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  1. I am the most crooked person you could ever meet, still you have been so kind to a fallen soul like me. I am greatful.
  2. I agree with Radhey. So many kids are hungry for love. I know everyone wants their own flesh and blood child, but I think we need to start stepping out of the bodily consciousness. Yes, I know it is hard. This father is thirsting to love a child and there is a child out there crying for this love. Does it really matter that he isn't made up of the same exact bodily elements? I don't think so.
  3. Oh, I see. But you must have your guru is not just straight, he is A REAL SADHU. Surely you must have been associating with him through his vani?
  4. What about your Gurudeva, Bija prabhuji? He is not straight?
  5. Different parts of different Shrutis cater for different people with different goals. Some put emphasis on dharma, some on artha, some on kama, and some on moksha. Vaishnavas do not care for all four of them. We care for the part about bhakti. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad is indeed great, but we only take the part meant for us.
  6. I am not saying gays are bad people, just that I really don't agree with what they are doing.
  7. You are right, clanging isn't right. Try this. Put the kartal strings around your fingers. Then take the kartal in your right hand and softly touch it to the inside bottom of the other kartal. Do this twice but the third time, let it ring out. So it should be like this: one, two, threee, one, two, threee.
  8. Bhaktajan prabhu is so funny, I am like rolling on the floor laughing.
  9. This is fine, but this is for Kamis only. Vaishnavas would not engage in this practice.
  10. I am just an immature 14 year old, but this is my input. I had said the purpose of marriage and sex life was to produce Krishna conscious children and since homosexuals do not do this, it goes under illicit sex. Radhe Radhe pointed out that this is an imperfect world and they should not be discriminated against for fulfilling their desires. After all many heteroexuals also participate in sex life and not always is it for producing Krishna conscious children. More often than not, it is simply for self gratification. And the heterosexuals never get discriminated against. My opinion is a little harsh about this matter. I think ANYONE whether they are homosexual or heterosexual should be stopped from sex life if their object isn't to produce Krishna conscious (or God conscious depending on the case) children.
  11. This is making me feel like throwing up.
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  13. Yeah the 40 or so verses starting from Isvarah Parama Krishna.
  14. My Brahma Samhita must be like 60 years old, it is all fallen apart. Still, I managed to learn all the verses of it when I was young, like 8 years old. Hopefully I can still remember all of them!
  15. I totally agree with Amlesh. I am not a Sri Vaishnava myself, I am insincerely practicing in Gaudiya Vaishnavism, but I totally agree. Let all Vaishnavas get together no matter what institution they are in and be in one army for the fight against maya!
  16. This is actually a picture of his dear twin brother, Lord Ganesh!
  17. Theist prabhuji, like Prahlada Maharaja, is always worried and concerned about the future of sinful people like myself. Anyone who tries to take up the task of delivering such a fallen person like me is very worshippable. Therefore, deities of Theist prabhuji such as this one is worshipped in many places of the world. Theist prabhuji ki jaya!
  18. Unfortunately, no. Although so many people have some idea of Lord Nityananda, not many people know who Jahnava devi is. It is very sad. I consider Jahnava Mata to be my own mother and Lord Nityananda to be my father.
  19. Today is also the Appearance day of Jahnava Mata, Lord Nityananda's wife. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says: sri-jahnava-pada-padma koriya smaran dina krsna-dasa kohe nama-sankirtan Remembering the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda's consort Sri Jahnava Devi, this very fallen and lowly servant of Krishna sings the sankirtana of the holy name.
  20. Jai Sita Mata! Thank you very much. Best wishes to you and everyone on Audarya on this auspicious occasion. I love the picture! All glories to Luv Kush!
  21. In that photo, you look too young to even enter the lottery. Are you trying to trick me into thinking that you are not an advanced Vaishnava??? I know better than to fall for that trick, Theist prabhuji. Try to catch someone else.
  22. Theist prabhuji forgot his cell phone, but we would get a lot of sukriti if we gave him one, because he is so eager to tell people about Lord Krishna, as we can see in this picture!
  23. That is my favorite pastime, prabhuji. Vrindavan das Thakura has packed so much nectar in just this one work of his, it is amazing. I also love the bhajan you posted, it is very sweet and melodious.
  24. Thanks to Rohini Suta Prabhuji for his blessings.
  25. Realizations of rohini108 (Rohini Suta Prabhuji): I am reading the book you so kindly brought to my attention by writing the article that I read last month. I am feeling myself blessed over and over by simply reading this wonderful book. Because I am so fallen with no qualifications but my eyes to read, I am eager to read more and more ...and then stuff all the blessings that I'm being given deeply inside my pockets. But then I think, if not for you, I would have nothing. So I will always pray to Lord Nityananda to bless you.
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