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  1. The chart also shows problems in marital front. How was the period from 9 Dec 2000 to 9 Feb 2004 specifically in personal and domestic aspects?
  2. Well, some people do enjoy creating confusions. Amateur astrologers fail to identify the difference between weakness and affliction. In your chart, Mars is well placed and strong but afflicted by conjunction of Mercury. Until and Unless, the affliction is treated - strengthening of Mars will be harmful, specifically when it is placed in 7th house. Suggesting the gem stones of Lagna Lord, Ninth Lord and Fifth Lord is being adopted by many naive astrologers without even considering the overall impact of planets over the nativity. And for this no specific understanding of astrology is required, one can just cast a horoscope with the aid of software (without even knowing the basic calculative requisites) and start recommending the gems of 1-5-9 houses in all cases well before they understand what the problem is. Though, it works but not everytime.For specific problems, the role of Karaka planets becomes more important. People visiting the forum for solution of their grievances may not be well aware of astrological principles and tend to fall prey against such situations. Your lagna lord is Mars, fifth Lord is Sun and ninth Lord is Jupiter. You can simply go through this very thread again and peruse carefully, may be your confusion evaporates.
  3. It is only after sensing your present financial condition that Pearl has been recommended. Moon ruling your 4th house is placed in the house of the initiatives but under the aspect of Saturn. Stregthening of Moon is very likely to promote fruitful initiatives. Moreover, you are about to start the antardasa of Moon in the Mahadasa of Jupiter and Jupiter is ruler of 9th house i.e. Bhagya Sthana. Moon is also aspecting 9th house; it is, therefore, the wearing of Pearl for stregthening of Moon will be the best remedy. And as such, your financial position does not allow you to wear Pukhraj at present; you can simply go for Pearl which is otherwise also not much costly. Wearing of Ruby is of no use as such the Sun is already under affliction of its bitter enemy Saturn in sixth house. Moreover, the antardasa of Sun is soon going to end and you may not get any suitable benefic results after spending a lot of money. There is no need to wear Coral; rather wearing of Coral may cause harm to your marital aspects as such the same is placed in 7th house along with its bitter enemy Mercury. Your lagna is strong enough to provide you inner strength to counter your competitors; it is just the present dasa of ill placed and afflicted Sun which is causing worries. Additionally, you can offer prayers to Goddess Durga for further beneficial results. Your success is not dependent upon wearing of stones (Rather nobody's success is dependent merely upon astrological remedies - there are numerous people who even do not believe in astrology, yet with their dedication and deligency they have been able to achieve success and counter unfavorable circumstances); though you can enhance your achievements with the aid of astrology. And, the suitability of Banking Sector has already been indicated in my earlier mails
  4. What is the source of your birth time; I mean whether it is in some records like hospital or based upon memory? would you provide some past incidents of your life like health, education, date of marriage and others so as to match with the birth time?
  5. I find his professional matters quite above average. Though banking sector is also likely to be moderately favorable, I doubt if he would really like to enter/remain in banking sectors. Most suitable professional sectors would be skilled/technical professions related with computers, programming, Administration, Human Resource Development, Engineer (Computer especifically), Govt. Administrative Services, Foreign Language, Judiciary, Legal professions and Politics.
  6. Dear Anil Would you mind sharing what remedial measures have been tried till date? And, whether she is wearing any gems right now?
  7. Your marriage is most likely to take place between Mid August 2008 to Mid Jan 2009. As a remedial measure for better marital prospects you can donate whole wheat or wheat flour equal to your weight on any Sunday. - One time only.
  8. Banking sector appears to be more suitable and favorable to you.
  9. You are currently going through Jup/Sun till Feb 2009 - and both these planets are placed in sixth house; thereafter, you will be under Jupiter/Moon from March 2009 to June 2010. This period of Jup/Moon is likely to bless you with some good and fortunate opportunities. Wear Pearl 6 carats in left hand ring finger.
  10. Mr. Nakshatra, You are un-necessarily trying to being personal. I have replied to the querrist not you; in spite of acting smart you can just put your analysis addressed to the querrist. This is an open forum not your personal forum wherein you can call explanation. And, I do not consider you competent enough to give any reply or explanation. So, in future better focus your attention over astrology, in spite of calling explanation on behest of Others. There are several points over which I was not in agreement with your analysis; but this does not mean that I should have acted in similar manner. And, if you are acting upon behest of some smart person over the board so that I quit replying on the forum, simply let me know through PM. This forum is not much important for me as against the peace of mind. And you can have access to all querries appending over here.
  11. Did you have your past life regression done again as has been suggested by me in my previous mail?
  12. These lines are enough to understand the quality of self-evaluation in you which are also clearly evident in your chart. The exchange of 4th and 5th lords viz. Sun and Mercury is good while the conjunction of Rahu with Sun is creating problems in emotional matters. When, you understand her with such a clear attitude; there is no need to think about dis-continuing the marital bond. It is just the placement of 7th lord Mars in 6th house along with operation of Venus/Ketu (sitting in 6-8 position from each other) which is causing the problem. Just try to delay the progenic matters for next couple of years. You are not Mangalik. The Mahadasa of Sun will be operating from mid May 2009 which is likely to provide some good environmental changes in your marital and emotional life. For post-marital happy married life, the trouble caused by Rahu to the Sun due the conjunction should be taken care of by doing remedies for the Rahu i.e. Offering prayers to Lord Bhairon; which are most likely to provide suitable amount of relieve in your case. What is the source of birth details of your wife especially time of birth; is it specifically accurate?
  13. Chances of foreign settlement are more prominent till 2015.
  14. My questions: 1. Will i enjoy a happy married life? Any predictions about my wife? Matters related to marriage and marital life are likely to remain troubled. 2. Want to go overseas for job, will i? if yes, then at wat time? There are some strong chances of foreign visits/stay during the period between Mid August 2009 to Mid August 2012.
  15. you need to provide your birth details
  16. Marital problems like delay in marriage, lack of marital harmony, health problems to self and spouse etc.
  17. Overall, things are likely to remain troublesome; specifically between June 2009 to April 2010.
  18. you need to provide some past events/incidents to match the time of birth.
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