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  1. Yes, this is why Lord Nityananda can experience even more than Lord Balaram can experience. Balaram cannot experience madhurya rasa but since Nityananda prabhu is the incarnation of a gopi, he can experience madhurya rasa also. It is so beautiful.
  2. It is Kali yuga. Unfortunately. What we need to do is introduce Krishna consciousness to people from an early age, so that when we die we die with the proper consciousness. Just see how these kids are dying so early. It is quite depressing. However the only thing we can do about it is imbibe them with the understanding that we are not these bodies, we are spirit souls, and that this material world is not our home. It is not a natural place. We must go back home back to Godhead.
  3. Again, like I said before, Jayadeva Goswami condemned the thought of people killing animals in Vedic sacrifice. He glorifies Lord Buddha for demolishing such ignorant acts of the smarta brahmanas.
  4. She incarnated in many forms of Gaura lila: Nityananda prabhu and His two wives- Jahnava and Vasudha were all incarnations of Ananga Manjari. She also incarnated as Gopal Bhatta Goswami and Gadadhara Pandit's younger sister.
  5. Yeah, I didn't know myself until a few months ago, when my mother told me. It is really horrible. So what if they made another monument like that? I can't understand why people can be so envious.
  6. Hey Radhe, didn't you want to upload a new avatar once? Did you change your mind? You said it was Krishna at Radharani's lotus feet. What happened? Of course your avatar, is quite beautiful. I was just wondering.
  7. Wow, I just read the first post again. 7 feet! Reminds me of the Pancha Tattva deities in Mayapur.
  8. Yes, I also learned that He is a combined incarnation of Lalita devi and Srimati Radharani. Godseedji, have you read this in Gaura Gannodesh Dipika, that He was also an incarnation of Vishaka devi? I am interested to know, because I am so ignorant. I know many times even 3-4 residents of Goloka incarnated as one person.
  9. You are welcome. I am very encouraged to read such articles. It is a great way of showing devotion for the Lord.
  10. Jai! All glories to Sri Gadai prabhuji! In Mayapura, near the Yogapith, you can have darshan of Gaura Gadai. They are extremely beautiful. All glories unto Them!
  11. Yes, he did. Hope to have sangha with you soon!
  12. Lets PM now and talk about something better. I will reply to you soon.
  13. Hare Krishna Radhe, Sexual intercourse only meant for satisfying the genitals is considered illicit sex. The purpose of sexual union is to produce Krishna conscious children. In fact the sastras say not to become a father or mother, if you will not educate them on the true meaning of life. In this case, homosexuals are not going to produce children and instruct them on the meaning of life and therefore they are participating in illicit sex. I do agree however, that this isn't the top thing on our mind. I hope this clears up things a bit. Pls forgive me if I sound too stuck up.
  14. I am sure Theist prabhuji is more handsome than that baby. I bet he didn't have such big ears.
  15. Wow, since you are my friend can you give me a drop of your humility???
  16. As far as I remember, Rsbhadeva was the father of Maharaja Bharata. You may correct me if I am wrong.
  17. Yes, I think that is what happened. Lusty feelings are simply good for nothing and contaminating. I am glad Pentium has had a change of heart.
  18. Sarva Gattah prabhuji, I do try to help in my individual way. Recently the kids told me they wanted to be involved in doing a play, so I wrote and choreographed a play. I met a lot of opposition but the kids enjoyed doing it, and their conciousness was engaged in a higher way. Thank you.
  19. I can do that. Definitely. Let me know if I can help in any other way.
  20. Hare Krishna Dark Warrior, Lord Sadashiva is an avatara, you cannot be disrespectful to Lord Shiva. Besides remember, Vaishnavanam yatha sambuh. This is not sentiment. It is stated right in the Bhagavatam. Brahma, on the other hand is a jiva. Remember- from Brahma down to the ant? They are all jivas. Shiva tattva is very hard to realize, however. And Shiva is not a jiva. If you are saying Rudra, then you are right. Rudra must leave his body, and therefore is a jiva. Thank you. I hope I am not sounding offensive.
  21. You are welcome. She sounds like my arangetram singer, who is also really good and has a nice clear voice.
  22. Thank you. It is kind of going to be wasted though, since my dad barely ever posts.
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