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  1. What you seem to be having is a typical experience of the uncontrolled awakening of the kundalini... This is why it is adviced to pursue the awakening of the kundalini only under direct supervision of a knowledgeble guru... The normal suggestion that you would be given is to stop all spiritual pursuits and contemplation till such a time ...that the experience ceases... and then to find a knowledgeble guru and pursue ur studies under the guidance of such a guru. kundalini and its powers arent something to be trifled with... incorrect awakening of the kundalini has been known to drive people entirely insane...so be careful... best of luck
  2. (The Song Celestial) The Bhagavad Gita by Sir Edwin Arnold Excerpts from M. K. Gandhi's - AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OR The story of my experiments with truth TRANSLATED FROM THE GUJARATI BY MAHADEV DESAI Chapter 20 ACQUAINTANCE WITH RELIGIONS "...I have read almost all the English translations of it, and I regard Sir Edwin Arnold's as the best. He has been faithful to the text, and yet it does not read like a translation." need i say more
  3. Hreem is the mantra of bhuveneshwari... hreem without any prefix or suffix is called "shuddha bhuveneshwari" Hreem is also the maya beej or the seed sound of maha maya hreem is also called the devi pranav (om is the pranav mantra and hreem is the pranav when it comes to devi worship) a beej (seed) mantra is just like a seed of a plant ... you have to feed it with the water and soil of your thoughts, love and energy the seed grows into a tree... on its own "hreem" is enough if you want somethign as a prefix and suffix then "om hreem namah" is the best... best of luck
  4. In the mortal world the rule is "that which is born shall die"... So when god puts himself in the mortal world and walks as a mortal amongst mortals he chooses not to make an exception of his own rule to suit himself... least a entity like ravan quote his breaking of the rule as a precedent to demand immortality... So the mortal physical body of any avtaar which was born has to die... (The rule may not necessirily apply to a kritya which isnt a physical body. but then another set of rules apply to krityas) the soul which animates the avtaar hasnt been born and can never die... i think all this is directly or indirectly explained in the "srimad bhagwat gita"
  5. A ringing in the ears is a indication of blood pressure increasing... get ur blood pressure monitered when the ears are ringing... Blood presure does tend to rise while chanting some mantras especially if the desciple is chanting without a guru ... That is why a guru is considered essential while learning spirituality... without a guru a learner can end up doing immense harm to the body and mind. The guru helps you to decide which mantra you should chant on and what you should imagine as u chant... try to keep a calm mind as u chant... relax and be at ease with the mantra... most important is the easy flow of prana (breath) with the mantra... things should improve
  6. The truth written in every book of every religion... and it is the same... unfortunately what humanity lacks is people capable of reading and understanding the truth as it is written. the people who read the texts read their own hatred and bigotery along with the texts... thereby staining the truth of the texts.
  7. vivid dreams and visions are generally a way of your inner consciousness trying to tell you something. if you look and at the time, place and circumstances under which u had the vision you will know why u had the vision... sometimes the vision of a garba implies a new brother, sister or child being added to the family. like a vision of tandava is a portent of imminent destruction only you will have to look deep within keeping your self and ego aside... look within and you will know.
  8. in a average human the god within is merely a "'Sakshi - or witness" in other words in a common man god is like a passanger who has been tied up into a seat and fully aware that the pilot intends to crash the aircraft into some building... whereas in a "avtar" god is the pilot who is guiding the aircraft and all passengers to safety. things which are offensive to a human arent necessarily offensive to a supreme entity... if you were to read the tantrik texts you might realise that the dirtiest things like menstrual blood and semen are considered the source of immense power. the goodness or badness of a thing lies not in the thing itself but in the eye that sees. and the eye of a supreme being sees not the words but the thoughts behind the words... like prabhu shri ram eating the berries offered by shabri
  9. krishna's father was "named" vasudev no point in drawing parellals between say prabhu shri 'ram' and shri 'ram' vilas paswan
  10. once you begin taming the mind through mantra or tratak you will find the effects improving if u fast... as fasting helps in generation of mind states which are more receptive... a crude example is the starving of prisoners during interrogation where the interrogators find it easy to break the prisoner's will. in the case of mental discipline you urself are trying to tame your mind by starving your body... without other disciplines just fasting might achieve nothing much
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sachiya_Mata_Temple
  12. What is a Kuldevi Maa? ... And who is Dasha Maa an avatar of? Kula devata is the family god of any family generally originates back to the time when the family originated. It can be a male or a female... when it is a goddess the kuladevata is referred to as kuladevi. Goddess Durga is also called Mahamaya and the corruption of Mahamaya is Momai. Momai is also known as Ashapura and Dasha Maa. In the month of Shravan the women folk of the state of gujarat observe a ten days vrat (a vrat is a penance undertaken as a ritual occasion and calls for fasting, prayer often for a particular boon, and ritual worship according to set rules – at such times stories appropriate to the religious occasion, with the deity concerned appearing as a figure in the tale, are told by an older woman to a group of women) in the honour of Dasha Maa, and also in the honour of other folk deities: Nagbai Maa and Momai Maa. A small statue is made of these mother goddesses, to which chandalo (sandalwood paste and kanku), and puja is offered daily. The image is immersed on the tenth day. During this period women pray for the improvement of their dasha or condition, perhaps their economic well being or health. They wear a thread with ten knots, and each day one knot is united. The worshipper lives on one meal a day and the food is made of wheat. Dasama stories are told in the morning, and in the evening women dance the garba. Men do not participate in any of this. During the ten days vrat though the mata’s power is still present in the songs of garba, yet it is dwelt upon love and admiration rather than fear. The goddess is given familiar human attributes. She dresses, plays and moves as the women themselves do. The only difference is – she does it alone and in complete freedom. She is sufficiently like them in her joyful play and yet quite different in her single status.
  13. i guess at the rot of your confusion is the name... it is like u are confused between mahatma gandhi, indira gandhi, rajiv gandhi Sonia gandhi and rahul gandhi vasus were 8 children of aditi the 8 forms of energy like water, fire wind earth, moon ... they are gods and known as vasu-deva krishna's father was named vasudev like kunti's sons were called kaunteya. and drupad's daughter was called draupadi... krishna was also called vasudev one confusing fact however is that veda vyasa was bhishma's half brother bhishma is the son of ganga and shantanu - vyasa is the son of satyavati and parasara - after vyasa's birth shantanu married satyavati leading to the famous bhishma pratidnya... and krishna was born much after this period so how can veda vyasa be the incarnation of someone who was born 30 years or more after him. but i guess god's leela has no limitations...
  14. The raas and garba are often confused as one because of the circular pattern of the dancing perimeter as also the period when the event is organised. krishna was the master of raas leela generally done with dandias. garba is a form of dance done by female members of the gujarati community with the clapping of hands alone wherein the mother goddess AMBA is invoked for happiness and progeny. garbo as it is colloquially called is a by product of the sanskrit word garbha or womb. there is a ghatastapana where the mother goddess is invoked and every night a different aspect of the goddess is invoked. the moment devi is invoked shiva isnt far away the period of the garbo is the navratri the nine nights for worshipping the mother goddess. nowadays generally the two dances are mixed as "raas garba" or even "disco raas garba"
  15. Nothing wrong with what u are doing ... in fact you have unknowingly hit upon a rule encased within a little known part of an episode. In the story of sati being insulted and consequently immolating herself in the yagna made by her father daksha and shiva later destroying the sacrifice. There is a episode of curses and countercurses to shiva's and vishnu's followers. when the peace was finally made the rishis agreed that only those who prayed to both shiva and vishnu would find emancipation. vishnu avtaars have been known to pray to shiva (and so have enlightened shiv bhakts been known to worship vishnu)... parshuram was shiva's shishya. ram establishes the shivalinga at rameshwaram. Arjuna under krishna's guidance sought the pashupaat astra from mahadev before getting all divine weapons from the gods. The legends may have their basis in the fact that one cannot pray to one aspect of the force while running down the other aspect... and yet expect to gain that which they seek. true knowledge and emancipation means praying to every aspect of the supreme divine power. so continue with what is happenign naturally as u pray. everything will fall in place.
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