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  1. Nope. I am reffering to SRI BRIHAD BHAGAVATAMRITA. Not Srimad Bhagavatam. Hope this helps. Who am I to chastise you? I am like you daughter. Forgive me for my arrogance.
  2. You are trying to challenge me, Bhaktajan prabhuji? You think I can't come up with the sastric evidence. Not so! It is in Brhad Bhagavatamrita volume 2. Check it out. Mahesh dhama is above the Viraja river and is therefore above the world of birth and death. Note- this is again refering to Lord Sadashiva, not Rudra (the expansion of Lord Sadashiva). Yes, I know I am only 14 so you think I am making things up but I am simply repeating what Srila Sanatana Goswami has taught me. I hope you don't kill me for that.
  3. The stuff you say doesn't apply to Sri Sadashiva residing above the division of the Viraja river. I hope you know this.
  4. I know everything about the fall of the jiva issue. Just because I know about the fall of the jiva issue doesn't mean I automatically become a great devotee. I think this simple part of jiva tattva has become more like a big political thing. Just a point of view of a neophyte 14 year old.
  5. But really Bhaktajan prabhuji, I don't understand much of what you say. I think it is because I am too fallen. Your words are so high for me, that to me it seems like a bunch of funny jokes. I am too fallen to understand the rahasya of your madhura vani, your sweet words of the highest spiritual truths. I think perhaps with me you need to take some time and explain things to me, because I am very dumb in spiritual life.
  6. Suddha Saraswati is the wife of Lord Vishnu. In that sense she cannot be a demigodess by any means.
  7. You are back! Feeling a lot of separation, I am sure.
  8. I say we should all worry about ouselves before pointing out faults in others. How is everyone doing here on Spiritual Discussions by the way? Long time no talk.
  9. However they think Krishna's body has a material form. This pains my heart. I was speaking from my own point of view, if I offended anyone please forgive me.
  10. Not everybody has the intelligence or money to buy a diamond. This proves that Advaita is for people who are too cheap and too dumb to recieve the diamond of Krishna bhakti. They are pleasing themselves by trying to merge into Brahman. They are satisfied with glass, and do not wish to recieve the diamond. What can I say. Most of them will fall down from the brahmajyoti back into the material pool. Enlightened jnanis are another matter. If they have firm determination they will not fall from the brahmajyoti. Still, they will have no seperate existence. They will not get a chance to show love for Krishna. I think that is a great misfortune in itself. But then again, to each his own. Some people rather remain void then have a personal loving relationship with the Lord.
  11. Dear Vilasrji, I would suggest you post your question in a new thread started by your good self. If you do this, you will most probably recieve a satisfactory answer from some of the online astrologists. I myself am not an astrologist, so unfortunately I can't give you an astrological calculation. Please take my suggestion and post your request in a seperate thread. Thank you. Wishing you all the very best, indulekhadasi
  12. So true and funny! Actually, it is sad if you think about it. This is in the wrong forum. We can laugh all we want but we are really laughing at ourselves. Anyway, Bija prabhu thank you so much for reminding us how much we are stepped in maya.
  13. I don't think that is a problem at all. After all, with the deities it is not like the deities of Radha and Krishna are attached together or anything. As long as you don't have Krishna totally alone, you have nothing to worry about. It's nice you got a Yugala-murti picture, too.
  14. If you perhaps chant Hare Krishna with him before talking to him, he may be able to listen to you with a cool mind. Otherwise, like you are saying, he may refuse to listen to you and if he refuses to listen to you, how will you be able to work on the relationship? Like someone else said here, it may be of great help to you if you chant the Sudarshan Kavacha. It will protect you from the power of the bad feelings that may come up or have already come up. It has been a while since I have replied to your original post. Can you update us about how your relationship is going? Sorry for replying to late, also. I haven't been on Audarya for quite sometime. With best wishes, Your servant, indulekhadasi
  15. Great, it is wonderful to hear you are having a nice time, prabhu! Aww...too bad about the monkey, though!
  16. No, they are astadhatu deities, made from 8 metals!
  17. It is written in Lalitavistara grantha that Gautama Buddha performed penances at the same place of the Vishnu Avatara Buddha. In fact both of them are quite similar, thus the confusion. Theist prabhuji, Lumbini is basically in the Nepal area, whereas Gaya is in the heart of India. I know there is much similarity between the two Buddhas. I consider both Gautama Buddha to be a supremely pure personality, please don't get me wrong.
  18. Gaya and Lumbini are not close together at all. I think there has just been coincidences with the two Buddhas. Vaishnavas accept the older one as the avatara.
  19. Hahahahaha. Lord Shiva definitely offered many boons to the demons, but sometimes He got in trouble with that, too. Just look at the story of Vrikasura! Lord Vishnu had to bail Lord Shiva out of His predicament. Remember that these are divine lilas. Lord Shiva always wants to show the Supremacy of His Lord Narayana. Not that Lord Shiva ever got into trouble because He is, in one sense, non different from Lord Vishnu. These are all lilas from which we can learn something.
  20. For example Gautama Buddha did not appear in Gaya, like the verse you cited mentions. The older Buddha, did appear in Gaya. This Buddha is the one we accept as the Supreme Lord.
  21. There are 2 different Buddhas, we must remember this also!
  22. The Sage Nabooru believes in Advaita philosophy and therefore he says Krishna is just one face of Brahman. Advaita philosophy is only one of the sects of Hinduism. If you look at Shaivism (another sect of Hinduism) they will say Lord Shiva is the best, even higher than the impersonal Brahman. Likewise, if you look at Vaishnavism they will say Krishna is the highest.
  23. Yes any impure Vaishnava will have some pride. Only the purest of the pure can be freed from this false pride.
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