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  1. Hello.... I am nota na astrologer...and infact I dont think you need help from astrology.. rather u need psychic help.... U urself are aware that your wife is smart, caring, good in nature... what more do you want? You are belssed to get such a wife. comon man.... u re grown up and supposed to be matured in thinking.... Wife's beauty cannot be seen through external body structure... it is the internal love... caring... respect...trust....that makes her beautiful... a perfect wife, daughter-in-law, bhabhi, mother.... One thing I can suggest you is: when you get up in the morning first tell your self that "I Love my wife a lot"..a nd tell ti to your self as many times as possible(N numer of time) in day.. Do this for a week or 15 days... you will definitely find the change.... This I have tested it on my self: I was short tempered and I used to tell my self that I will not get short tempered today.. I will not yell at any thing... And now.. I am cool.... trust me.... I am writing this just because I dont want any body to suffer beacuse they are not beautiful.... Just think of the positive attitude of your wife....You will love her.... Hope you will put efforts to change your thinking.... Remember: " WHAT IS BEAUTIFUL MAY NOT BE GOOD; bUT WHAT IS GOOD WILL BE DEFINITELY BEAUTIFUL" Regards, Koonams
  2. Namaste USR ji........ Please analyse my chart and my husband's chart respected guruji..... I am waiting for your valuable suggestion.... Thanks a lot in advance... Koonams
  3. Thank You Very much USR ji... for looking into my issue... I wanted to know on whose name if we buy the house, would have happiness, peace of mind, health....On my name or my husband's name.... We are planning to buy on my name as I am eligible for home and all..... Also, is there any particular direction r particular place where the chnaces of owning ahouse is possible for us... please let me know how to proceed guruji.... Awaiting your valuable suggestion, Koonams
  4. Deepa Ji, Please.....I thought i would get analysis from you as you are always available with your great analysis in this forum...... Please take a look all other respected gurujis.... We are planning to buy a houes.. and need your valuable guidance so that we can know, where, when , how we can buy it.... Awaiting your reply..... Thanks a million in advance.... Koonams
  5. No reply gurujis..... Please analyse my chart and guide me....... Regards, koonams
  6. Namaste all respected Gurujis, I want to know is there any chance that I can own a house as per my chart... and also consider my husband's chart...On whose name should we buy a house for better prospects and which is the probable place as per our charts...... My details are: DOB : 13-Jan-1981, POB : Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh TOB : 14:30 hrs My husband's details are: DOB : 29-Oct-1973, POB : Bhubaneswar, Orissa, TOB : 08:30 hrs We are currently staying at Hyderabad and own house which is in the name of my Father-In-Law. and we are planning to buy a house.. Thanks a lot in advance..... Koonams
  7. Namaste all Gurujis, I am all new to this forum..... I have a routine problem that many married girls would face with their mother-in-law.... I was married in oct,2004 and we used to stay away from our in laws for his job and we were a very happy couple.... Because of some family problems, we came back and now my mother-in-law is staying with us. My husband loves her very much and stays with her only and he is not showing interest or love towards me.... Even she will not allow my husband to come to me.... I need some suggestion which would help me to attract my husband towards me..... Awaiting your reply, please help me.... Thanks a million in advance, Koonams
  8. Thank you all for your valuable advice.... I wish to tell the things happenned in my life.... Me and my husband were a very happy couple since we got married (oct,2004), and we r blessed with a baby girl(feb,2006). but suddenly our bad days started.... my brother-in-law committed suside in june,2006 and with in 3 months my father-in-law expired because of ill-health.... Then my husband resigned his job, as he was under dippression..... Now I got a good job and oue financial problems are solved.... But still there is no peace in our life.... all the love between me and my husband is not there now.... I still love him a lot and can never live without him.... He is much closer to his mother and he is not caring me..our mother-in-law stays with us and he is happy to be with her always.. he doesn't come to me.. nor speaks to me lovingly .. nothing..... I thought of ending up my self.. but when i think of little kid.... i cannot do that..... Please help me.... I know that my husband still loves me..... But because of my bad fate... is there any chance that we will depart or get divorce....as per our charts.... Please let me know that i can do to lead a happy life with my husand and kid.... Our details are as follows: My husbad: DOB: 29-oct-1973, time: 08:30 Am, place : Bhubaneswar,Orissa My details: DOB: 13-january-1981, time : 14:30, place: Kurnool, Andhra pradesh, My kid: DOB: 12-feb-2006, time : 14:20, place : kurnool, andhra pradesh Thanks a lot in advance,...... Koonams
  9. Hi all Gurus, My husband's details are as follows: Name: Biju Kumar, DOB: 29-October-1973, TIME: 08:30 AM Place: Bhubaneswar, Orissa He is searching for a good job and please let us know when can we expect a good job an dwhat all to be done to get a good job... Waiting for a solution... Please take it as high importance as this is our life& death problem Thanks a million in advance... Koonams
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