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  1. This is only the beginning of Kali yuga. Yes things will be worse by then, but it won't be the end of the world. Not yet.
  2. Jai! I have always enjoyed the mangal arotik in Mayapur. So peaceful, blissful and serene, concentrating on the trancendental forms of Sri Pancha Tattva.
  3. My opinion of Shirdi Sai Baba is that at the most he was a saint. He was not god.
  4. Well it is obvious he learned nothing from the Gita. Absolutely nothing. And since he suicided he attained a ghost's body. Suits him right.
  5. Lord Kalki's action is this?: I don't think so! Kalki doesn't come to Kali yuga to kill innocent people.
  6. One attains benefit even by saying Haram (a curse word), because the word Ram is in it. See how merciful the Lord is? Of course that benefit is only ajnata sukriti. If we want devotion we need to chant purely.
  7. Need a translation, Radhe. I would be interested to hear your thoughts about Sai Baba.
  8. Jai Sri Radharani! I am trying to get 1000 posts soon. Then I will be a senior member.
  9. Nice, prabhuji. I really like the background.
  10. The purpose of marriage and sex life is to produce devotee children.
  11. Yes, theist prabhuji has a good sense of humor. I like devotees like that. Krishna consciousness is fun, not hard or saddening.
  12. That would be wonderful! I will be waiting for the nectar.
  13. Of course Hanuman is also situated in the Ayodhya of the spiritual world, so it is not like he is missing anything. But I like what you have to say Amlesh prabhu. It is true.
  14. Sad state of affairs. Just a century ago people were not charged for basic needs like food and water. And now the cost of those things are so much. We are getting an insight into how Kali yuga is progressing.
  15. I agree, Suchandra prabhu. Besides, even if the get peace in this life from drinking liquor don't you think that they will be punished by Yamaraja afterwards? Then all that "peace" will go to waste.
  16. I have never been there either. It would be a waste of time. On the way to Vrindavan, the driver asked if we would like to stop at Agra and I refused. What is the use of simply staring at a monument?
  17. The basic point is that in Kali yuga no one is fit to be monarch. So in Kali yuga democracy is the best.
  18. They can get only a slight idea of the real nectar. Nama prabhu is a person, and it is not good if we perform sins on the strength of the Holy Name. Nama prabhu will withdraw His mercy then.
  19. Thanks, Gaurahari prabhuji. Yes, despite this being a common and simple question it is very esoteric- believe it or not.
  20. One can chant in even in the bathroom. Nama prabhu is so merciful.
  21. Since I am so sinful, I do not have any taste for the Holy Name. But for the past week, due to sickness, I haven't been able to chant even 1 round and I feel miserable. Chanting definitely helps the consciousness, I can see that now. Now, I am always getting cranky I feel worse than ever. Today I was more bored than ever, my parents went to a benefit dinner to help raise money for a new temple we are making but I can't go. I can barely talk and so I can't chant. I can chant in my mind, but we all know how canchal (unsteady) the mind is.
  22. Definitely not! They are so dear to Sri Sri Radha Krishna!
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