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  1. Thank you very much theist ji for this explanation. So in yoga nidra we are not forgetful of Krishna, is this the difference between deep sleep & yoga nidra ? & is it because tamo guna is higher in deep sleep we are forgetful of Krsihna ?
  2. Why do we don't think about God in the state of deep sleep ? Why God becomes so important only when we are awakened ? Do we become ignorant during deep sleep ? Thank you
  3. Thank you everyone So there is no creation & creator as per Advaita ?
  4. Sambya Ji have you gone through this thread ? http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/advaita-vedanta/139029-brahman-not-knowable-object-ones-mind.html Thanks
  5. Q. Who is me ? A. I am Jiva-atman Jiva-Atman is same as Param-Atman So there is no Jiva-Atman only Param-Atman So there is no Jiva-Atman or Soul, who is changing garments ? and thanks Amlesh Ji
  6. I have not realised Brahman so it is unknown to me, but I know it exists, so isn't it an object ?
  7. Can anyone please tell me why Brahman is not the object of experience ? Thanks
  8. Thank you everyone Since the body reincarnates, is it same as the matter cycle ? The matter always remains constant, human population is increasing so we can assume that some form of matter has been transformed into human or living beings. The human body is made up of things of the earth (panch bhutas) : the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat & after the death all these elements would be returning back to earth. Can this be a possibility ?
  9. Thank you very much Theist Ji for this beautiful explanation. Is this a common view of all the 3 schools of Vedanta ?
  10. The soul never takes birth and never dies at any time nor does it come into being again when the body is created - bhagavat gita 2/20 When the soul never takes birth how can the soul be born again ? Thank you.
  11. So isn't Brahman the object of experience ? Also can you please explain rebirth from your standpoint ? A very interesting post, thank you. Thank you Bhaktajan, my brain will take sometime to process what you have written.
  12. ok, thanks is there any textual reference to this ?
  13. Now you have hit the nail on the head. Thank you so much. Can I say that the two co-exist, but one cease to exist in the presence of the other ?
  14. Wait a minute, so only after cessation of material existence can one have the ultimate realization i.e unity with brahman, but we need material existence to share our experience with the ignorants, is this experience / realisation temporal ? I read on wikipedia that Nir-vikalpa is point of no return & you have said RamaKrishna Paramhansa returned from Nir-vikalpa, may be R.P. never reached that level, so it was possible for him to return, may be it was his ego playing tricks on him. The same can be said for Buddha. hope you will bear with me.
  15. Thank you everyone for answering. Dear Sambya Ji are you implying that Brahman can be realised only after death, cause only after death one doesn't have the need to eat & sleep.
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