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  1. Nice article Suchandra prabhuji, but there are some mistakes. But anyway a very nice attempt to shed light on the dhama by the devotees.
  2. They should have become intoxicated in the Holy Name. Liquor may provide temporary relief, but we need a permanent fix!
  3. I agree with Godseed. Guru is very important but is not God!
  4. OK then Radhe Radhe, nice to have you back with a new name, too!
  5. Yes, very nice clip. It is nice to see what was going on in the movement long before I even took this body.
  6. Respected Seamusjcarrollji, I read your post and I am very happy to read your realizations. I noticed your posts are filled with realization, unlike mine which are simply dry and speculative. Keep sharing those realizations with us, we will benefit from them. Your servant eternally, indulekhadasi
  7. Thats a nice one. I never knew that either.
  8. WOW, that is one good story, Radhe Radhe! After the crack, did the pain go away? All glories to Lord Dhanvantari!
  9. What I am trying to do is elevate my position to the position of that of a Vaishnava. That will be best. To be a Vaishnava there is no caste prerequesite. I think I should go for that.
  10. I noticed you missed my point also. You totally ignored it. Congratulations for fighting with someone who is 14 yrs old. Perhaps you should find some intellectuals to fight with? Now that you tell me, shouldn't I be doing something brahminical instead of fighting with great personalities like youself?
  11. Woah! I must look into this! Health is so important for spiritual life. It really pulls you back when you are not healthy.
  12. Ravi Gupta is the one who went to Oxford at the age of 13 or something. He was homeschooled. He inspired me to do the same. It is more progressive for Krishna consciousness.
  13. You can go into full fledged sannyasa right now if you wish to. Otherwise you can take bahuduka sannyasa first. And what type of sannyasi do you want to be? Do you want to be a bhajananandi or a ghostianandi?
  14. Yes, as I said before it is Kali yuga and everything is becoming corrupt. But the religion itself, established by the Supreme Lord cannot be at fault. The fault is that of the people who don't follow His instructions.
  15. Haribol Radhe Radhe Go to kksongs.org there is a whole bunch of songs there. My favorite Govinda das bhajan is Kali yugera sri chaitanya.
  16. Yes definitely. Every word of the Bhagavad Gita remains true today. And after all, it was spoken not too long ago. It was the end of Dvapara, almost beginning Kali.
  17. Kali Ma! Grant me devotion to Lord Krishna. I submit my prayer at Your lotus feet.
  18. Yeah, it is really nice. Let us be considerate to all the living entities created by Krishna!
  19. It is a manifestation of Krishna's beauty. But He is actually the kind of black that comes when there is a storm, a kind of bluish black. Very pretty.
  20. Hey Pankaja prabhu, will you be writing from India? It would be nice to hear from you while you are there.
  21. This post was posted 5 years ago. We no longer know if this person visits this site or posts anymore.
  22. No no seamusjcarrollji! Please don't feel offended. I am sure you have some amazing realizations and just wanted to read them, but I had trouble understanding you. But I will make sure I read them more closely when I have the time.
  23. I may do brahmana like things like chanting and reading sastra but at the same time I have a fault finding mentality. And that means I *do the action* of faultfinding. Which is an act of sudras. Brahmanas can not be two-sided. They are very pure and are respected by the Supreme Lord Himself.
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