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  1. You must prove to me how you have a taste for the mundane. I can't detect a scent of it in you.
  2. I hope I become a nectar bee one day. I need your blessings!
  3. For my career, I would like to be a lung specialist (pulmonologist). I love to write and yes, I love singing. I play harmonium, violin, recorder, etc. I like to do bharatanatyam dance, also. Actually, I am doing my arangetram in about a month. I am so excited. Thank you for your best wishes, I really appreciate it.
  4. Bhaktajan prabhuji, I think that would be a great idea. Yes, homeschooling can be better for devotee children. Of course, it really depends on the child. I am thinking of getting in to medical school...but I can always do that, too. All glories to Monsieur Bhaktajan Prabhuji!
  5. Yes, Ravi prabhu came to my area to talk about homeschooling with his younger brother. Due to his inspiration, I am doing homeschooling. I like it very much as it is more conductive to spiritual life. I do have experience of the outside world. I went to regular school from K-7th grade. When I saw boys and girls hugging and kissing in the hallways of middle school, it threw me off. I can say I am much better off now. Thank you so much Yogesh prabhuji, for your words of encouragement. Vancha kalpatarubhyas ca kripa sindhubhya eva ca patitanam pavanebhyo vaishnavebhyo namo namah Please...both in age and qualification you are senior to me. It is not proper for you to offer your obesiances to me.
  6. Lol...I am lower than a kanistha adhikari. Please bless me!
  7. Thank you everyone! Sarvah Gattah prabhuji, thank you so much. Matarisvan- Yes, I am 14, but since I am homeschooled I am working at a faster pace. Thank you for your blessings.
  8. Thank you for your blessings, Prabhuji.
  9. Thank you. And I am always glad to help if you need anything.
  10. Hare Krishna Everyone, Thank you so much everyone for engaging me in Krishna katha for approximately one year. It was really a very enjoyable experience. You have engaged me so well that I have become a senior member of Audarya in a short amount of time! I just wanted to say that (starting from this Friday) although I will be still posting, it will be not so frequent. My studies are becoming harder and I will be preparing for college applications around this winter. Please bless me to continue remembering the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda even while I am doing my studies, because otherwise my life is useless. If I have offended anyone with harsh words or anyway else, please be compassionate and forgive me. Thanking everyone once again, Your servant eternally, indulekhadasi
  11. Yes, hopefully Suchandra prabhuji. It would be sad if people were talking about Brahmar Gita or something, and a rebellious person stands up and says, "I can't believe in this because bees are not real!"
  12. In my humble opinion Hinduism as itself is a polytheistic religion. When you go deeper and become a Vaishnava or a Shaivite, then it becomes monotheistic.
  13. I am sorry...I don't know how I can help you right now. I can do some research and find out for you.
  14. Nice video! Right now I am reading the plays on your site. I can't get enough!
  15. You are welcome. No, I wouldn't want to cut off anything from the picture. But, I was just concerned about the size. However, it seems you don't mind!
  16. No, Balaram leaves Radha and Krishna to Themselves. Of course He enjoys pastimes with Them as Ananga Manjari. Balaram also has His own set of gopis, and He also has rasa dances, etc.
  17. I don't know if you like it. I used tinypic to make it the proper size for Audarya. But we can hardly see the details!
  18. I think it turned out too small!
  19. I like the Plays section in the Links category. These plays are definitely very instructive.
  20. I believe there was a thread here that gave the same link for the same thing! I love Mahabharata. Thank you for reminding us that we always have a visual presentation to turn to.
  21. So beautiful! I will PM you about the matter about putting this picture as your avatar.
  22. This is the picture he is looking for, Pankaja prabhu.
  23. Of course Balaram is the epitomy of sakhya rasa, another very beautiful rasa. Ahh...the rasa of friendship!
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