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  1. Hare Krishna Kali was a great devotee of Lord Ananta. When Lord Ananta started to speak about His upcoming role in Kali Yuga as Lord Balarama, He assigned His devotees different roles so that He could perform His pastimes nicely. Kali was sad that Lord Ananta had not assigned Him any role in His upcoming pastimes. He asked Lord Ananta for a role. Lord Ananta told Him that He would have to play a difficult role as a sinful person- Duryodhan, to instruct people by example. Many people don't understand who Duryodhan actually was. However we can see that many great rishis and sages such as Muni Pradvipaka understood who Duryodhan was and addressed Duryodhan as: Oh pure one, oh spotless one. Many of us would be confused but know we can understand that Duryodhan was Kali who was actually a great personality playing a bad role. Karna was a demon in his previous birth named Sahasrakavacha. He had 1000 kavachas. He could not be vanquished because of the kavachas. So Nara and Narayan took turns fighting with him to remove his kavachas. One day Nara would fight and remove one kavacha from his body and the next day Narayana would fight and remove another kavacha. Finally 999 kavachas were removed and only one was left. Sahasrakavacha escaped with this one kavacha and decided to take birth in Kunti's womb as Karna. That one kavacha was with him even in the next birth, but of course Indra took it away from him. Ironically Hindus idolize Karna and hate Duryodhana when Duryodhan was a great devotee in his previous life and Karna was a demon...
  2. Hare Krishna Jaswant, The Kali who was Duryodhan is not the same sinful Kali (predominating deity of Kali yuga). Kali (Duryodhan) was a great devotee of Lord Sankarshan in His previous birth. Only to show the world what happens when one becomes averse to Lord Krishna, Kali took up such a bad role (that of Duryodhan). However, this Kali is actually a pure devotee of Lord Sankarsan, which we can actually note by seeing His devotion to Lord Balaram when He was Duryodhan. This is all clearly explained in Garga Samhita. Your servant, indulekhadasi
  3. This is too sad. Maharaja had done a program at my house once. I remember His purity and simplicity. All glories to Him! Now Shanta Maharaja is the only disciple of Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura still gracing the material world with His physical presence.
  4. Virachandra Gosai had two wives, Srimati and Narayani, but no children. So the Nityaananda Vamsis are related only in an indirect way.
  5. Where are all the other devotees? Ugh.
  6. Nitaai Charitamrita and Navadvipa Dhaam Mahatmya rule!
  7. It was 20 verses. In the beginning it was only a 10 verse poem which I sat down and wrote in 10 min. It felt incomplete however, because it did not elaborate on Nitaai's later pastimes so almost a year later I sat down again and completed the other half. So it was completed in two sittings, very spaced out.
  8. I saw Your offering on the Nitaai.net forums, it was extremely nice. I just wanted to tell You that.
  9. How are all my old friends over here at Audarya? Bija prabhu, why can't I PM You anymore? Thiest prabhu, how are You liking Uddhava Gita? All the others here, please reply. How are all of You doing in Your spiritual life? Your servant eternally, indulekhadasi
  10. I have this in my electronic thing called Joke Master.
  11. Chant and that will be your perfect shield against Maya. If you want to get rid of the fear/maya then do this. CHANT AND BE HAPPY!
  12. Thanks for the comment Mahak prabhu! If we went to end this process of "reincarnation"- the process of birth and death- we MUST take shelter of Lord Nityananda!
  13. Why must each and every thread turn out to be a debate on the Lord Shiva/Lord Vishnu supremacy issue? This is crazy!
  14. Why can't you guys appreciate this beautiful story coming from the Srimad Bhagavatam? Of course this story is not complete. This goes on to talk about the appearance of Lord Kapil, who is famous for instructing His mother so she wouldn't go astray on the path of devotional service. But then again you guys don't care for Lord Kapil or His instructions, do you?
  15. Hare Krishna Everyone, Many of you may have seen this before but I just wanted to post it here for those who haven't seen this before. This proves that reincarnation is not some bogus thing that is made up! http://www.prabhupada.org/rama/?p=4226 Hope you like it. Your servant eternally, indulekhadasi P.S- The meaning of reincarnation in this case is the transmigration of the soul.
  16. Lord Nityananda thinks all of us are foolish for debating who is higher- Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu. He will smile and leave us to continue our petty debating. We don't care, we will simply continue the debate and leave Lord Nityananda to give His mercy to someone else. Wake up people. I am shocked to see people such as Radhey Radhey and Bhaktajan, people who was held in such high positions by me using harsh language and no sastric evidences. Your debate simply seems like the dry debate you can go watch at Shiva kanchi and Vishnu kanchi. Luckily it seems I didn't even need to go all the way to Shiva kanchi/Vishnu kanchi to see the dry debate! I can get it right here on Audarya. Thank you very much for the dry input. It is very much enlightening me on the path of spiritual bliss.
  17. If you know then there is no need for argumentation or debate. I was just giving you a humble reminder of something you already know. If you feel offended then please graciously forgive me.
  18. Rudra lives in a separate place within this material world. Lord Rudra has the work of dealing with the mode of ignorance and the task of destruction. He too must die one day. Lord Sadashiva is different, He has no contact with the modes of material nature.
  19. Bhaktajan prabhuji, do you understand that Lord Sadashiva is eternal? He is like yogurt and Lord Vishnu is like milk. Lord Sadashiva is an expansion of Lord Vishnu. So let us not disregard Him. It is obvious that Lord Sadashiva cannot become Lord Vishnu, although Lord Vishnu became Lord Sadashiva. In that sense Lord Vishnu is higher. Remember the importance of devotees however. Lord Shiva is the greatest devotee: vaishnavanam yatha sambuh. Do you disagree with what I am saying? For Vaishnavas, Lord Shiva is NOT a demigod, He is the Supreme Vaishnava.
  20. You are younger than me and so much more knowledgeable! My false pride is crushed. Not a happy feeling.
  21. Hey I am not 15 yet...I have many months to go. I am not even 14 1/2 yet. Yes, that quote from Srimad Bhagavatam pretty much explains what I am trying to say. Nevertheless do go into the 2nd volume. I know it is large but once you start reading you can't take your eyes off. It is the last chapter. I would have to go in to see the verse.
  22. Bhaktajan is 14 years old? Wow. I am actually going to be 15 this February. But regarding marriage I prefer a big age difference and besides it is not time to think about marriage at such an early age.
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