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  1. For a multifaith funeral of a devotee what verses could be read. I know of one sanscrit verse used in cremation grounds in India.Are there others.We hope to organise a kirtan.
  2. 52.kl8.` k3Can anyone give me verses from the scriptures to say at the funeral of a highly respected devotee.The cremation will have to be a7-b
  3. You seem to be using the term religion as applying to the formalistic religion that westerners associate with the catholic church.Cant it be used in a more general sense to refer to EXoteric religion of this sort as well as to ESoteric religion, which would apply to KC, as well as to a reliigious movement like Sufism? To some extent one could say that Christianity has an esoteric dimenion in the Eastern Orthodox church as well as in the monasteries, but since the monastic tradition has largely died out this aspect of Christianity has been lost.
  4. In the preface to Major Barbara Bernard Shaw suggests that Christianity should rightfully be called paulinism, because it was St Paul who really set down the principles of the Christian religion vas a vis Judiaism.Should Krishna consciouness be called prabhupadism?
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