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  1. Well, at least I changed it. Rupanuga was my GBC a few times. He was so authoritarian in approach it used to blow my mind - very much old school.
  2. He also explains that those whose devotion is based on fear (of suffering, death etc) must follow Srila Rupa Goswami whereas those who are on the level of spontaneous devotion will see Srila Rupa Goswami as Sri Rupa Manjari. Just like Srila Sridhar Maharaja, Srila Narayana Maharaja has warned us not to try to jump prematurely to the higher level.
  3. TLC CH. 17 Folks, they don't call him Sonic fer nutt'n. Sonic Yogi has just hit a 500 foot, plus, home run right OUT of the entire ball park - on Gaura Purnima, by golly. Aren't you glad you tuned in?
  4. Hare Krsna. It seems that you are looking for an objective answer, but guru bhakti, which is an important component of Krsna bhakti is anything but objective. Rather, it is subjective based on love and affection. Since we are of mixed diksa (initiating) and siksa (instructing) gurus on this site, definitive answers would sound sectarian and are bound to ruffle some feathers and hurt some feelings. Of course on Audarya, Spiritual Discussions we are known to engage in such things but we have to remember that we are on the eve of Gaura Purnima, so really it is a time to unite under the banner of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, at least for a day or so. So as Srila Sridhar Maharaja has said, "the heart is a tasting machine". So do the research on your own and correspond with different followers of different gurus and ask them about their experiences and their guru's opinions on this subject. Maybe if you can, actually meet the teachers that you are refering to, and then let your heart be your guide.
  5. Perhaps Srila Babaji Maharaja was a unique exception to many 'rules'. He was bhajanandi, whereas his guru was training his disciples to be gosthyanandi, as was Srila Sridhar Maharaja. Maybe the different 'chastisments', by his guru and his esteemed godbrother were for the sake of their general followers, not Babaji Maharaja. When a group of Western devotees went to Navadvipa in '76 to learn mrdanga beats from Babaji Maharaja, they were told that they could find him at Srila Sridhar Maharaja's Math. Sometimes when they asked him about a beat, he would show them. Sometimes he would just break into a bhajana and sometimes he would grab them by the arm and drag them upstairs to hear Srila Sridhar Maharaja speak. It is all on a tape which is quite amazing.
  6. In the material world we say, "its a dirty job but somebody has to do it." In the spiritual world they say, "its a blissful service but somebody has to do it." Compare and contrast. Talk amongst yourselves, I'm vaklemfed.
  7. BTW folks, it is bad taste to even think about a successor at a time like this. Let those who served and loved Srila Puri Maharaja feel the separation, they must feel. For others be in the moment and just appreciate Srila Maharaja's memory. I was very fortunate enough to personally meet him, several years ago, and I must thank my lucky stars.
  8. Look at the rest of the quote at post #2: Inconceivable Jiva-Tattva
  9. See how the issues are very interrelated?
  10. Sonic Yogi: Beggar is my siksa guru. Dr. Von Schulzt: How long have you felt this way? Sonic Yogi: Since I read that post where he quoted Narayana Maharaja explaining the position of Narada Muni. Dr. Von Shultz: Calm down Mr. Yogi or we will have to put you in restraints. Sonic Yogi: No, no you don't understand Beggar is my siksa guru. Dr. Von Shultz: Nurse Kravizt is preparing a shot for you, Mr. Yogic, it will help you calm down. You will have to drop your drawers because it is too powerful of a shot to administer in your arm. Cut to Rod Serling: Here we have the strange case of one Sonic Yogi; He seems think that Beggar is his siksa guru, just because Beggar knows how to use the Google search engine and found a neat quote by Srila Narayana Maharaja. These things are going on in The Audayazone... [fade to scene one with audio effects]
  11. So just as it appears that the jiva manifests, but is actually eternal, similarly the sthayi-bhava appears to manifest, but is actually eternal. This is what I meant before by the interrelatedness of the two issues. So one can go up to Goloka from Vaikuntha and the story of Narada seems to be one of the major examples. So in a sense one who goes up from Vaikuntha to Goloka is really just realizing their "eternal" form. Its just like the origin of the jiva issue in that there is only so much analyzing that one can do, until we get it that language really doesn't do the topic full justice because we are dealing with something that is really inconceivable. But when we hear about these subjects from the lotus mouth of a sadhu (sad - sat) or sat guru then not only do we hear about the intricacies of the topic, but also there is the deep faith, love and affection in that voice. Sometimes if we are fortunate then we can read it and such a mood will just jump off the page into our hearts. But if we are not careful then we will only see the intracies and apparent contradictions of the subject as we try to disect it with our rational minds, just because we have nothing better to do.
  12. Just look at this part. I'm not demanding you accept the authority here. But at least look at the ideas. What do you think? Does this answer any of the questions? Do you agree? Do you want something more specific?
  13. Morning Walk [Excerpt] New Zealand: Wednesday, 09 January 2008
  14. Find out in our own heart: 1. What is Srila Prabhupada's rasa with Krsna. 1.a. What is his eternal form in Krsna and Gaura lila? 1.b. What is our eternal form? 2. What is the origin of the jiva soul. 3. Whether our sthayi bhava is fixed or can be changed. 4. Whether Sri Guru is giving Krsna Consciousness or uncovering that which is already within us. 5. Whether we are becoming detached from the material world and attached to Krsna. 6. Whether or not we are attached to pratistha, position, or gradually giving it up. 7. Whether or not we understand the goal of sadhana bhakti. 8. Whether or not we have overestimated our own position. 9. Whether or not we are offensive. 10. Whether or not we are really sincere. Unfortunately for myself, I would rather argue about things that are a zillion miles from my own realization just because I think that I can understand them intellectually. So ditto, if I have offended anyone please forgive me. Hare Krsna
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