sri Caitanya-caritamrta Madhya 20.389</a><BLOCKQUOTE><CENTER><FONT COLOR=RED>ataeva goloka-sthAne nitya vihAra brahmANDa-gaNe krame prAkaTya tAhAra </CENTER> ataeva--therefore; goloka-sthAne--in the original Goloka VRndAvana planet; nitya vihAra--eternal pastimes; brahmANDa-gaNe--within the material universes; krame--gradually; prAkaTya--manifestation; tAhAra--of them. <B></FONT> "The eternal pastimes of KRSNa are continuously taking place in the original Goloka VRndAvana planet. These same pastimes are gradually manifested within the material world, in each and every brahmANDa. PURPORT</B> SrIla BhaktisiddhAnta SarasvatI ThAkura elucidates this complicated explanation of KRSNa's pastimes. KRSNa's pastimes are always present in the material world in one of the many universes. These pastimes appear in the universes one after the other, just as the sun moves across the sky and measures the time. KRSNa's appearance may be manifested in this universe at one moment, and immediately after His birth, this pastime is manifested in the next universe. After His killing of PUtanA is manifested in this universe, it is next manifested in another universe. Thus all the pastimes of KRSNa are eternally existing both in the original Goloka VRndAvana planet and in the material universes. The 125 years calculated in our solar system to be KRSNa's lifetime equal one moment for KRSNa. One moment these pastimes are manifested in one universe, and the next moment they are manifested in the next universe. There are unlimited universes, and KRSNa's pastimes are manifested one moment after the other in all of them. This rotation is explained through the example of the sun's moving across the sky. KRSNa appears and disappears in innumerable universes, just as the sun appears and disappears during the day. Although the sun appears to rise and set, it is continuously shining somewhere on the earth. Similarly, although KRSNa's pastimes seem to appear and disappear, they are continuously existing in one brahmANDa (universe) or another. Thus all of KRSNa's lIlAs are present simultaneously throughout the innumerable universes. By our limited senses we cannot appreciate this; therefore KRSNa's eternal pastimes are very difficult for us to understand. One should try to understand how they are taking place by understanding the analogy of the sun. Although the Lord is appearing constantly in the material universes, His pastimes are eternally present in the original Goloka VRndAvana. Therefore these pastimes are called nitya-lIlA (eternally present pastimes). Because we cannot see what is going on in other universes, it is a little difficult for us to understand how KRSNa is eternally manifesting His pastimes. There are fourteen Manus in one day of BrahmA, and this time calculation is also taking place in other universes. KRSNa's pastimes are manifested before fourteen Manus expire. Although it is a little difficult to understand the eternal pastimes of KRSNa in this way, we must accept the verdict of the Vedic literatures. There are two types of devotees--the sAdhaka, who is preparing for perfection, and the siddha, who is already perfect. As far as those who are already perfect are concerned, Lord KRSNa says in the Bhagavad-gItA (4.9), tyaktvA dehaM punar janma naiti mAm eti so 'rjuna: "After giving up this material body, such a devotee comes to Me." After leaving the material body, the perfect devotee takes birth from the womb of a gopI on a planet where KRSNa's pastimes are going on. This may be in this universe or another universe. This statement is found in the Ujjvala-nIlamaNi, which is commented upon by VizvanAtha CakravartI ThAkura. When a devotee becomes perfect, he is transferred to the universe where KRSNa's pastimes are taking place. KRSNa's eternal associates go wherever KRSNa manifests His pastimes. As stated before, first the father and mother of KRSNa appear, then the other associates. Quitting his material body, the perfect devotee also goes to associate with KRSNa and His other associates. </BLOCKQUOTE>
  22. Humor me. I'm not an idiot. Just tell me where my logic is wrong. It must be wrong, otherwise you are not doing your share to save the cows by giving the farmer a reason not to kill the cow. And it is I who can feel justified belittling your primitive uncaring lifestyle, but hopefully I will have more class and humility than to be so crass. That nonsense about demand causing more cows to kill forgets that the flesh-eaters will make their cows however they need. If not as a dairy by-product, then the mother-butchers will raise them on their own ranches. Billy-Bob will not go without his daily blood. I cannot accept that all cows must be slaughtered immediately.
  23. If I don't buy her milk, they will kill her. Killing seems more cruel to me. I used to see the cows everyday on the way to work when I lived in the country. They looked content. They were there because I bought their milk, and offered it to Sri Krsna. Had I not bought their milk, they would be dead. Maybe it's different in the big city ... not too many cows around, but our local farmers band together to get the juice to us.
  24. So you think jivas are born as cows because we say so? No more McDonalds if no more milk? I don't see it quite so simple. The cows will be born some way, and the females will give milk for a while if that is profitable or they will be slaughtered by the beasts like the males are now. But the flesh-eaters will have their pound of flesh whatever the vegans do. I wouldn't be surprised if the dairy demand pushes meat prices higher, forcing many to choose chicken and fish to gnaw on. Like all the rest, she has a price on her head for steaks and belts, but she is worth more as a milk producer. We'll spare her, for now.
  25. I don't get it. If I don't pay them for the milk, they will kill the cow. Am I not saving the cow's life?
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