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  1. please reply i really want to start this coming navratri.
  2. Hi, i heard somewhere that doing 32lakh jaap of HREEM,can completely change a persons life,and give totality in marriage. I am going through a lots of probs,and really want to do this. though i have never done any sadhna before,is it ok for me to do this,being a gurl i cannot do it continuously so is it ok if i do break kar kar ke. Also is it ok to do it without taking sankalap ,i will just samarpit it to maa? Also please tell me any other rules and precautions i need to take. And also i do not need to prefix and suffix it with anythin? Please do reply,i will be greatful for help
  3. hi, can someone please suggest sm sadhna to to ensure that i can have a good husband and a happy married life. actually i do not have husband and marital bliss in my chart due to brahman dosh and badly placed rahu,so please tell me a sadhna i cn do to get this blessing from god.
  4. 2nd september 1982 at 3.45 pm in delhi. please do heck nd reply back thnx
  5. i msorry for disturbing u again and again,but could u also please tell me will i get married again or rather should i,because i do not want to go through hell again. thanks
  6. smeone recently told me i ahve brahman dosh,which affecrs u in a way that u do not have husband. what are the remedies for it? also i want to make sure i have it ,my birth time is 3.45 pm,delhi,akanksha gupta.
  7. can u please tell me where is annada temple?also u mentioned a gem,i have never heard of it ,where can i find it? also i am wearing pukhraj and panna ,do i take them off? someone recently told me my birth time shld b 3.41 qnother person said 3.58.can u alsoplease guide me regarding this? thanks a lot
  8. hi, thanx for replyin. i want the divorce and alimony money,they(his parents and chacha) went back on their word because they do not wnat to give money. and i cant live with him because he was an drug addict and used to beat me,now he has a new gf. we have been living seperately for almost 2 years now. i certainly want any remedies and pooja i can do to finish my divorce case as soon as possible,because my life has become a living hell. also i need the money,and tehy didnt even return my stufff. also i wld b gr8ful if u tell me i ahve kemdrum yog and its upayyes and how will it affect my life. what kind of a life will i ahve? thanx a bunch akanksha
  9. hi, please help me ,i got married on 27th june 2004,but now my divorce case is going on as my husband was an addict and abusive ,we reached a settlement in may 2007,now they have gone back on their word and not giving me anythin.lots of cases going on my details akanksha gupta DOB 2nd sep1982 TOB 15.45 pm place delhi husbands details shashank kapoor DOB 25th march 1981 TOB 12.10 pm place lucknow please tell me when will these cases finish?and will i get the money they promised?and what will be my future like?please respond soon i m really disturbed.please tell mewhat can i do to finish the cases as soon aspossible.i m sorry for disturbing u. thanx akanksha som1 told me i have kamedrum yog,do i really and will ift always affect ,my life what cn i do to remedy it? thinking i have this bad yog is disturbing me badly,will my life b always unhappy?
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