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  1. Thanks AncientMariner, I have been humble with him even after this as I have absolutely nothing against him. I appreciate your opinion, a that has stopped me becoming aggressive and also has pacified me to certain extent.. Hare Krishna
  2. Dear all, I have been having this problem quite sometime now. Its like some years ago , guess may be 10 years ago, I had told one of my friends, rather a cousin some bad words, which i was not supposed to say. I dont remember even why exactly I had said them. I had even apologised to him many times after that..But it seems like he has not forgotten it even now, so whenever i visit my hometown and whenever i meet him , he again reminds me of that it pisses me off completely.. I just dont understand , why he does this even after 10 years.. I just dont understand how to get rid of this situation.. coz I visit my hometown for peace , and this bloody guy is out to destroy that.. Can anybody here please help me in solving this problem.. i couldnt find a better place to put forward this request... Thanks in advance.. Regards,
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