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  1. Haribol Beggar prabhuji, I am a girl and I am 14 years old (I turned 14 in February). I am homeschooled and I am going fast in my studies. You can PM my father who posts as Gaurhari and ask him how old his daughter is. The only thing that is false about me is my name. My real name isn't indulekhadasi. I do not have much understanding at all about Gaudiya Vaishnavism. I simply repeat what I hear like a parrot. But actually I have no realization of what I am saying. Please forgive me for being so hypocritical.
  2. Thank you very much! Can you tell us some inspiring stories of your Gurudeva, please? I would love to hear them!
  3. Haribol, LoveroftheBhagavata prabhuji! I did a search and the article title came up many times, but not the article itself. As I said, I will do a comparision and let you know what are same and different about both articles.
  4. Suchandra prabhu thank you for your nice contribution. Actually Nandanacharya's father is Chaturbhuja Pandit.
  5. If the administrators want they can remove me. I think this has already been brought to their attention but they haven't removed me yet. I think it is more of a matter of maturity. I know other people who are on this forum who are 16 etc. One prabhuji was fighting with me and was threatening me that the administrators would remove me, but they actually deleted his threatening posts.
  6. Samadhi (respectful burial) is given to great personalities. For ordinary people like me, we get cremated.
  7. There should be a t-shirt that says "I lost my heart in Ekachakra". That is what I am feeling now. Of course techinically there is no difference between Ekachakra and Vrindavan. But Lord Nityananda is even more merciful than Lord Krishna and Lord Chaitanya. Just see the Jagai Madhai scene. Therefore offenses committed unknowingly are not taken in Ekachakra dhama, although in Vrindavan they are taken and the person is also given punishment.
  8. Wonderful! I had him over in 2001 at my house. It was Ekadasi that day and he gave a wonderful lecture. I can never forget him. You are definitely very fortunate to obtain such an exalted guru.
  9. Seamusjcarroll, Thank you very much for your blessings and kind words of encouragement to such a fallen soul as me. Can you please share with me a picture of the Nityananda in the old Gauriya Math temple in London. Please, I am dying to see that Lord Nityananda. Your servant eternally, indulekhadasi
  10. My mother had to wait 5 years also. Please do the Pumsaban brata according to the injuctions of the Srimad Bhagavatam. My mother did this, and I was born.
  11. What is the occasion Pankaja prabhu? Sorry, I don't know you very well. Isn't your guru Srila Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Goswami Maharaja?
  12. There is an article from Vana Maharaja about the same issue. When I have the time, I will compare each article and report back here.
  13. Thank you very much for your blessings and encouragement.
  14. Thank you, Radhe Radhe! Quite long, and chock full of mistakes, however. You see, as soon as I came back from the airport this past December, I just plopped onto the computer and wrote that whole thing in five minutes. It just flowed because all the memories of Ekachakra were clear in my mind. Now unfortunately sometimes it is fading away. I don't like that so I ask my father to put on the video he took while we were in Ekachakra. It calms me down somewhat, but still sometimes when I am feeling separation I blurt out to my mother, "Let's go back to Ekachakra". When will the day come when I can live there permanently???
  15. I confirm what imtayal said. It is expired. Imtayal, sometimes it takes a confirmation from another person to get people interested. I hope this person still visits Audarya so he can fulfill your request.
  16. God is the person who has the following 6 qualities in the fullest: riches, strength, fame, beauty, knowledge, and renunciation. This can only be Isvara paramah Krishna. Due to His possesion of these qualities He is called Bhagavan.
  17. Sreeram prabhuji, I am again really sorry to bother you. But please let me know if you ever get the translation for this wonderful song.
  18. Yes, in Kali yuga, everything is becoming corrupt. Even as much as 8 years ago there was such a big difference. I know because I remember the daily program for kids at the local ISKCON temple that I go to. 8 years ago things were very orderly. We had Guru puja and Tulsi puja (all done by the kids). We had a very good curriculum filled with a lot of important philosphy. Now, 8 years later, I am hearing complaints that the Sunday School isn't progressing. There is hardly any more philosophy. The Sunday School teachers are not making the curriculum age appropriate. Therefore many of the kids got bored, since they were not engaged enough. Now sometimes I pass rooms in that same temple, laughing and listening to real loud karmi music. What has ISKCON come to? (Mind you, I am not talking about all ISKCON centers).
  19. Yes! Buddhaji came to start a great plan for devotional service. He Himself was Krishna. Krishna understands the potency of devotional service so He as Lord Buddha came to pave the way. Due to His teachings of ahimsa, the so-called brahmanas of Kali yuga, gave up their bad habits and became true brahmanas. It was essential to create some first class brahmanas so that pure devotion could be spread through the whole world.
  20. I think Pankaja prabhu was interested in getting a new computer. You can just PM him to see if he is interested.
  21. Yes, since I am a neophyte it is not as close as I want to be. You can get a glimps of what I really feel about Him if you go to this website: http://geocities.com/ekachakradhama/info.html
  22. Interesting, Godseed prabhuji. This topic is quite mind boggling. Jai Nitai! indulekhadasi
  23. OK, well I don't have any stomach problems anymore. My health problems now are simply the side effect of having so many operations. What do you think I should do?
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