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  1. Hello Ravi, Thanks for your response, Can you give some more details like how bad the health issues are, is there any other danger to his life, what is the intensity of ill health. Pl. suggest some simple remedies. Hope there is something good to hear from other gurujis in the forum. Om Sai Ram!!!!
  2. Sandhu ji, Namaskar Your analaysis of planets and dashas are so detailed. I need a help from you. Can you pl. examine the charts of me and my husband. We are facing so many mental disturbances, our main concern is to have kids. We have been married for 7 yrs now and no kids yet. Everyone who reads our charts gives so many confusing and scary predicitions. Also, my husband's health is of major concern to me. This year has been so bad for us. His health is very disturbed. Can you pl. tell what dasha is going on and how long he will have to face these problems? My birth details are as follows: D.O.B:13th July 1980 T.O.B:3:21 AM P.O.B:Gudivada, AndhraPradesh Birth star:Pushyami My husband's details DOB:30th September, 1973 TOB:4:45 AM POB:Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh Birth star:Vishaka
  3. My husband is often falling sick, which is making us feel restless and loosing our peace of mind. Would like to know what dasha is going on for him and what are the effects, and how long this bad phase will go on. If possible, pl. suggest any remedies. D.O.B: September 30th,1973 T.O.B: 4:45 AM P.O.B: Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India. Eagerly waiting for your responses. Thanks OM Sai Ram!
  4. I would like to know which dasa is currently going on for my husband. 2008 is not so great for us, he has been hospitalized twice and frequently getting sick. Vomiting, stomach upset, and Gastroentritis problems. Pl. let me know which dasa is going on, how his health will be, are there any major health troubles, how long will he suffer. Pl. suggest a easy remedy. His birth details are 30/9/1973, place of birth Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, Time of birth:4:30 am.(its between 4:30-4:45 am). Kindly help Pushyami
  5. Thanks for your response, I'm just praying and hope things will look brighter. Any other thoughts, how does my life in general look like. Usha ji, USR ji and Sasikiran ji, pl. take some time to help me with your thoughts. I'm disturbed with my state of things.
  6. This whole year doesnt seem to be good for me. Everything I do is turning against me. No job since the begining of this year, every interview I attend, comes till a second round and then somehow it drops out. Job offers came but before I could jion, the position is closed. Regarding Kids front, no luck, having been waiting for it to happen patiently. I have never been in such a position, there was always something positive to look forward in my life in the past, I feel whole world is conspiring against me and nothing good can happen to me. Pl. tell me, how long this bad phase will exist and is there anything to be careful about. Can I expect any good news in any aspect of my life? My birth details again : D.O.B:13th July, 1980, T.O.B:3:21Am, P.O.B:Gudivada, A.P. Thanks in advance. Jai Sai Ram
  7. Thanks for your encouraging words. I'm very depressed and anxious about having kids. Me and husband are aging, and slowly, my anixety is increasing day by day. So, you mean, medical intervention is indicated in our charts, to have kids. If so, I will think on those terms too. I have faith in my Lord, so, I consider all these messages as Baba's messages. Thanks a lot, You are doing a great help in this forum. I wish Sanjeev Rao ji also takes some time to look into our charts and give his thoughts. God Bless you.... Jai Sai Ram!
  8. Hello Sasiekiran garu, Pl. help me in understanding your words, I'm a lay man, don't know what these mean. dear smt.pushyami your husband does not have kalasarpa yoga. all planets should be within the area between rahu and ketu, either clockwise or anticlockwise. your husband's chart has jupiter and mars on one side while the other planets are on the other side. fifth lord jupiter is neecha. fifth place is tenated by rahu and aspected by the sixth lord saturn. the sixth lord saturn is putra karaka. in saptamsa, a varga meant for children , venus the fifth lord has gone to the fourth. the fifth house falls in a sarpa dosha. fifth house is aspected by a natural malefic saturn. venus being the atma karaka , its placement in 8th in navamsa is not good. such a venus has become the fifth lord in saptamsa. these are some negatives . What do all these placement of planets mean, are kids indicated in both of our charts, if so when is the favourable period. How is his health. Thanks Om Sai Ram
  9. Hello Deepa ji, This chart seems to be right, but, i'm not sure about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Waiting for your predictions Jai Sai Ram
  10. Hello Deepa Ji, Hope you had a good weekend. Just waiting to hear from you about my husband's horoscope. I'm a little anxious, I would like to know about having kids, his health, and our future. Om Sai Ram!
  11. wow......thats such a quick response!!!! I was wondering as how come you are still awake and responding. Are you living in India, it must be so late for you. SOrry for the bother. Take your time to respond, there is no hurry. Just for your quick reference, below are mine and my husband's details My details: Date of Birth: 13TH July 1980 Time of birth:3:21 am Place of Birth: Gudivada, Andhrapradesh My husband's details Date of Birth: 30th September, 1973 Time of birth:4:30 am ( he gets confused about it, between 4:30-4:45 am) Place of Birth: Rajahmundry, Andhrapradesh
  12. Deepa Ji, thanks a lot for your Dearest Quote. Yeah, I believe in Sai Baba a lot. I understand that Patience is required and which i'm really trying to have. What is Aslesha, you mean my birth star is Aslesha...According to my parents and other astrologers, my birth star is Pushyami, with Venus in own house. Also Sanjeev rao ji hasn't said anything about my chart till now. Guess, there is some confusion. So, with all this planets and their positions in my chart and my husband's chart, are Children indicated. WIll I have kids. Thanks again. Om Sai Ram
  13. Sasiekaran garu, Namaste Thanks for your suggestions. I will ask him to follow. So based on both of our horoscopes, are childern indicated, if so when. We have been married for a long time now, did many rites and rituals, we even did Naga Prathista. Pl. give some predicitions based on our charts. Would be a great help. I would be delighted if Mr. Sanjeev Rao garu, and Deepa ji throw some light on our charts. Your suggestions and thoughts are great. I respect your knowledge. Om Sai Ram
  14. I'm not an Astrologer or any learned person to comment on Naming kids, But, since you need a name with MT, some names you can think of naming your daughter can be Mytri, Mitra, Mohita, Mytrika, Mithila. Good Luck for her future!
  15. It's nice to such a detailed analysis regarding Kala sarpa dosha. Reading this, I have a question. Any information or thoughts about my Husband, will be a great help. I sincerely pray and hope that there is nothing serious about it. My husband has Rahu in Fifth house, not sure about his Ketu location. But, every astrologer we met says, there is a huge problem regarding having Kids. He is born on September 30th, 1973, time of birth 4:30 am, place of birth is Rajahmundry, Andrapradesh. Thanks to all the learned members who are sharing their valuable knowledge. Om Sai Ram
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