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  1. well its been fun, thank you administrator for providing this forum.
  2. nice, and actually it took vishnu a month to digest it all, because he has a lactase that actually takes around a month to digest the milk, and it only works at night, and stops working at sunrise , this is why the muslims only eat food before sunrise and after sunset to remember and commemorate this fact and we can go on and on
  3. You will be back trust me, I love this forum, try checking out other religious forums and you will see how religion molds thinking especially abrahamic religions and vaishnavism as well as shaivism and even advaitism, it changes ones perspective in such a way that it is quite interesting to almost see the mode of nonthinking that it promotes. Anyway, you will be back . I am still lingering after I decided to not post and after a while here i am.
  4. I object, you better be good before you turn to God, because if you are not good, then the ignorance (tamasic mode) will not enable you to understand the teaching and you come to a muddy understanding that ends up blowing us all up over God's green earth, just look at 9/11 it has fundamentalist thinking written all over it . So I object to your objection.
  5. thats why its ok even to worship the flying spagheti monster, as long as it helps you become a good decent human being who doesn't judge others but treats others with equality and respect. Love and compassion. Kind of like remaining in the muddy water, but having the heart of a lotus, so on and so forth.
  6. To prevent the disease of impersonalism from spreading, please don't forget to add "a part of the" in front of any and all words that refer to a "supreme divine concept or entity". As an example, instead of saying "God is seen everywhere", say " a part of the God is seen everywhere" , instead of saying "All is divine", say "All is a part of the Divine". Thank you. and about that Ramadan being Rama and Dan, I was kidding...I don't know how you can find that helpful or useful, but if it gives a sense of bhakti and tolerance and understanding, i am glad.
  7. So I have to fear these little gods now? why? because they can ruin my day? lol. Note to self, be careful around the next tree you walk by, who knows? there might be an angry tree god who is having a bad day!
  8. Says me, yes just go back to my post earlier and read it again and look at it closely, I just took the sonic yogi's argument and wrote "Abrahamic religion" where he wrote Hinduism and switched the word hinduism with whereever he wrote abrahamic religion. You can see how his argument is quite meaningless, just like my argument and you can turn it either way.
  9. yeah, and here are a few other things that might be useful for you... you know Ramadan? why its holy for muslims? it comes from Rama & Dan, Rama is lord Rama and Dan means (if i remember this correctly) Donation. Lord Rama Donation, they are giving their devotion to allah and donating it to Rama who is none other than that Allah.
  10. Abrahamic monotheism is as authentic and spiritually genuine as the polytheism of hindus. The abrahamic monotheism sees fire as the creation of God and they respect it. Abrahamic monotheism sees air as the creation of God and they respect it. Abrahamic monotheism sees earth as the creation of God and they respect it. looking at the stuff I wrote above your quote here , you can conclude that : Abrahamic religions have the proper respect for the elements or mother earth because they are "monotheistic" and only recognize their God as worth of worship. Abrahamic monotheism is farce monotheism, because you can serve God by surrendering to that one true God and his messiah (their form of your idea of guru) , whilst being respectful to God's creations.
  11. Hi , maybe it is the tough economic times or maybe it is my own fearfulness or maybe my financial status right about now, but I am in a deep ditch, which I wasn't when I wasn't atheist lets say. I was happy atleast, now all I have is depression and anxiety. Fear has taken complete hold of me, everyday as I see myself go into more and more debt, all I can find comfort in is this book bhagavad gita, and prabhupada's words, ironically. The same words that I actually forbid myself from reading, those same ideas of surrender, which were once given up by me, I made my self believe that there is no God, then how can these words give me this type of comfort, I am still convinced that if there is God, he would be more visible. Anyway, atheism truly makes one miserable, maybe there is a better way. You may not remember me, but anyway sorry for any offense I had created earlier as an atheistic moron.
  12. This conversation is about God? Or is it about who is right? LOL I love making fun of the ignorance that is so prevailing everywhere . Besides , old habits die hard. Don't worry theist, I will leave in a week or two.
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