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  1. Did anyone else watch the video? How did they like it? Comments, please! As for me, I enjoyed it. However, like most videos, there were embellishments and not everything was true. But it was a nice attempt. Haribol and Jai Nitai! indulekhadasi
  2. Please! Now you are making me embarrased. Well since I deleted the thing how about I just show myself bowing down. _/\_O_ unto you. Thats better. Hare Krishna, have a nice day.
  3. Go to KKsongs.org for some nice Sanskrit/Bengali bhajans. It also has the lyrics to almost any Vaishnava song you want.
  4. Would it make my estrogen level go up? If that is the case it would be great because my bones would be more protected. The thing is that my estrogen level is so low that the calcium isn't being absorbed properly. It seems like this Boron is quite a good thing, I will mention it to my doctors.
  5. But bhaktajan, I do not consume acidic products. I had gastroesphageal reflux disease pretty bad (this is why I am so skinny). I know what foods are acidic and what are not. So obviously that can't be a valid reason for my present health condition.
  6. Well, I was (using the medium of underscores and slashes) trying to show me trying to catch your lotus feet. I managed to make me bowing down and I also made your legs and feet. Then I tried using a smiley as a head even though I couldn't put a neck on you. I figured it would be ok. But when I tried to post it, the smiley face wouldn't position itself above your body, legs, and feet. So how could I make a headless Pankaja prabhu? That is why I deleted it.
  7. Thank you, devotees! I will look into all of your suggestions. As I mentioned, the doctors are unconcerned but I am the one who has to suffer.
  8. Bhaktivinoda thakura says: tava icchā-mato brahmā korena sṛjana tava icchā-mato viṣnu korena pālana tava icchā-mate śiva korena saḿhāra tava icchā-mate māyā sṛje kārāgāra <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p>According to Your will Lord Brahma creates, and according to Your will Lord Visnu maintains. According to Your will Lord Siva destroys, and according to Your will Maya constructs the prison house of this world.</o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p>Yes, everything you said is correct. What my main point was is that Lord Shiva is NOT a demigod. </o:p>
  9. No. Once during an interesting pastime, Tulasi was put at the feet of Lord Shiva. She cried that she didn't like these feet Of course these are all transcendental pastimes. But generally we offer bilva leaves at the feet of Lord Shiva.
  10. Sigh...yet another fall of the jiva thread. OK, can we keep this thread as the main thread for talking about this issue? Everyone can talk about it, but only HERE. Every week about 5 threads on this issue comes up. Seriously...it is time we start some real Krishna katha! Do you all think that by discussing this you will go back to Godhead?
  11. Well...GODSEED prabhuji has a point. But sometimes I feel uncomfortable calling the love of my heart, Nityananda prabhu- Sri Nityananda Rama Svarupa Avadhuta Prabhu. It seems there is too much aishwarya bhava if I do that. Don't get me wrong I know very well who Lord Nityananda actually is. I don't dare to try and minimize His position. It is just that if I called Him that it may interfere with our loving relationship.
  12. They are worried about giving me estrogen because of my age. Right now they want me to take a lot of milk products, calcium supplements, and they are trying to make me gain weight so that I get my you-know-what back, and I can start absorbing calcium properly. Even now, when I move my feet in the slightest way I hear a horrible cracking sound and it is accompanied with pain.
  13. Thank you, LoveroftheBhagavata prabhuji! Since Mahesha Dhama is not under the Viraja river (river that separates the material world and spiritual world) there is no birth, death, old age and disease in Mahesha Dhama. Therefore we can understand that Lord Shiva is eternal. The devatas are not eternal. So how can we say Lord Shiva is a devata?
  14. What is so funny Pankaja prabhu? Everything I said was correct, isn't it?
  15. Ok, theist prabhuji. Sorry for bothering you with my problems and thank you for your advice. Kshama karo Go Mata!
  16. Definitely not! Lord Shiva is NOT a demigod. The Brhad Bhagavatamrita explains that to do so would be the greatest offense. No one can ever attain the position of Lord Shiva, although they can attain the position of Lord Brahma. Kulapavana prabhu's answer is wonderful.
  17. seamusjcarroll, I am sure you had some interesting things to say. Let me take some time and read what you have to say and get a clear understanding. I will get back to you. Hare Krishna. Your servant eternally, indulekhadasi
  18. Please try to understand that I love these cows. I do not want to do anything to hurt them. I just can't explain myself...I know I am wrong. But I am not even doing anything to change, because I CANT. I am a child still and I am under the care of parents. When I go to college I will definitely give it up, I don't care about this temporary material body anymore.
  19. I am sure she would...you can't easily remain silent upon seeing or hearing about a great devotee. Even an ordinary person like me had to start glorifying you right away! You also have a good sense of humor. When I read this post, I was laughing really hard.
  20. One question I have is how did you tell the difference between Nrsinghadev's illness and mine? How come one is so-called, but you are so compassionate to me?
  21. Vaishnavanam yatha sambuh! One should never consider Lord Shiva a demigod. It is the highest offense. Brhad Bhagavatamrita clearly explains how bad that is.
  22. Sorry, I read a different Sivastakam, this one is definitely bona-fide, being composed by the Supreme Lord Himself.
  23. Haribol Godseed! Yes, you got my point. Bhagavan's bhakta is considered even higher than Bhagavan. In this case, Lord Shiva is higher than the Supreme Lord. It is definitely true!
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