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  1. Jai, Pankaja prabhu, you left yesterday! Best of luck! Can't wait to hear your experiences. Please come in when you can and check on us! Your servant eternally, indulekhadasi
  2. Haribol! But why are the cows all lined up behind a fence? I hope they were not killed!
  3. That may be, but They have chose you as Their instrument! And therefore you are definitely worthy of my obesiances.
  4. Hey, I got a quick question for you. How many rounds of Nityananda, Gauranga and Hare Krishna do you chant? I just want to familiarize myself with Swami Gaurangapada's ideas, I respect him very much.
  5. LOL...people are mistaking me to be a great personality lately. It makes me laugh, but I hope they are not serious because that would be pretty bad!
  6. I will say that in ISKCON they have bigger demands, but I don't think the initation of other maths is CHEAP. How horrible. Initiation is not a cheap thing. For example, I chant 16 rounds now, but initiation is not on my mind. I do not want to treat diksha cheaply. I want to make sure I am totally sincere and then take diksha, to fully show the importance of such a big and serious step of life.
  7. Yeah...this was my point, also. We learned this in 7th grade science.
  8. In my limited understanding, that cannot be considered homosexuality. This is the natural attraction every single human being in the entire universe has for the Supreme Lord whether they are male or female. In the sastras there have been examples of people wanting to taste the Lord through their mouth and drink Him through their eyes etc. This cannot exactly be called homosexuality. This is natural love for the Lord and it occurs no matter in what body one may be in.
  9. I think what he wanted was an example of two mortals in the Lord's lila that got attracted to each other (but not the the Lord, I mean getting attracted to another mortal). I don't really know.
  10. Again, this does not free homosexuals from their impurities. We are ALL impure. We all have lusty desires. Therefore Theist was right. Your example about Lord Rama didn't really meet my needs, because loving the Lord is different from lusty relationships of the material world. We are all FILLED WITH IMPURITIES.
  11. I think we are all crazy in this material world, homosexual or heterosexual. We all have impure desires.
  12. You have been literally bringing Krishna into people's lives. Please accept my humble obesiances and feelings of gratitude.
  13. I never knew that both Theist and Radheyradhey would start to fight. This seems to be crossing the border of a difference of opinion and into a fight. A kind reminder to everyone that this is a spiritual forum not a bickering forum. You may not agree with each other, but it proper to respect each other as Vaishnavas. Thank you. indulekhadasi
  14. You know when we exercise and then a day later our muscles hurt? That is lactic acid build up. All animals have lactic acid build up in them, and so it is basically an animal derived substance, just like rennet. Some people think it comes from milk or something, but that is not the case.
  15. Why are highly confidential letters posted out for everyone to read?
  16. Remember Radhey, what we do now is the perverted reflection of what Krishna does. Love has turned to lust in many cases.
  17. But He didn't fulfill their desire right there and then! Why didn't He? That is my question. Why did He make His dear devotees wait to become gopis, before enjoying with Them?
  18. Are you sure Their main diet is grilled cheese?
  19. Seriously, so funny but so true.
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