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  1. If you properly understood the pastime, Ashwathama was killed and not killed. He was not killed because by birth he was a brahmana, but he was able to be "killed" in other ways because in all other respects he was NOT a brahmana.
  2. Look, despite my mentality I am not giving up my duties. You seriously need to stop jumping to conclusions. At the same time, even while doing my duties I have a fault finding mentality then how can I be called a brahmana? Does that make any sense?
  3. Being a brahmana is not so easy. I can do my duties, fine. But if my mentality is that of a sudra, then I am a sudra no matter what my occupation is.
  4. Generally people born in outcaste families are totally uncultured and are therefore outcaste. But there are exceptions everywhere. That outcaste can elevate himself to the position of a brahmana by acting in sattva guna. Therefore this theory about birth is not the best because in history there have been many exceptions.
  5. My grandfather had to take chemotherapy for his 4th stage colon cancer. He is still living but his head is totally nuts. It isn't very encouraging to me, because his spiritual life is suffering.
  6. Techinically by birth I am a brahmana. But I act like a sudra. So how can I be called a brahmana? It just doesn't make any sense.
  7. Kalki will not come techinically in Kali yuga, but during the sandya between Kali and Satya yugas. Of course there is also a controversy regarding this.
  8. I like Srila Prabhupada's idea. People are such wasters. Of course I am too.
  9. anyway a good bunch of first class meat eating, gender-biased brahmans have been created in Tibet
  10. We need to follow in the footsteps of Maharaja Ambarish. I remember when I was young singing: Maharaja Ambarish was a very great king....because he was a pure devotee...he used all his senses in the service of the lord...because he was a pure devotee. Good old memories full of inspiration!
  11. This shows Krishna's compassion for the living entities in all ways. He knows if we don't have good health materially it will be hard to serve Him and spiritual life may be difficult.
  12. Tirisilex, Dhanvantari is an avatara of Lord Vishnu and therefore is not a demigod.
  13. I do believe old ladies and widows were allowed to live in the math. As far as I remember, Pishima prabhavati used to live in the math after she became a widow.
  14. Good luck. I am sure you will have some interesting experiences!
  15. That is how they got the ghosts out of ISKCON Towaco temple.
  16. You just need to work on the relationship, in my opinion. Try chanting the Hare Krishna with your husband. It will help greatly.
  17. If he thinks that he can take such a big responsibility then I think that would be great! I just wanted to make him informed that sanyasa is not a relief from responsibilties, but it in itself is a great but wonderful responsibility!
  18. It doesn't matter what religious group you belong to. The fact that you love and respect Nityananda prabhu is a big thing. Lord Nityananda will reciprocate with you, I promise.
  19. That is exactly what I mean. When the goal is Krishna then Karma yoga is great! But if we are just doing it for our sense gratification, then what is the use?
  20. Try this! http://acharya.iitm.ac.in/sanskrit/tutor.html See how you like it.
  21. Love in separation is truely great. Hadai Pandit was kept alive simply by the Lord's grace but after a while he couldn't tolerate the separation any longer and gave up his life. How deep his attachment to Lord Nityananda was.
  22. I put it up for others to see. Is He not beautiful?!?
  23. You mean Haridas Thakura. Yes, that part is hilarious. The book cover is so beautiful. Lord Nityananda is beauty personified.
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