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  1. i am selected in two bank exams recently and i have still not wear any stone or gems but i worship i am regularly worshipping lord rama and lord shiva. does this prove that worship is more important than gems and stone . i am asking this question just to end my curiosity and not for offending any one.
  2. the analysis of my kundli actulay confused me even more deepa ji say wearing coral is the only solution for future success and astro_tech ji say pearl is more important could you please elaborate this
  3. deepaji can you plaease explain why i will loose out to my competitors and if ias and banking jobs are not in sync with my mentality then which career path i choose . could you also tell me when will i get a good job
  4. could you tell me some other remedial measure as i am in no position to wear the gemstones because of my financial position and can you tell me right career for me
  5. i am preparing for IAS twice i failed at interview now as a alternative iam also preparing for banking service . i would like to know whether i stick to ias or completely concentrate on banking sector
  6. sir i am in great pain whatever i do i could not able to complete it properly and luck always evaded me could any one tell me why these things happening to me my details are DOB-30 -09-1980 TIME-19:55 PLACE-LUCKNOW(INDIA)
  7. which one is more important rashi chart or navmansha chart
  8. this is the kundali of my friend i want to know about his future he is very depressed at this moment his DOB -30 -09 -1980 place of birth-lucknow time 19:55
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