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  1. Any new realizations from Nityananda Charitamrita or Chaitanya Bhagavata? Please post!
  2. Vaishnavanam yatha sambuh: Lord Shiva is the greatest Vaishnava. Greatness lies in humility and devotion, also. Let us keep this in mind.
  3. Wow...I would love to hear Valmiki Ramayan being sung. Anyone have the mp3 file? I am seriously dying to hear it...
  4. There is a difference between Lord Sadashiva and Lord Rudra, I hope we all understand that here.
  5. That is a little bit better, thank you. Seems like each Naga has their own personal deity of Theist prabhuji to worship!
  6. Why did the Nagas construct the deity of Theist without his nice big Ganesh ears?
  7. Doesn't matter if he is a child molester or not. Just because you can cure some illnesses and do some magic tricks like producing vibhuti, doesn't qualify you to be God. I know better magicians than Sai Baba, and they never claim to be God.
  8. Repentance is penance. You have been repentant, so I am sure the Lord has forgiven you. Good luck to you, brother.
  9. You mean Yogesh prabhuji, right? I am sure he will visit this thread again. I will tell him though, anyway.
  10. Jai Nitai! Hey Nitai, please give me shelter at Your lotus feet! When will that day be mine?
  11. I am sure we can appreciate that her beauty attracts Lord Krishna.
  12. I never knew that Sri Vaishnavas consider Lord Shiva to be a jiva!!! The thought of that makes me angry. But I still respect all the Sri Vaishnavas. After all, they are Vaishnavas!
  13. Godseedji, I totally agree with you on many matters, but I see your posts are mainly criticizing people. Please keep in mind that devotees should always speak with a cool head. Thank you.
  14. Yes, there is no difference in Lord Nitai and Lord Gaura. However, Vrindavan das Thakura explains in Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata that Lord Nityananda is even more merciful than Lord Chaitanya. Just see the Jagai Madhai pastime. Lord Chaitanya was going to kill those 2 rouges, but Nitai decided to save them. Qualitatively, however, there is no difference. If one accepts Nitai without Gaura or Gaura without Nitai, then one will be practicing ardha kukuti nyaya, the philosophy of half a hen. Such a person is eternally condemned.
  15. I mean, this is a perfect piece of evidence of how Krishna is in full control of disasters! It just kind of reminded me...I don't know if this is the type of thing you would like to use.
  16. This is a great thing to use for KDR. What do you think?
  17. All glories to Lord Nityananda! Give me shelter at Your lotus feet, oh Lord!
  18. Thank you all very much, once again for all the encouragement and blessings. A big thank you to Avinash Prabhuji, Malati Mataji, Stonehearted Prabhuji (Babhru Prabhuji), and Bija Prabhuji. Yogesh prabhuji, I tried Ayurvedic remedies like that, but none worked. I know exercise is quite good for asthma and that is where my bharatanatyam comes in. I have to take it carefully because I have exercise induced asthma too. I have had asthma since I came to the East Coast at the age of 6. I want to get out to California, where I can breathe so much better!
  19. No. I love your spiritual sentiments, I got a lot out of them. I am going to miss you so much...I will be lucky if I get to talk to you once a month. You are more important to me, it is amazing how Krishna brought us so close, it was really good for both of us.
  20. I see, thank you for the suggestion Mahak prabhu. Although, I don't think I would get tired of lungs. I am an asthmatic myself, and I know how hard it is to live with lung problems. I think it would be great to dedicate my efforts to help people with these problems (even though it is on the bodily platform). Of course, I will change my attitude towards those with autism and will be fully supportive of them. I did work with some autistic kids when I was in elementary school. They nominated me to help them out, and I think it really was an educational and emotional experience for us all. Thank you again for your kind words. All glories to Lord Nityananda.
  21. All those things about me are false.
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