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  1. Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I will defintely follow it. My place of birth is Nellore in Andhra pradesh. My husband's time of birth is 1.30 PM and his POB is Kandukur, Andhra pradesh. Thanks again, I really appreciate you taking time in replying to my post.
  2. Hi, We have been married for 5 years and trying to concieve for an year with no luck. My mom is suggesting to go for Rahu Ketu pooja, but i would like u get expert opinion from you. I would like to know if myself or my husband has any dosas. My DOB: 23 May 1980 Time: 6.15AM POB: Andhra Pradesh. My Husband's DOB: 31 Oct 1975 Time: Afternoon (dont know specific time) POB: Andhra Pradesh Any help is really appreciated. Thanks Pallavi
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