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  1. I researched a little about Sivastakam, when I read your question. The benefits of this astakam is that you will attain the abode of Lord Shiva at the end of your life. If this is your goal then there is no problem. But if you wish to go somewhere else (abodes of Krishna, Narayana, Rama etc.), then I think you should chant prayers to Gopishwara Mahadeva instead.
  2. Yes, nothing is working. Doctors are unconcerned, too. Osteopenia is the stage right before osteoperosis. I am a very rare case. Not many 14 year olds have osteopenia. I don't care too much about this temporary body but it is affecting my devotional service.
  3. Another picture of the Ekachakra Gaura Nitai deities (ISKCON): http://bp3.blogger.com/_MZpuqx-FP2A/R5iEeAxFAyI/AAAAAAAAAoI/S-9b1gTSUR4/s1600-h/Bhaktin+Alysia-+Ekachakra+031.jpg TAKE DARSAN TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT!!!
  4. Yes, you are in the suddha sattva guna so I can understand. My respectful obesiances unto such a great personality as yourself.
  5. Yes, Sai Baba is no more than a yogi, and he is claiming to be the Supreme. But this is Kali yuga where there are not only cheaters but also people who want to be cheated. Oh, Nitai! Please give intelligence to these souls. Bring them under the shade of Your lotus feet- nitai pada kamala koti chandra susitala. People like me are burning in the samsara davanala- the fire of samsara. The shade of Your lotus feet are as cooling as millions of moons- koti chandra susitala. Please relieve our suffering due to our engagement in samsara and place us under the shade of Your lotus feet.
  6. No supplement is working for me! I am a young girl and I have osteopenia already. Someone help please, it is not nice having your bones crack at every step when you are so young. It also takes away from devotional life. Sorry for interrupting the discussion here. All glories to Mother Cow.
  7. Actually there is no mistake. Astrology (to a certain extent) can see how far one will go in Krishna consciousness. But if this makes us laid back in our devotional service then it definitely is a problem. However for most people it can be used as an encouragement in Krishna consciousness.
  8. Thanks, pankaja prabhu! Yes, I know about those programs, I have even used them sometimes.
  9. I see...I didn't know that. Everything is becoming corrupt! Now we can see that the dhamas of the Lord are slowly hiding themselves. We have to struggle to keep those dhamas, but there will be a time where those dhamas will vanish from our vision. How sad.
  10. Woah! Talk about a run-on sentence. No offense. Please summarize all of this in one sentence, I am getting dizzy.
  11. Please take note that I wrote this test when I was 12 years old. I have learned since then the proper way of addressing the Supreme Lord. But it is true that I (even though extremely unqualified) have always had a very informal relationship with Lord Nityananda. Sometimes He would do naughty things on my altar, such as throw His crown away- or hide it. Sometimes I would scold Him and He would give me a very innocent look. Actually, Lord Nityananda is so merciful that He agrees to have a loving relationship with such a fallen person as myself, just to encourage me in my Krishna Consciousness.
  12. Whatever I wrote came straight from the Brihad Bhagavatamrita, written by Srila Sanatan Goswami. Therefore I suggest you read that book and then report back here. Who are we to judge these great personalities. They are maha bhagavatas in their own specific rasa. But there are gradations of rasa also, although each rasa is filled with deep love.
  13. Guliaditya prabhuji, Did you read the contents of the link I gave above? Did he remind you also of Sri Kuresa? your servant eternally, indulekhadasi
  14. Before one can accept someone's teachings, it is proper that one has faith in that person. Otherwise he will not put his full faith in those teachings. If he does follow those teachings without faith in the person, then it will be more like a mechanical ritual. Lord Chaitanya preached Love of Krishna. Yes, we must follow his instructions. But if you read Chaitanya Charitamrita and Chaitanya Bhagavata, the Lord even manifests forms like Varaha, Mahavishnu etc. Why? This means he knew it was important to show people he was the Supreme Lord if people were to take him seriously. Eventually once we are sincere and understand the glories of Mahaprabhu, then we can understand his teachings and carry them out. And this is possible only by the mercy of Lord Nityananda. Nityananda prabhu ki jaya!
  15. Hare Krishna. Can you please check the chart of the following person who is concerned about her spiritual life: Sridevi Banerjee DOB: 2/21/94 Time: 3:29 PM Place: Garfield Heights, Ohio USA She wants to know in general how far she will go in spiritual life in this lifetime.
  16. In that case Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura was also not a pure devotee. Also please understand that often Prabhupada was pressured by his disciples to do different things- such as give sannyasa even if he himself knew that they weren't ready. Prabhupada, like Kulapavana prabhu said, was immersed in the Holy Name. So sometimes it was difficult to argue with his disciples on political topics. When I was talking about being respectful to Shaivites, I was talking about myself. Nevertheless when people just talk about the whole of ISKCON like that, I will be affected. Because I am a member. But when I don't engage in activities I am being accused of, sometimes it hurts. I think you can all understand that. Please forgive me for all my offenses. indulekhadasi Oh, and sorry for butting in and changing the whole topic of conversation. Please forgive me, Mahak prabhu and all the other devotees! I will also not post on this thread any longer as it seems I am agitating the mind of many people.
  17. Although it is true that many devotees need work with being respectful to others it is not true that ALL ISKCON DEVOTEES ARE BAD. That was my only point.
  18. With all due respect to raghu, it seems he just loves to paint everyone with one brush. Don't you see how many times he criticizes ISKCON? How can an institution made by a pure devotee be at fault? The fault lies in the hearts of people INSIDE the institution. But the institution itself cannot be at fault. Especially when there are so many sincere devotees in ISKCON (some people don't like hearing this). Look here, if I am not criticizing the Shaivites then you have no right to criticize Vaishnavas. Maybe if you read the Bhagavatam you would understand the effects of Vaishnava aparadha. Look at some of the really pure devotees in ISKCON that were here and are still here- Goura Govinda Maharaja, Bhakti Swarupa Damodara Maharaja and Radha Govinda Maharaja. I doubt raghu can find one single fault in these elevated personalities.
  19. I wonder if you know that even in ISKCON there are some very sincere devotees. But obviously there are people in this world who just love to paint people with one brush. I am a person who is lower than kanistha adhikari. Still, I do not watch television. I do not go to movies. I do not eat hotel food. I do not criticize other religions. My parents had their (Bengali hot headed) fights like all couples. It will be 20 years of marriage this December, and they are not divorced. Yes, there are some problems in every institution. But I just hate it when people just take the bad out and not even look at the good. Lord Shiva does exactly the opposite. When he sees even one tiny good quality in a person he maximizes it to the fullest. I can basically make the same point, raghu. Isn't it so that many "Hindus" of todays world go to movies, eat meat and have illicit sex? Don't they now go to the extent of eating beef? But I cannot say that every Hindu is like that! There are some very religious people out there!
  20. Perhaps I should make it clear that my concern was about devotee association, not the fall of the jiva issue. I believe a specific thing about the jiva issue but I do not wish to write it on a public forum. If anyone is interested about what I know, they can PM me. But if they decide to challenge what I wrote, I will not respond to them. Let them know my beliefs but I will not give them a chance to fight.
  21. Actually not just Indiana, there are quite a few states that don't have temples. We should try to start such a project. Many people will recieve the nectar of Krishna consciousness.
  22. Yes! Our prayer should be that, "Oh Lord, I don't care where I will have to take birth in my next life. My only desire is that in that life I will never forget your lotus feet." I hope one day I can tell Krishna that without hesitation. For people like me liberation sounds a lot better. Oh Krishna! Please help me remove my desire for liberation!
  23. Haribol. I do agree that hard core preaching is a little bit too strong when at the end the person needs more love and support. But if he has questions, or seems fearful I would definitely try to calm him by explaining that he is the soul, not the body. It might be helpful if he is afraid of death. I don't know, it is just a humble suggestion. Apart from that chant, and if he has any appetite give him prasadam. He should take a little charanamrita every day if he can.
  24. I have been doing pranayam (yes, the proper way) for about a year. No results as yet. It may take some time to work. And I have taken the Divya Amla candies, they are nice tasting and it supposedly helps your immune system as well as many other things. Again, I still have not seen an improvement.
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