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  1. Lovely posts...i have been looking for the proper way to say the mahamrityunjaya...the video was exactly what i needed. thanks very much. god bless!
  2. Hi...i've joined this site just to get help for my problem - I developed a anal fissure post delivery of my baby. I have been having this problem from dec/jan now. It goes through cycles of healing and relapsing and its a torture, especially since i have a four and a half month baby to look after. Can anyone pl suggest some sure fire remedies? Thank you.
  3. Hi ... I've just joined here in the hope of finding a solution my problem also - anal fissure. I developed this problem after delivering my baby and though he's now 41/2 months old my fissure pain keeps coming and going. I want to know if there is any guaranteed cure...Pl help
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