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  1. deepa ji, sasisekaran ji, USR ji, will the conjunction of Mars and Shani have a positive impact on this person's career? Thanks Ranga
  2. deepa ji, usr ji, sasisekaran ji, appreciate your feedback as well. Ranga
  3. Thank you Rajshekar ji. What kind of marital troubles? How is his relationship with his family(parents, siblings, relatives)? Are there any remedies? Thanks Ranga
  4. deepa ji, usr ji, rajshekar ji, appreciate your feedback, Ranga
  5. Learned members, How is the career prospects for this person? How will his life be? We are very worried for him. DOB: July 27, 1973 POB: Madurai, TamilNadu TOB: 03:10 AM Male. Thanks Ranga
  6. deepa ji, i am looking forward to your analysis on married life. thanks
  7. please help. How will married life be? How will career be? DOB: 27 Sep 1971 TOB: 18:13 PM POB: Krishnagiri, TamilNadu Thanks Ranga
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