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  1. This is an honest question, so I hope someone can answer in depth. People say chant mantras like shiva, hare krishna etc., but what's so special about these words? What's the difference between coca-cola and hare krishna? They're just sounds that dull your brain and make you go to sleep. I agree that these mantras come in handy for insomniacs. Otherwise, what's the point of it all? How could a name be so powerful? It's just a normal sound, similar to the sounds we hear every day. So why make a big deal out of it?
  2. In matters pertaining to the physical world, religious books must be discarded totally. Science alone has authority in this field.
  3. In case you're wondering, it's US that invaded Af, not the other way around. That makes US terrorist, and the resistance force freedom fighters.
  4. India and US are rogue states. Muslims are freedom fighters, not terrorists. The whole 'taliban may take over' line is just western/hindu/zionist propaganda.
  5. This is the most ludicrous statement I've ever heard. Oneness with God is not like two objects becoming one. It's realizing what you always were - GOD!
  6. There's no logic in what hare krishnas say. Don't expect that to change any time soon.
  7. There's nothing atheistic in what I wrote. If God is within man, why can't we serve man - a living, breathing human being - instead of dead idols. Hindus love cows more than they do human beings. Is it atheism to point this out?
  8. Lots of milk that's poured over the idol...are they also distributed? If so, how?
  9. Still, temples occupy a lot of space...30 thousand of them! Imagine! And these politicians are also Hindus, and they worship Hindu gods, go to temples etc. etc. See a pattern here? What a heartless thing to say! Millions of Indians are starving, because according to your bigoted view, they're all lazy and starving. Point is, they're more secular than religious; whereas Hindus are more interested in cows than they are in fellow human beings starving on the streets. I am Indian, btw. More than 6 decades, and hindus are still waiting for a corruption-free politician and system! Good luck!
  10. Malaysia is a modern, progressive country, and they care more about development than trivial religious matters. So let's be more objective and less sentimental. Human lives are more important than idols, meaningless worship that results in wastage of food etc.
  11. We can feed people only by producing things. No consumption without production. And there are thirty thousands temples in India, all the revenue generated there going to corrupt priests and politicians. So much food, water, ghee, milk, sweets are wasted on the idols which have no life, whereas real, living people are starving in the streets of India. Is it any wonder that India is still a third-world country whereas Ireland, also a country ruined by imperialism, has managed to become one of the wealthiest and industrialized nations? People can make slumdog kinda movies about India, because these things actually exist. They can't make such movies about Ireland, why do you think that is? I am sure you know the answer.
  12. Without factories, what can you produce? Without production, you'll have next to nothing! You live in a house, and type on a PC with internet connection, don't you? So you can worry about pollution and go back to stone age; or, you can focus on development.
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