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  1. Yes, like if you work for Krishna then it becomes bhakti.
  2. This is what I am saying, duty must have higher purpose- and that is to please God. Not just that, I am doing this duty because I have to. That would be too dry.
  3. I said I was going to post lyrics for Emon ki kore. Here it is: Emon ki kore varna kul jei kule keno janama na hoy kevala bhakati mul kapi kule dhanya vira hanuman sri ram bhakata rai rakshasa hoiya vibhisana boishe ishwara sabara majh daityera rashe prahlada janami bhubane rakhilo jash sphotiko stambhete prakate nrihari hoiya jahara bash chandala hoiya mitali korila guhaka chandala bar bolo na ki tul vidurera chilo khailo tahara ghar dheko na kemon sadhana korilo gokulera gopera nari jati kul achare tabe ki korilo sei hari jei bhaje tari sri krishna bhajane sabe adhikari kulera garabha nai kahe premananda jei kare garabha nitanto murkha bhai
  4. These words remind me of Vasudeva's wise words about death, spoken to Kamsa. Vasudeva was speaking these words for our benefit. Unfortunately people like me are just a different version of Kamsa, we just want to enjoy through our senses without heeding the urgent warning of saintly people like Vasudeva.
  5. Hey Bija prabhu and everyone else! Lets use this thread to discuss both Nityananda Charitamrita and Chaitanya Bhagavata. Of course also Vrindavan das Thakura should be discussed.
  6. There once was a big meeting in a big hall in India. People had to be highly educated Phds to attend. This one man wanted to attend but he had not been able to recieve his Phd. But he was determined to attend the meeting. He went to the hall were the meeting was to take place. Right in front of the entry door was a guard. He asked each and every one of people wishing to enter, "What is your qualification?" and each and every one of them would say, " I am a Phd in electrical engineering, or chemical engineering, or physics etc." Only then would they be allowed through. Our man's turn finally came. The guard said, "What is your qualification?" The man proudly said, " I am a Phd. af." The guard was impressed and let him through. Later a man who had overheard his title asked our man, "What does Phd. af stand for?" Our man replied, "Phd. attempted but failed."
  7. Yes, he gave them harinam but I am not sure about diksha.
  8. I also have to go along with that. Monarchs in Kali yuga would be way too power hungry. Presidents are so power hungry, so what to speak of monarchs.
  9. Yes, I have read about him in Chaitanya Bhagavata. A truely exalted devotee, but people couldn't see his greatness due to his outward appearance. Even Gadadhara pandita got "confused" but soon realized his mistake and became a disciple of Pundarik Vidyanidhi. Interesting because this is who they were in Krishna lila: Gadadhara pandit = Srimati Radharani Pundarik Vidyanidhi = Vrishabhanu Maharaja (Radharani's father) An interesting observation.
  10. Arjuna did his duty because it was his offering of devotion to his best friend, Krishna. If things were simply dry duty, then things would not have any meaning.
  11. Try eating some Sat-Isabgol (psylium husk). Mix it with warm water and take 2 tablespoons twice a day.
  12. Ancient India had a monarchy. Things worked well that way, as long as a pious king was ruling. When a pious king would rule, there would be no shortage of anything nor was there any argumentation amongst citizens. But alas! It is Kali yuga and things won't work that way any longer.
  13. It is quite hard to even imagine that USA is just a tiny tiny speck of the whole universe, and then there are unlimited universes. Nevertheless, Krishna keeps track of everything. He is truely great and it is our duty to serve Him.
  14. At least in this universe there is only one Vyasadeva! But remember there are unlimited universes in the brahmanda!
  15. What is the current project? It is amazing how Jahnava Nitai prabhu and the other devotees are continuously bringing happiness to people's lives by spreading the message of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
  16. WOW! Pranams to the administrator of the website! Suchandra prabhu, do you know who the administrator is?
  17. The Virahastakam is so sweet, this prayer is not known by many people. The nectar should not remain hidden! I posted it above.
  18. Thank you Sunds! You can pick any prayer you want, basically the devotional counts the most. You can be praying to Vishnu or Shiva, doesn't matter if there is no devotion. Sunds has given us a nice collections of prayers to offer at the lotus feet of the Lord with devotion.
  19. Not really Theist prabhuji, but I used to be even worse when I was younger. Whenever I would mess up in a drawing I used to throw the whole paper away. Now I have the sense to use an eraser.
  20. One must be qualified to take sannyasa, I am not doubting you but please put your qualifications. Qualification cannot be: I cannot maintain my family and therefore to be relieved of responsibilities I want to take sannyasa. One must have an absolute mood of surrender.
  21. Vyasadeva is a saktyavesa avatara of the Supreme Lord.
  22. If we realize that everything belonged to Krishna then we would not exploit His resources, we would use them sparingly and with much care. We would not just throw out whatever we don't need at the moment, but we would save them for later or distribute the thing to needy people. Unfortunately in Kali yuga it is so hard to get this type of a vision. I myself don't have it.
  23. Yes, it was very long but I sat through it until I realized there was too much karma yoga- it seemed like a mantra: kartavya, kartavya, kartavya. I mean duty IS important but...devotion is our highest duty.
  24. Ok Radhe you can PM me now.
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